popular halloween products at etsy
The most Popular Halloween Products at Etsy

The most Popular Halloween Products at Etsy


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2017 was the record year for Halloween related shopping spree. With 179 million Americans spending $9.1 billion for the Halloween related festivities. The average spend per buyer was also recorded at $86.3 billion which also was a record in its own.


In fact, as per BazaarVoice search, they observed a 260% increase in traffic for toys and games for the Halloween period. It was verified by the survey by emarketer where ⅓ respondents having being agreed to make a purchase for Halloween.


Last year most popular products:

The top 5 costumes for Adult were the witch, a Batman character, an animal, a Marvel superhero, and a vampire.

The popular kid’s products – all belonged – to superhero costume with Batman leading, animal, spiderman and start war characters tied to the second spot.

Worth noting the fact is 16% dressed up their pets too. The popular costumes were pumpkin, hot dog, bumblebee, devil, dog, lion, and pirate.

Information Source: TheBalance


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Most Popular Halloween Products at Etsy

Etsy being a creators marketplace is one of the most popular marketplaces where buyers gather to make a purchase. The trending or hot-interest topic at Etsy may define the larger interest.

There are 3 categories which are seeing the most interest:


  • Decor
  • Costumes
  • MakeUp


As you would have it, these are also the commonly purchased product category that makes the environment Halloween-themed.



Industry styled decor is on the rise with 360,000 searches (aka concrete, steel, copper and metal). With the increase in Crime based shows, podcasts, and movies, true crime genre related searches increased by 148%. The Tarot Card related searches are also witnessing increased interest with 250,000+ searches. Geometric skulls have increased 36% and there are 2,000,000+ searches on the marketplace related to “planters.



As Etsy’s audience is primarily female, costume searches regarding “Matching Clothes” increased is on the rise and currently, Etsy has 5700 products listed in its platform for this search term. Also in the era of growing feminism, Girl Power related costumes are most sought after with 170,000 searches attributed for this key term.



The temporary Makeup is also causing a great deal of interest with ‘temporary custom tattoo’ witnessing 28% increase in traffic. From tattoo sleeves to realistic skeleton hands to spooky nail art, all have seen an increased interest


What to make of this data?

The merchants offering the Halloween themed items have still got some time to stock in the products that are witnessing high interest. And as far as customers that are already selling on Etsy can plugin these keywords to their item’s description and title to increase the search visibility of their items.


Why is it important to Etsy?

Halloween has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon not limited to only the United States. Countries such as Ireland, Canada, England, Mexico, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands and Russia also celebrate Halloween with the same enthusiasm.


Furthermore, it is slowly making inroads in the Asian specifically Southeast Asia and Indian subcontinent. Therefore, it is an occasion that transcends geographies and optimizing your content if you already have these products or adding these products to your list will help you generate revenue from global audiences as Etsy is a global marketplace.



Given the positive consumer sentiment in the economy, not only the average spending per customer is likely to grow, but it will also be teaser how big the Black-Friday-Thanksgiving-CyberMonday week is going to be as per sales. One thing is almost certain, it is going to be better than last year, as a result, it could be the biggest shopping bonanza ever.


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