move offline small business online during covid-19
COVID-19: Why Should You Shift To eCommerce?

COVID-19: Why Should You Shift To eCommerce?


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Is moving my offline business online can prove beneficial for my small business during covid-19? Well to know the answer, you need to understand this – In a matter of months, the world has devastatingly transformed. Every nuance of nature’s beauty has turned fragile, and a blatant change has been posed by it trampling everything in its path. The outbreak has set an alarm for the ever-transforming business needs. The probing danger pervading the air, making the businessmen look for alternatives.

How Serious Is Covid-19 for a small and medium offline business?

There has never been such a massive outbreak in this modern era that has affected almost each and every corner of the world. As of now, more than a million people across the globe are suffering from this and the number just keeps on increasing at an alarming rate. This has led to the complete lockdown of businesses especially the ones who sell products on the high streets and offline. Small and Mid-sized merchants across the globe are asking just one simple question – Will moving my business online can help me confront the ongoing crisis?

Is moving business online helpful for small-medium sellers?

Well, let me lay down the facts. Today when all the world is at a halt, eCommerce is the only thing that’s running.

In fact, this past month a significant increase in the traffic and demands are observed on most of the online shopping websites.

moving your small business from offline to online covid-19

The above graph from Apptopia shows a massive surge in user activity on e-commerce apps in the United States.

The graph steeping upwards, displays the customers are intent for a greater dependence on online shopping and why would they not be?

Due to this coronavirus, people are forced to stay indoors and shop online. Experts predict that this sudden shift in customer interest online will soon become a shopping trend.

Here another statistic from Ipsos that reveals the future of online shopping:

move offline business to online and join the future of online shopping after covid-19

In another recent survey for respondents with brick and mortar locations by eCommercenext reveals, 35.5% have seen sales shift from stores to online during the COVID-19 crisis. 

All the above discussions state that eCommerce is the SAFEST platform for any scale businesses to survive even in the toughest of time. These arguments also provide the answer to our question – YES, moving my offline business online can prove beneficial for my small business during covid-19.

It’s Now Or Never:

Now is that time when each and every decision will decide the survival and revival of your business.

You need to understand that retail and commerce will be redefined when all this coronavirus is over. As a seller, you need to be prepared for the things to come with the best possible tool & platform.

A twist in the tail, surmounted with a wise sense of decision of moving business online can not only help your business in these tough times but also pave a way ahead for the future.

Reasons Why Offline Businesses Must Make A Switch To Online Now:

The Lockdown is Expected To Extend For 6 Months:

Yes, you read it right. As per the Jenny Harries, the U.K.’s deputy chief medical officer – “The lockdown could last, in some form, for months. Over time, probably over the next six months, we will have a three-week review. We will see where we’re going.

Similar will be the case for other regions like the US as well where coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. This can only mean one thing – more loss for offline retailers and sellers.

eCommerce will prevail:

The coronavirus will provide a long-term boost for online sellers and retailers. When this will be over, a dramatic change in consumers’ purchase behaviors will be observed and customers will refrain from visiting brick and mortar shops. At those times, the businesses who have successfully created an online identity will prevail.

Nothing To Lose Only To Gain:

Usually, the transition from an offline to an online store somewhat affects the live business. But since the sales are down and there’s time on to introduce the flip side of the coin, why not make a move now! We all know eventually one day or the other you’ll have to shift online, so why not now?

ecommerce community responding to covid-19

What are the benefits of Moving an Offline business Small Medium to Online?

  1. Feasibility to operate from anywhere.
  2. Lower Cost of Operating as compared to brick & mortar store.
  3. No time Boundations.
  4. Scalable and Easy to reach a wider audience.
  5. Easy to track the performance

10 Steps on How To Move Your Offline Business to Online:

These are the 10 basic steps on how to take your offline business online:

  1. Set up Server
  2. Buy Domain
  3. Choose an eCommerce platform
  4. Set up website
  5. Configure Payment Methods
  6. Configure Shipping Methods
  7. Check Taxes compliance
  8. Marketing & SEO Planning
  9. Expose site to multiple sale channels
  10. Start Selling Online

Above mentioned is the process of converting an offline business to online. You can get this whole business switch from offline to online with the help of CedCommerce, and get assistance and feasibility on the entire process.

How much time does it take to move Offline small medium business to Online?

You can shift your dream business from offline to online in just 2 weeks. Every necessary thing will be set up and you’ll be ready to sell your products to the customers.

Note: In the case of very large catalogs and the magnitude of personal customizations you wish to include in the website, this time frame can vary between 2-6 weeks.

eCommerce leaders are coming forward to help Small Businesses Survive Covid-19 by successfully moving online.

These are the tough times for retail and commerce and leaders like Adobe, Shopify and many more have come up with offerings for small merchants. Some of these offerings include:


  • 3 Months Free of Magento Commerce & Marketo Engage – Shift your business online and sell with magento commerce with no selling fees for 1st 3 months.
  • Launch Package including Adobe Cloud infrastructure – This feature will allow you to make your online move very quickly and avoid any more losses.
  • Free Magento & Marketo Engage Training –
  • Know More


  • Extended 90-day free trial
  • Local pickup and delivery
  • Community support and forums for Covid-19


  • Free onboarding on Magento Commerce – Merchants can set up their store from scratch on Magento Commerce free of cost.
  • Free Server setup & resource management – This includes a full server setup including all the resources necessary for your website to go live.
  • Consultation (upto 5 hours) from eCommerce experts – Live discussions from eCommerce experts guiding you through all the features of magento commerce on how to stay competitive while selling online.
  • Link your store with the top marketplaces – To expose your store to a wider audience you can connect your store with the top marketplaces as well.
  • Know More

These special offering can be a game changer in your fight against coronavirus lockdown and will help to move your offline small medium business online more easily. As a bonus, we have added another section including tips to survive the covid-19 crisis.

7 Tips For Small Medium Business / Retailers To Overcome COVID-19?

With everything getting locked-down around you, here are a few tips on how small and medium-sized businesses can act to overcome Covid-19:

  1. Work on Cost Reductions in all the possible areas
  2. Look for imaginative ideas to keep your customers engaged
  3. Stay connected with your previous clients through messaging or another medium.
  4. Assigning new KRAs (key responsible areas) for the employee
  5. Keep your social handles active by sharing various updates.
  6. Reducing the advertising costs (paid promotions) & focus on organic reach.
  7. Stay updated with the trends and market insight and plan for new products.


We are in this together and we pledge to flight this together!!

We are making small efforts. These efforts are especially for those offline businesses that are facing a hard time during this ongoing crisis. With these special offerings, retailers can effortlessly move their offline small medium business online and prevent them from taking any further blows.

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