great desktop buying experience
5 tips to create a great Desktop Buying experience this Festive Season

5 tips to create a great Desktop Buying experience this Festive Season


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According to a National Retail Federation report, 40% of consumers now begin browsing and researching before October 31 due in large part to the growth of mobile. This impacts every industry in a specific way, but the takeaway for all brands is that September is steadily no longer early enough to get going.

Although mobile has emerged as the go-to device for visitors to search for products and in near future, it will overtake the sales. However, currently desktop remains the king. Just take a look at the data:


Total Holiday Spent: $108.15 Billion


Revenue by Device

Desktop – $72.3 billion (67%)

Mobile – $25 Billion (23%)

Tablet – $10.8 billion (10%)


Traffic Vs Revenue by Devices:

44% traffic – 61% purchases

46% Traffic – 27% purchases

10% Traffic – 13% Purchases


As evident from the aforementioned stats although mobile usage is on the rise, but customers still prefer to purchase from desktop and use mobile for search.


As a result, customer experience is the go-to word for the etailers. In the festive season, key to driving higher sales is the uber cool customer experience and brand engagement, the US Customer Index report published by Forrester in June 2018 also validates and the results shows that those who focus on results are the clear winners. Some of the key findings are:


  • 1.9x average order value (AOV)
  • 1.6x brand awareness
  • 1.7x customer retention
  • 1.9x return on ad spend (RoAS)
  • 1.6x customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • 36% faster revenue growth rates
  • 1.5x employee satisfaction


Tips to Create Great Desktop Buying experience this festive season:



  1. Shoppable Videos:


These are videos companies usually put up on their landing pages or post on their social media channels to attract, educate and finally direct them to product purchase pages.


“69% of internet activity in 2017 consists watching videos, 80% of the millenials make buying behaviour after watching videos “


Shoppable videos are generally streaming content with clickable links embedded in them which redirects the customers to pages:


  • Reviews
  • Product Details
  • Ecommerce button
  • Contact Information


Companies using Shoppable Videos Successfully are:

Puma, Burberry, Kate Spade, Diesel – all the leading brands have experimented with shoppable videos,


  • Ted Bake made shoppable video film where all of the clothes wore by the models can be purchased by simply clicking on the buttons on the models,
  • KateSpade – they simply put the videos in place of the product photos.



  • Burberry – Uses Videos to market their products and also provides purchase option with video



Therefore with waiting a due, create videos which depicts the utility or promotes the values of the brand to create a great Desktop Buying experience.


  1.  Blur the Online & Offline line:


Customers takes those retailers hand-in-hand who are ready to blur the lines between the offline and online stores or between multiple touch points. If users get seamless and same experience between all the channels conversions are certain to touch the roof.


Sugarfina a candy shop redesigned its website to give its in store experience online where customers can customize their candy boxes and the result was 25% increase in the black Friday sales y-o-y.

great desktop buying experience


  1. Product Bundling & Recommendations


Given the majority of the impulse buyers are the subset of the millennials it’s a great idea to bundle the frequently-purchased-together product into one and offer discounts on the overall package, this not only increases the AOV also increases conversion rates and creates a great Desktop Buying experience.


In a Survey Baymard Institute Found out that 37% customers abandon the carts if they’re asked to register to check out.


  1. Personalization & Incentive throughout Customer Journey


Customers visiting the product page after watching the coupon code at social media must find that the coupon code is already applied to their checkout experience.


Likewise, the shoppers/visitors must be incentivize at the each level of the buyer journey such as Discounts for Newsletter signup or for sharing reviews etc.


Also, advance and auto product recommendation search results should be employed to arrive customers seamlessly at the product they’re looking for. Payment and Checkout should be single-step and as optimized as possible.


  1. Security Badges


In a 2017 Holiday Survey, Accenture found out 62% customers were worried about their financial transactions online, therefore display security badges prominently on your checkout pages.




User engagement is the key to the creating great Desktop Buying experience. The more you can retain the customers, higher their spending would be. Also, if you have an online and offline store, try to merge the two to create a seamless buying experience.



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