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Althea – Trusted for Genuine Beauty Products

Althea – Trusted for Genuine Beauty Products


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Would you like to give good pampering to your skin with Korean skincare products available at Althea and minimize the aging process? Korean skincare products are seeking attention from customers worldwide.

The Company Overview

Althea deals with genuine skincare products that have put an end to every girl’s struggle to achieve flawless and smooth skin. Therefore, it houses an array of skincare products. These products suit every skin type from sensitive to dry and others. Their research-driven approach has helped them to become a brand in the K-beauty world. Althea strictly ensures its products are free from artificial fragrances, alcohol, sulfates, and parabens.

This way, they are putting the best effort to promise the purity of products.

Their vision is to provide the best for all. This unique vision is responsible for the rise of Althea. It became highly popular as soon as launched in 2015 by Mr.Christopher Cynn.

Althea is offering customers products that won’t cover up their flaws; instead, it ensures healthy and happy skin.

All was Well – When Two Issues Held Back Althea’s Growth

40% of women tend to spend more upon knowing their favorite beauty product consists of all-natural ingredients. Every 5 in 10 millennial women prefer to go for organic skincare products. Despite these stats being in favor of Althea, Christopher was not getting a high amount of sales.

Christopher mentioned, “ The low conversion rate and high customer acquisition cost were two factors. These have limited the sale of our genuine products. I feel our efforts should be visible and appreciated by more number of people.”

He also added, “ I went through tonnes of online material to decide that Automation, Scalability, Security & Reliability were the criteria I was looking for while searching for the solution. I found CedCommerce eligible and experienced in boosting the sales graph of an online store.

CedCommerce devised a Better and Affordable Solution for Althea

Our experts examined the store and sought out that lack of smooth order management and synchronization is stopping the store from reaching its full potential.

We successfully migrated 8 thousand products with 1 million orders and 1.5 million customers of Althea from its Magneto 2 based store to Shopify.

althea store successful migration

Store Owner found it. “Their Magneto 2 to Shopify migrator (Multichannel Migrator) helped me onboard Shopify as well as ensured my store (including products, customers, and orders) got quickly migrated to the marketplace without any compromise in any sense. My stores for the USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore locations are live on Shopify, and time to migrate the stores was way less than my expectation.

After that, he further adds, “I am thankful to Cedcommerce to eliminate the hassle of manually entering details in spreadsheets by automating the order management of my store and saving several man-hours. This way, no window of error due to manual entry is left open. Now, my customers and I can track the order during the fulfillment process. The chances of customer satisfaction are highest, and it delights me a lot.”

Although, the time difference is there, still excellent customer service from the team. No issues with migration.

Inventory Synchronization Plays Key Role in Online Business

His views on synchronization are,” Being a multi-location store: at times I felt being stuck with inventory. It has to go anyhow, and CedCommerce helped me synchronize customers, products, Inventory, Sales Order, Shipping, Invoice, and Payments to ensure perfect sync between my store and marketplace.”

To the question, How did synchronization help you, Mr. Christopher? He delightfully answered, “Now, despite thousands of customers approaching my customer support agents to get their issues fixed in minutes. Synchronization ensured what changes done on Shopify are reflected in my store as soon as possible. This way, support is equipped with updated details about product inventory, sales order, customer data, and more. I am sure my customer service level is going to give me lots of loyal customers in the future.”

Should you go for Selling Beauty products Online?

Yes, the strong reason that you must start selling beauty products online is the high demand for organic products. In addition, customers won’t compromise on ensuring healthy skin. Therefore, even a recession won’t have a massive impact on your sales. This way, it is easy to carve your way in this booming industry and establish your brand.

Anti-aging products have always been popular among youth as perfect skin solution, Today, sedentary lifestyle makes skin several times more prone to ageing. Hence easier to sell skin products with anti-aging properties.

Skincare products are going to be $135 billion in the industry by 2021. You should leverage this opportunity. Set up an online skin care product store to find customers crazy about Korean skincare products.

How can you achieve Success in Selling beauty products?

Well, our experts are ready to automate your store and ensure every element of engagement. We optimised logo, navigation, social media, product images, and more. Therefore, you will be able to entice customers towards buying their favorite beauty products at your store or from the marketplace of your choice.

Conclusion – Impressed and Doing Great in Sales

Today, the owner of Althea store considers our customer service to be one of the best available. Despite significant time difference, our customer service agents have never disappointed them or delayed their cause.

Therefore, Christopher hasn’t found any issues with massive scale migration done to establish Althlea as a brand on Shopify.

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