MJ Fatonah Partnered CedCommerce and registered 5X rise in Website Visitors in Single Day
MJ Fatonah store witnessed 5X rise in website traffic in a Single Day

MJ Fatonah store witnessed 5X rise in website traffic in a Single Day


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Don’t be surprised it is possible to increase e-commerce store traffic from 1000 visitors to 5000 in 24 hours by selling on Lazada and Shopee. Read below to find out how CedCommerce made it possible and get actionable insights to improve your store traffic.

Agriculture makes up a significant 12 percent of the Malaysian economy. The ease with which products are available means the easier it is to revolutionize the agriculture industry. MJ fatonah is one such online platform with a novel vision to allow farmers to sell agriculture-based products.

The Agro product market size is on the rise and it is supposed to grow till 23.14 billion USD by 2022. Currently, not many sellers have tapped in the underlying potential of selling Agricultural products online. In other words, starting now will ensure low competition and a very high conversion rate.

Company Overview:

The MJ fatonah is a Malaysian e-commerce website (WooCommerce based) owned by Mr. Saif Muhtar and dedicated to helping farmers market their products directly to customers. They deal with the best quality agricultural products like EM Probiotic Booster For Agriculture, Duck meat, Black turmeric, Beaijing grass, Brazil spinach, and more. Participation as a vendor is free.

The main focus of MJ Fatonah is to enable farmers to sell their fresh produce on a bigger and better marketplace.

Agricultural Products experienced Very Low Sales

We asked Mr.Saif about his sales volume, he mentioned,” I was delighted that the power of e-commerce could be leveraged for helping farmers sell their products. Soon I realized that if farmers or my store vendors were unable to make sales means my motive is not being materialized to the full extent. Above all, It made me sad.”

Low sales can result from multiple reasons, which might not seem evident at first. One such often overlooked reason is poor communication between marketing and merchandising teams. If marketing guys spend a lot on advertising a few products without proper communication with the merchandising team, then the merchandising team might not be prepared to deal with an increase in demand for those products due to low inventory.

I went through multiple blogs to figure out what needs to be fixed, to help farmers sell more,” said Mr.Saif.

What solution did you find for your store MJ Fatonah?,” I strongly felt that not expanding on the popular Malaysian marketplace like Lazada and Shopee is eventually limiting my growth opportunities. Therefore, my next step was to find the best e-commerce solution provider to integrate my store on these marketplaces.” replied Mr. Saif.

CedCommerce Integration Solution (for Lazada and Shopee) Worked Wonders for MJ Fatonah

We helped MJ Fatonah store to Sell on Lazada and Shopee marketplace with Dokan compatible multi-vendor plugins. As multiple vendors were selling on MJ Fatonah hence Dokan compatible integration solution ensured all vendors could successfully register and sell on Lazada and Shopee.

Store owner Mr. Saif Muhtar expressed his collaboration with CedCommerce in positive manner. He expressed his happiness as,” My entire experience with CedCommerce is excellent. I have received full-scale support 24/7 and impressed with your team’s eagerness to help me even beyond office hours. I remember once Lazada and Shopee updated their codes and it could have negatively impacted my store performance. Still, before I came to know about it, the technically skilled team of CedCommerce nailed it. You guys deliver what you promise.

Listen to Mr. Saif Muhtar praising CedCommerce Services for Lazada and Shopee

How does the selling experience of vendors on your website improved with the Dokan compatible marketplace integration solution? Saif says,” Vendors on my website are now able to practice better control over products, and it doesn’t require them to have any technical expertise. Hence, they can categorize products, create coupons, own shipping prices, and more. In other words, they can manage everything from a single dashboard.”

What impact did you see after using our solution?”I witnessed a 5X jump in my website traffic. In other words, my website traffic shoots from 1000 visitors to 5000 in a single day. Therefore, my website enjoys an excellent reputation and has a vast customer base to sell products.” says Mr. Saif Muhtar, the owner of MJ Fatonah.

Which features you liked most about our integration solutions?”I found bulk upload, inventory management, and order management the most powerful features of your marketplace integration solution to ease my selling on Lazada and Shopee. The bulk upload feature avoided the hassle of creating an entry of every product manually. Similarly, inventory management is my next favourite, Using it, we are in a position to forecast the upcoming sales. Hence, it helped us improve customer service as know we do not put out those products for sale which are present in less quantity. “ explained Mr. Saif Muhtar.

Learnings from MJ Fatonah Store to Lead Your Business

  • Your teams should be able to communicate without any hassle. Therefore, there will be no loss to the business.
  • Business expansion on the popular marketplaces is the option of evergreen growth. Above all, customers trust marketplaces and your brand can leverage this trust provided you list your products on there.
  • Want multiple vendors to register and sell on your e-commerce website? Use the Dokan compatible integration marketplace solution by CedCommerce.
  • If your store suffers due to an update at the marketplace. Our team will fix it before it could adversely impact your store.

Conclusion: Store Owner Impressed with CedCommerce Services for Lazada and Shopee

Mr. Saif Muhtar’s decision to partner with CedCommerce proved to be a wise one for the MJ Fatonah store. He has high hopes that CedCommerce will continue to assist more e-commerce entrepreneurs in their journey.

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