selling globally
Know how this Australian Shopify store is selling globally

Know how this Australian Shopify store is selling globally


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NjjA hundred years ago from now, merchants trading cross-border required a lot of sweat, labor, and time as compared to the present scenario.

But now, the process of cross-border selling in this technological age is easy and simplified. Revolutionized with the time, it can now be done online through the global marketplaces, like which not only offers to sell globally but also leverages individuals to build an international brand reputation and reach a wider audience.

Cross-border eCommerce is estimated to reach $1 Trillion in 2020 (source)

The revenue estimated from cross-border eCommerce is ever-increasing. Therefore, trading globally can help you to earn a good share of $1 trillion if you go with the right marketplace.

“We came across Fruugo during our research for the global marketplaces. As soon as we saw the perks of selling on it, we decided to sell on Fruugo as to grow our business out of Australia, this idea worked well for us and we experienced and hike of 150% increase in revenue” -the owner of Frenshmo articulated. Let’s roll down his story of starting & successfully running the business which acquires 47.4% growth per month, and learn what you can do.

Where it all started?

Ishan Israff, the founder and CEO of Frenshmo came-up with the idea of providing the ultimate shopping experience to the customers from their home in 2017. The website was registered in 2018 and started serving the customers on January 11th, 2019.

Frenshmo majorly deals in the widest range of branded perfumes and cosmetics.

selling globally

The website was growing by leaps and bounds, but Ishan wanted to catalyze the growth process. Therefore, he decided to sell globally. After weeks of research, he came across a few valuable marketplaces which are proved to have a great record in cross-border eCommerce. One amongst them was Fruugo, whose superlative perks (mentioned below) helped Ishan to choose the best amongst the rest.

  1. Free product listing
  2. Allowance for sellers to trade in 46+ countries.
  3. Automatic Conversion Support for 28 languages
  4. Automatic Conversion Support for 31 currencies and more.

The hurdles

After his idea of expansion, Ishan found it slightly difficult to upload products, manage inventory and orders from his Shopify Store to Fruugo.

He didn’t want to spend ages uploading products manually on Fruugo. Neither did he want to manage the inventory and orders differently as they are also time-taking processes. Therefore, he was looking for solutions to upload all his products on Fruugo in bulk. Along with efficient management of inventory and orders.

Modus Operandi

Right after getting the approval from, Ishan was looking for a quick way to sell on Fruugo.

“We wanted to list all our Shopify products on So, they suggested a list of Shopify apps that we can use to easily upload our products from our Shopify store to their website, So, we came across the CedCommerce Fruugo Market Integration app this way, and as soon as we saw the app, I was, satisfied with the ratings, so I thought of trying it out.”- Ishan Israff.

Fruugo being concerned about the time-taking and rough process of uploading products, suggests few top-performing apps to the new sellers which are also known as third-party integration apps. These apps help them to list all their products in bulk from the Shopify store to the Fruugo marketplace, which saves sellers from uploading products manually.

Not just uploading, the app also reinforces sellers throughout the selling process. It efficiently manages the products on both, i.e. Shopify and Fruugo along with real-time synchronization between them. In addition, the Fruugo integration app efficiently creates all the orders from the marketplace to the Shopify store. So that sellers can track and acknowledge the order in one place.

Feedback of Ishan for Cedcommerce’s Shopify Fruugo Integration app-
It’s a really great app. The app is very smooth, very straightforward. I love the app and I love the support team. So, I would highly recommend anyone to use the Fruugo Marketing App.

Evolving hand-in-hand

We help them to grow, they help us improve.

Product inventory in-store needs optimization from time to time. From updating product details to tags, optimization makes the product rank well. Therefore, Ishan did the same for the better ranking of his products and this is where the problem arose.

Having a huge inventory in his store, Ishan wanted the app to upload the changes of at least 500 products in one shot. Whereas, the app before the update uploads 200 products in bulk.

‘I have about 10,000 products in my store. So, when I make major changes, I am supposed to upload the products again using the Fruugo Market App into Fruugo. So, this would take a little bit of time. Therefore, I suggested them to have 500 products per page, so that it’s easy for me to upload. You know what, within 2 weeks they were able to upgrade their Fruugo app to include this feature, which is really great.’- Ishan Israff

Customer satisfaction matters, within 2 weeks, we modified the app on Ishan’s demand. Therefore, the app now can update or upload 500 products in bulk. This makes it compatible with all types of small and big Shopify sellers.

Key takeaways

Ishan’s story from Setting-up a Shopify store to spread the glint of triumph internationally can lead you to achieve successful global business without going through the hard roads.

Quoting Ishan- If you really want to upload your Shopify products in a smooth manner, in an easy manner into Fruugo. Make sure that you know, your stock, your pricings and everything is syncing in real-time without any issue. I would highly recommend the CedCommerce Fruugo Marketing App.

Comment below your queries related to selling cross-border, we would be more than happy to help you out. Also, share the blog so that others can also lay hold on the information shared above.

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