How Oyaz Beauty Business is Booming on Shopee in 4 months
CedCommerce Boosted Oyaz’s Beauty Business on Shopee in 4 months

CedCommerce Boosted Oyaz’s Beauty Business on Shopee in 4 months


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Today youth has obsession with healthy skin and relies on premium quality beauty products. Therefore, Beauty product is one of the leading industries worldwide projected to be worth $429.8 billion by 2022. Internet penetration made more than ever, customers aware of the importance of youthful glow. Therefore, upon launching your online beauty store, you have a fair chance to find many customers, or to be honest, many customers will find you.

Company Overview: Oyaz Beauty Products – Appearance Matters

Oyaz is WooCommerce based online store that sells a wide range of beauty products ranging from makeup primer to oil-free cosmetics and more. It has established itself as a leader in the Malaysian beauty industry using the Shopee integration solution. Next could be you. Want to know how?

It is easy to target customers to buy beauty products. Above All, men or women everyone desires a healthy glow. On the bright side, experts at Forbes firmly belief “Lipstick Effect” won’t let depression decrease the sale of beauty products. Hence, you have a humongous opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars and more. Yes, beauty products demand is on the rise and will reach the benchmark of $800 billion in just 5 years. The secret is to set up an online store selling high-quality products at a low price.

Even a beauty product priced quite high won’t face low sales. After all, little luxuries provide the customer with an instant emotional uplift.

Oyaz Store Owner Desired to be an Entrepreneur

Mohammad Azri was looking forward to expanding on Shopee. He had a firm belief that business expansion is the real trait of an entrepreneur. We asked him what made you expand on Shopee?After achieving massive success on behalf of premium-quality beauty products and my team members, I planned to move my business to the next level like a daring entrepreneur.” he said proudly.

My idea of Expansion was not limited to increasing sales but making sure my products can help people achieve healthy skin without paying high prices,” he adds further.

How did you plan to expand your online store on Shopee?I went through lots of online resources to help me find the right way to expand my shop on shopee. During my research, I stumbled upon the CedCommerce website and found reviews very impressive. I decided I should ask you guys for a demo.” told us Mr. Azri.

Mr. Azri, how do you find our Shopee integration solution?I am amazed to see how easy it is to integrate my WooCommerce store on Shopee. During the demo, the entire integration process seemed so effortless. I went for 2-3 demos from different companies providing integration solution but team CedCommerce convinced me better than anybody else. After all, your integration solutions are affordable” was the response of Oyaz store owner Mr. Azri

How CedCommerce Enabled Oyaz Beauty Products Expansion on Shopee

Our experts offered Mr. Mohammad Azri the integration solution to expand business on Shopee. After that, helped him expand his store to reach more potential customers.

How did our integration solution help you expand on the Shopee marketplace?I am delighted with your integration solution. My products are now available to a broad audience. I am satisfied with my heart’s content,” said Mr. Azri.

Features that enabled Oyaz store journey on Shopee

Bulk upload

This feature is undoubtedly excellent. In other words, it enables all products to be quickly listed on Shopee and in no time. Therefore, it saved much valuable time.

Centralized Order Management

This feature puts an end to the hassle of managing orders in a distributed manner. It enabled order processing from a centralized dashboard. Now, tracking orders and sales management is done with full efficiency.

Product data validation

Mr. Azri, didn’t find any issue while validating the product information. Hence, it feature ensured none of his product got rejected as they comply with standards defined by Shopee.

Real-time sync

It is another impressive feature of WooCommerce Shopee integration. It saved the beauty products store from the embarrassing scenario of overselling and underselling.

Learnings from Oyaz store for your business

  • If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, then think beyond profit and focus on serving customers cause. Therefore, you sell more products and in addition, earn loyal customers.
  • The demo of the integration solution fetches you the right solution. Therefore, before opting for an integration solution, always go for a demo. Hence, you opt for the best marketplace integration solution based upon your experience.
  • Marketplace integration solution plays a vital role in successful business expansion. It puts you in a position to sell on popular marketplaces. Moreover, your path to become a brand gets easy and effortless.

Conclusion: Oyaz store owner recommends CedCommerce

Mr. Mohammad Azri is happy with the entire process of Oyaz store expansion on Shopee. Quoting his words,” Starting from the sales department name Miss. Payal, she assisted me with a live demo to show how the extension work. Only after I am satisfied with the explanation & walkthrough, then I subscribe to CEDCommerce services.

They are very efficient & fast doing their thing, in less than 1 hour, I had my system ready, connected & syncing. Thanks to the developer team Mr. Ratndeep.

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