Top products to sell on Amazon Q1 2023
Best Products To Sell On Amazon This New Year Eve 2023

Best Products To Sell On Amazon This New Year Eve 2023


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January is the month for a fresh start. And for Amazon sellers, that means it could be an excellent time to evaluate whether you want to add any new items to your product lineup or swap out any of the items you’re currently selling with different ones.
If you’re looking to make product changes, it helps to know what items are good to sell at different times of the year. That’s why we analyzed customers’ shopping trends from January 2022, which should give you an idea of the best things to sell online this January. Learn more about these popular products, and the significant sales opportunities in January in this blog.

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

What Are The Big Sales Opportunities in January 2023?

New Year’s

If you want to incorporate the new year into your January business strategy, you could either do a promotion focused on New Year’s in general or frame one around popular New Year’s resolutions, like those related to healthy living or personal improvement. Prefer the former? Then know that one New Year’s event that resonated with many shoppers last January took a discount off minimum orders via a coupon code. It included TVs, tools, clothes, shoes, and home items, among other products.
Want to go with a New Year’s resolution approach instead? Annual planners might appeal to the consumers focusing on self-improvement next year. In January 2022, one item trending with shoppers was a 12-month productivity organizer focused on habit transformation.

Early Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is February 14, but you don’t need to wait until February to offer promotions for a holiday. We’ve seen Valentine’s Day sales pop up in early-to-mid January the past couple of years! And while chocolates, fresh flowers, and jewelry may be well-known gifts, they’re far from your only selling options.

The Best Products to Sell on Amazon in January 2023

Tools and Home Improvement Supplies

If you want to list tools and home improvement items in January, consider listing plumbing-related products. Popular products included kitchen sink faucets with pull-down sprayers, 2-in-1 sink stoppers and strainers, and stainless steel brass water valves. And back in January 2021, customers bent more toward bathroom products — think bathroom hardware sets, toilet repair kits, and toilet paper rollers. So plumbing-related items for the bathroom could be a perfect bet.
Consider sets of paintbrushes for other tools and home improvement supplies that could be smart to sell in January. Other items that resonated with our readers last January include the following:

  • Solar spotlights
  • 100′ of color-changing LED light strips
  • Magnetic key holders
  • Drywall picture hangers
  • 2- to 3-prong outlet adapters

Household and Health-Related Products

According to various research, flu activity peaks between December and February. Throw in COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, and you have a recipe for people needing health-related products. Online shoppers generally leaned towards products meant to prevent or test for respiratory illnesses last January, including digital forehead and oral thermometers, 2-packs of rapid COVID-19 tests, and packs of KN95 face masks and N95 particulate respirators.
You have plenty of options if you’d prefer to sell household products, too. Some of the more popular items were automatic toilet bowl cleaners, 3 packs of disinfecting wipes, 75-square-foot packages of aluminum foil, 18-roll packs of toilet paper, 10 packs of lithium batteries, and gallon-size slider bags.


Electronics frequently make — and sometimes top — multiple monthly “best products to sell” lists. And for January 2023, they’re a good category to consider selling. Popular electronics last January included everything from security cameras to earbuds to computers. Here’s a look at some of the products that resonated with our readers:

  • Outdoor spotlight cameras
  • Indoor/outdoor video cameras with color night vision
  • Bluetooth wireless earbuds
  • Laptops & Desktops
  • 32” 1080p Smart TVs
  • USB Hubs

Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

You have many choices if you want to sell clothing, shoes, or accessories, but for January, it might be best to start with footwear. The most popular products were men’s sneakers, driver loafers, memory foam slippers, and canvas Oxford shoes.
You may also have good luck with certain clothing items and accessories. Shoppers also were pulled towards 6-packs of men’s T-shirts in January 2022, men’s watches with stainless steel straps, and gift sets with cashmere scarves and beanie hats.

Automotive Supplies

The new and used car markets have been weird the past few years. But December is a great time of year to buy a car, and people may be looking for products for their new rides in January. During that month in 2022, many online shoppers fix their eyes on cans of undercoating spray, leather conditioning wipes, flow-through wash brushes, combination ice scrapers and snow brooms, quarter pullers, and cases of shop towels.


Plenty of other items are worth selling online in January, especially if you’re not interested in the ones listed above. Consider the following products, which may appeal to a lot of buyers:-

  • Kitchen items like dish scrapers for pots and pans, blenders, cast iron Dutch ovens, 7-piece cookware sets, kitchen towels, and sliding cabinet organizers.
  • Lawn and garden products include plastic hand trowels, outdoor storage sheds, polyethylene privacy screens, in-ground dog waste disposal systems, and live plants.
  • Office products, including mini photo printers, 100-count packs of thermal laminating pouches, rolls of heavy-duty packaging tape, 4-packs of black permanent markers, and mobile TV stands with laptop shelves.
  • Home items like furniture, as well as holiday trees and decor.
  • Phones and accessories include refurbished iPhones, unlocked Android phones, and adjustable phone stands.

New Year’s Eve with Amazon By CedCommerce

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