How Miusavings Moved to Next Level with Google Shopping

How Miusavings Moved to Next Level with Google Shopping


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The google shopping integration solution enabled Miusavings growth by boosting sales in fairly less time. Lets peek into ins and outs of the journey.

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Digital barriers are easy to cross. Therefore, clothing merchants find it easy to sell products to the global audience. Stats reveal customers too are not in any mood to put a pause on buying clothes online. In addition, the same is true for jewelry and skincare products. Miusavings is an online store based in the USA dealing with fashion industry products. Women is their prime (& only) customers. The Store owner is following her passion. she has been quite successful.

Above all, the mix and match style in the fashion industry is in vogue and doesn’t seem to vanish anytime soon. The reason being there aren’t too many players involved in this style of online business. Fashion and apparel industry product sales will rise. It will touch the benchmark of $712.9 billion by 2022.

Do You Know?

The best part about an online store selling mix and match style fashion store is not directly competing with giants like Boohoo, Forever21, and more. Your target audience is not getting everything there.

Company Overview

Purchasing your favorite fashion and clothing item is painless and a pleasure with miusavings.com. Miusavings is an online clothing store selling a wide range of products for women. It sells under several categories, including Yoga, Eco-Friendly, Health & Fitness, Footwear, and Accessories.

The shopping experience in their store is smooth. Therefore, you can buy your new dress from a plethora of latest styles while playing with your pet. It is a Shopify based online store based in the USA. It sells top quality products since October 2018.

What differentiates the Miusavings store from other stores is its products. These products are trending. Women seeking them have an opportunity to become the trendsetter in their age group.

The dynamic nature of the online fashion industry makes it quite volatile. Therefore, products chosen by store owner Yamira were those that were not available at every online clothing store. Therefore, made her store stand out from competitors’ stores.

The store owner ensured her store is not centered around making average clothes. Her knowledge of the apparel industry helped in generating a unique value proposition.

Miusavings Sales were Not Satisfactory

The team of 10 members puts their best efforts to achieve high sales, but the outcome was not outstanding. It was an alarming situation for store owner Yamira. After that, she pledges to raise her store ROI. She delves into in-depth research to figure out the cause of low sales.

After reading hundreds of articles and reports, she concluded that a lack of sufficient sales channels was the root cause. Now, her search for a trusted solution partner to diversify business finished with CedCommerce. She enquired about our services and got highly convinced about it. Customer service was another factor that fascinated Miusavings store owner. She believes that Cedcommerce is the right choice.

We are the Trusted Integration Partner of Google Shopping Actions

CedCommerce Developed Miusavings Store for Ease of Shopping

Our experts figured out the primary cause of not so impressive sales. These were poor inventory management and very low product visibility. We decided to expand Miusavings on Google Shopping. Integrated the store with Google shopping integration. The Google shopping integration helped Yamira to diversify business in United States’ most-visited marketplace.

We provided digital marketing services to boost her social media presence. It promoted her products and vision over social media. As a result, fetched her loads of conversions and accurate insights about customers.

We also overhauled the store to make it user-friendly and easy to discover the products for the customer. Store development included the following.

The logo designed was in line with important qualities. It is memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate, and distinctive.


We placed the currency converter to ensure customers from different countries can easily shop. Now, customers don’t abandon the shopping carts due to the inability to see the currency in their native language. This way, we ensured Miusavings get the maximum number of international sales.

The currency converter placed at an appropriate location. This ensured it doesn’t hurt the spacing of the product category section. As well as it is easily accessible irrespective of the user location on the page.

Similarly, our expert’s placed shopping cart icon, site search option, and user login. All at an appropriate location on the store.

Our digital marketing experts implemented proven techniques for Google Shopping campaign optimization. This helped to run 100% optimized ad campaigns on Google Shopping. It fetched excellent results with a whopping 314% conversion rate. It increased Miusavings’ brand awareness to the next level.


In the above image, it is evident that the campaign successfully earned 2200 USD. This much revenue with a budget as low as $4 per day.

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    Miusavings Expands on Google Shopping with Google Shopping Integration (& it worked)

    The Shopping Feed for Google app solution helped Miusavings. The store overcame poor inventory management and low product visibility.
    Threshold Inventory – This feature ensured that Yamira has real-time insights on inventory. Now, she never ran out of products or took the order and found out she is running low on inventory.
    Huge Customer Base – Now, her products were visible across multiple platforms as below.

    • Google.com (Google Shopping)
    • google.com/shopping (mobile, desktop, and tablet)
    • Google Home

    After that, Miusavings products were visible to millions of customers. Her store was set towards business diversification.

    As a result. Yamira can upload all products in one simple click. She was able to advertise products on Buy On Google(previously known as Shopping Actions), The most competitive price was set using the product repricer feature. She could create custom profiles based on store requirements.

    ‘Buy on Google’ program in France will be ending on December 7, 2021. For more updates or support, get in touch with the experts at CedCommerce here!

    CedCommerce being well aware of huge traffic from mobile users. Our team created a responsive store for Miusavings with a quick load time.

    She also leveraged our 24/7 responsive customer support service. We ensured her store is up and running round the clock.

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    Conclusion – Google Shopping Integration Simplify Selling

    As a result, Yamira’s store is one of the favorite destinations for women who desire reasonably priced fantastic products. Yamira is successful in encouraging women to explore womanhood with a wide array of premium products.

    Yamira is double focused on her business. She not only learns about business intricacies but equally focused on remaining creative with her clothing line.

    In conclusion, even though fashion is a competitive niche, Miusavings store has carved a brand of its own in the country and worldwide. It has been a year only, and Miusavings has dominated other stores in its league.

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