When in Doubt Choose CedCommerce for WooCommerce
When in Doubt Choose CedCommerce for WooCommerce

When in Doubt Choose CedCommerce for WooCommerce


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Its a journey of how the right solution (integration solution) plays key role in boosting sale of online store dealing smart home equipments. 

Smart homes were once a dream for everybody, but today, it is becoming everybody’s choice. Yes, technology has outpaced other realms of life in the last few years. Therefore, Selling smart home equipment can double your sales says statistics in the next five years.

Company Overview: BoIQ.se – It’s Time for Smarter Home

The BoIQ store deals with all sorts of smart home appliances. These products are capable of communicating among themselves. The aim of store owner Robin Binnberg is selling high-quality products that can be readily adapt to reduce energy costs. The BoIQ store is WooCommerce.

Investing in smart technology today is a smart decision for tomorrow.

If you are not convinced by the fact that a rapid increase in the number of internet users point towards a high rate of smart device adoption, do you know people perceive a smart home as an abode of comfort and security with nothing to worry about it? Yes, the customer always pays for whatever helps them save an hour per day. After all, time is an all-time precious entity.

If your product can save customer’s time means you are no doubt selling one of the best-known products in the marketplace.

BoIQ Store Owner was eyeing Business Expansion

Mr.Robin When it occurred to you that business expansion is the key?Well, as an established businessman, I knew business could be as profitable as long it expands. In other words, when I have multiple channels to sell my products, I will experience more ROI.,” he told us.

Why was CedCommerce your choice over other e-commerce marketplace integration solution provider?I found your integration solution very apt for my business requirement. In addition, you guys are capable of providing customized solutions to large scale business and back it up with 24/7 tech smart customer service. After that, I am impressed with rave reviews about your solutions on different platforms for e-commerce store development.” said BoIQ store owner Mr. Robin.

Why you preferred CDON as the first marketplace for expansion? Mr. Binnberg said,” CDON is a leading marketplace in the Nordic region visited by millions of customers every month. Above all, I find it completely risk-free.”

CedCommerce Enabled BoIQ expansion on the Marketplace with Integration Solution

Agreeing to Mr. Robin, we helped him integrate the WooCommerce store on CDON. It helped BoIQ store to take his e-commerce store to the next level of success. The integration solution helped Mr. Robin in the following manner.

  • Avoid overselling by setting a threshold inventory level, whose notification delivers as an alert message.
  • Saved multiple man-hours that would have otherwise wasted in manual product upload and listing.
  • Avoid shipment of the wrong items.
  • The human error percentage was zero. As a result, the customer satisfaction level improved.

How was your experience on the CDON marketplace, Mr. Robin?” I am

overwhelmed by the number of orders I received within the first few weeks upon selling on CDON. You guys have developed the specialized integration solution, and it didn’t disappoint me even once.” said the owner of BOiQ.se

I was impressed with sales on CDON. Therefore, I was sure, if I have to succeed on Fruugo then none, but CedCommerce can help me achieve my goal and won’t cost me too much as integration solutions have an affordable price,” he adds further.

What increase in traffic did your store experience?I am delighted telling you that I am particularly pleased with your marketing team’s creative streak. Their efforts fetched me 7227 users with 6853 new users in just 15 days via Google Shopping Ads. In other words, team CedCommerce helped me earn 25,806 kr, which is 7X the amount I invested in Ads.”

Mr. Robin Binnberg earned a whopping 181,320 kr in just two weeks.

How do you rate our technical expertise?Well, your team is technically sound and exhibit a professional approach. I can recall you guys set up and customized my third party shipping plugin, and I haven’t met any issue then onwards. Therefore, I can successfully ship products weighing 150 grams and more”.

Learning for your Business from BoIQ.se store

  1. CedCommerce is technically skilled in customizing even third party plugins. Therefore, you need not worry about the technical aspect of selling online.
  2. Marketplace integration developed by CedCommerce saves much time of sellers. Above all, it has loads of advanced features.
  3. CedCommerce support is 24/7 and responsive. It has garnered us hundreds of 5-star reviews in different e-commerce platforms.
  4. CDON is the perfect marketplace for a seller looking forward to expanding their business in Nordic countries. In addition, CedCommerce is the official partner of CDON.
  5. The CedCommerce marketing team is capable of increasing your revenue to 7X and more the investment amount.

Conclusion – Choose CedCommerce for WooCommerce Integration Solution

The BoIQ store owner is pleased with our expertise in WooCommerce. He finds our price affordable. He appreciates the efforts of our developer Atul and his team for automating the shipment booking system. Robin also expressed gratitude towards Ankit and Aman. Above all, these guys from the digital marketing department helped him increase his sales beyond expectation.

In Conclusion, BoIQ is one of the leading online store selling smart home appliances in the Nordic countries.

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