Shipmet related tips
7 Shipment related tips for Holidays

7 Shipment related tips for Holidays


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The phenomenon of shipping has seen an exponential rise ever since the inception of online purchasing and has become the prime influence for buyers to make a decision in your favor.


Although bearing the costs of (free) shipping for retailers is high, but they can’t simply overlook it as the cost of losing market share to the competitors is even higher. Apply following Shipment related tips to prepare yourself for the upcoming holiday.


  1. Set Deadline for International Buyers:


Mention clear guidelines for the international buyers according to the region when they need to place and, order to receive it at the stipulated time. Add the deadlines to the homepage or a simple infographic will also do the job. Figure out your strategy early as it requires tax, customs, rules and, clearances to deliver the product internationally.


  1. Faster & Convenient Shipping:


Figure out the areas where you can deliver the products fastest also ensure your customers are aware of the status of their package at each stage. Understanding the aggregate cost of sending a request universally is alluded to as the “landed cost” and it is vital that retailers comprehend this cost before sending a request.


The key is to envision what a client may do if there is abruptly a $20 obligation added to a product when it touches base at their entryway. They may deny the shipment, and the retailer will have both lost the deal and the cost of cargo. As soon as you get the hold on the customer’s behavior, you can choose a faster service.


  1. Free Shipping Bait:


Free shipping can be used in many ways to your advantage. Sometimes buyers don’t require any discount, they are just happy to purchase the product if they receive it for free of cost. Also, free shipping can be used to increase the AOV of the cart. You can come out with a minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping.


  1. Shipping as per customer base:


You need to figure out what works best for your customer base as each customer base has their distinct identities and preferences.  You need to choose shipping features like custom business rules, giving more/cheaper shipping options at checkout, utilizing drop shipping, and using stores as fulfillment centers to decrease cart abandonment, build a loyal customer base, and drive revenue.


  1. Adopt Right shipping strategy:


Offering the correct delivery rates and choices to your clients is critical to your prosperity as a retailer. Getting this piece right can have the effect of losing a client on the off chance that you charge excessively and losing your shirt in the event that you are charged close to nothing.


Offering the correct delivery choices to your clients under the correct circumstances assumes a basic part in reducing the shopping cart abandonment and expanding income.


  1. Utilize 3P fulfillment services:


At long last, it is conceivable to remove the cerebral pain of transporting globally. Just select fulfillment services such as FBA, Shipwire, ShipStation or numerous others to oversee worldwide requests. The online retailer will pay a level expense for each request and the shipping administration will oversee packing, naming, sending, and screen those annoying tenets and directions.


Numerous 3P fulfillment providers have worldwide distribution centers, the retailer may really stock items at their regional warehouses and can fulfill faster.


  1. Offer Flat Rate Shipping:


It means a uniform shipping rate that is applicable for a wide range of delivery boxes and bundles, regardless of the weight, size and different measurements. Flat rate shipping is easy to understand and there is more transparency in this type of shipping. Buyers see the shipping price of any product mentioned on the e-commerce websites. By seeing shipping price Buyers know what they’re getting into.


It’s easy for the customers to do the calculations after seeing the shipping cost. If you display the shipping price to the buyers on your website, customers will feel satisfied and it will lead to fewer cart abandonment.


Shipping Methods that all your eCommerce business needs!!



Every business has its own needs and that decides which service to use as there is no one-size-fits-all factor in this area. At the same time, changing needs and growing business may change your needs to switch to the other service. So keep a tab on the market equations, your business, and your growth, and keep reinventing your business with the best of services this holiday season.



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