guide to google shopping
Guide to Google Shopping: Survived a decade and still thriving

Guide to Google Shopping: Survived a decade and still thriving


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This guide to Google Shopping is going to cover all that you need for a successful business. 

Pop quiz!

Can you name the platform where per second over 40,000 thousand searches occur?

Time’s up!

It’s Google Shopping- The platform where 3.5 billion searches occur daily. How about showcasing your products on a platform this big? Imagine the exposure your brand will get.

Google Shopping is a platform that caters to both of your advertising and marketplace needs. An all-new way to showcase your products to a global audience. Google Shopping has proved itself to be an excellent platform for all of us out there.

Be it selling or buying, Google Shopping doesn’t disappoint you with either of them. Showing visible growth results in your eCommerce, Google Shopping efficiently covers all your needs.

Don’t believe us? Struggling with low sale orders, Miusavings decided to connect their Shopify store with the Google Shopping marketplace. Days after they witnessed the sudden urge of raised orders which led them to a whopping 314% increase in conversion rate with a budget as low as $4 per day!

Miusavings, Pixielure, and other eCommerce players are living proof of how Google Shopping is helping them scale their business.

Looking after the recent updates by Google one as BERT, we cannot doubt Google’s capabilities of launching the best and benefiting. Speaking of which, one of its updates included diminishing the name “Google Express” from its “Google Shopping Actions” program.

There has been this era of chaos when several of us kept filling the search bar with the term “Google Express”. Clearing the air of this dilemma- you must not believe your instincts stating “Is Google Express no more?” The marketplace brought by Google in 2018 has simply been renamed to “Google Shopping”.

“What are the perks of updating it?”

Merchants can now set up ads through the same merchant seller panel. Thus, bringing easy yet effortless selling options.

“Does Google Shopping affect my order rates?”

Simply Yes! Also, we don’t want you to commit the second blunder of 2020.

Haven’t you yet been writing 2019 instead of 2020? Well, that’s the first blunder. Isn’t it?

This guide to Google Shopping deals with every precise detail of how Google Shopping can help you uplift your eCommerce store.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Google Shopping?- An overview
  2. Evolution of Google Shopping
  3. Why Google Shopping?
    1. Benefits of Google Shopping
  4. Google Shopping: much more than just a marketplace
    1. Comparison-shopping website
    2. PLAs
    3. Here’s what Google Shopping Ads has in store for you
      1. Text ads
      2. Display Ads/Banner ads
      3. YouTube Ads
      4. Smart ads
  5. Conclusion

What is Google Shopping?- An Overview

Google Shopping, as we like to call it, is a doorway to an array of platforms provided by Google. Platforms such as Google Assistance, Google Search, Shopping Ads and the Google Shopping marketplace.

Launched in 2002, more than a decade has passed but Google Shopping has proved to be one of the best platform for businesses like yours.

This guide to Google Shopping is packed with all your commerce needs!

Google Shopping saves the transaction details, and makes product checkout a single click game. Shoppers don’t even have to leave the Google Shopping website, they can checkout then and there.

“How amazing is that?”

An important point to keep in mind- Only shoppers residing in the US and France- is provided by the “Buy on Google” option and as well as compare products from different merchants.

The products with the “Visit site” options are actually known as the PLAs (Product Listing Ads).

You know the saying- “when you enter a battlefield, you should know everything about your enemy”.

Well, add “you should know everything about your tools as well” to that list and as Google Shopping is your tool, you should know everything about it, including its history.

Evolution of Google Shopping

“Ugh!! evolution of Google Shopping!!?? Is it going to be boring?”

Don’t worry! This is not going to be like your boring history classes in school.

We prepared these images to make it easier to understand.

guide to google shopping

Google announced at its Marketing Live event in May 2019 that the new Google Shopping will integrate the existing Google Express marketplace into a revamped shopping experience.

guide to google shopping

All the cold hard facts aside, let’s focus on the ultimate question this guide to Google Shopping promises to answer:

Why Google Shopping?

Because Google Shopping has proven to be one of the most popular marketplace and it has a ton of benefits such as your brand gets more exposure, your sales go up since shoppers will obviously prefer to buy from you because shopping on Google Shopping is a breeze.

This could give your business the oomph it’s been waiting for.

So, shall we look at the benefits?

Benefits of Google Shopping- The Marketplace

One-step checkout

With the easy and secure checkout, customers can pay for products through a single click since Google saves the transaction and your customers’ card details.

Grow your visibility

Google Shopping is an excellent opportunity because it lets you showcase your products among the giants in this industry, such as Target, Costco, BestBuy, etc.

Universal cart

It enables your customers to add products from two entirely different stores on Google Shopping to a single universal cart.

Retailer First

Google Shopping is the retailer’s first marketplace. You can add your brand logos (in Shopping Ads) and increase brand awareness among customers.

Free Delivery

Sellers have the opportunity to offer free delivery to customers once their purchase meets the minimum purchase cost, which is $25.

No seller fees

You only pay when you make a sale, there is a defined commission rate for each product category. So, each time you make a sale, a percentage of the product cost goes to Google.

Now you know we weren’t lying when we said that Google Shopping is a must for your business!

Google Shopping: much more than just a marketplace

Comparison-shopping website

Comparison-shopping website can be considered as the origin of Google Shopping, and it is true since it was and still is the comparison-shopping website.

On the Google Shopping website, if you search for a product and you see these products. If you look close you’ll see an option “compare prices from 100+ stores” where you can compare prices and choose the best price and quality.

Makes sense now, right?

PLAs (Product Listing Ads)

It would be crime if we didn’t include PLAs in this guide to Google Shopping!

Also known as Google Shopping Ads!

These are the ones you see when you search for a product on Google, and it pops up at the top of these results. Something like this:

guide to Google Shopping

The most preferred advertisement method so far, and it makes sense since it is an easy method as well.

“Why is it easy?”

Because Google fetches the product feed (your products’ details arranged/written in the form Google can read and understand) provided by you on your Merchant Center account and creates these ads, hence the name- Product Listing Ads.

Must you be wondering, “That’s it? That’s all the benefits of Shopping Ads?”

No! We have just started!

Here’s what Google Shopping Ads has in store for you

No headache a.k.a. keywords

Once your product feed is uploaded correctly, Google automatically finds the most relevant search terms to display your ads for, based on the descriptions of the particular product you provided (It’s all automated!).

Note: But you can still manually add keywords if you wish, by expanding your product feed with the terms relevant to your products.

You can also add negative keywords to your campaign. These are the search terms that Google believes are relevant to your product listings.

“What are negative keywords?”

It’ll be much clearer with this example:

Suppose you’re selling a hat with flamingo embroidery. Now, your product feed might say something like “Flamingo embroidered hat,” but Google shows your ads for the search term- flamingo print shoes because your product feed has the term “Flamingo” in it.

To avoid this, you can add “Flamingo print shoes” as a negative keyword.

The search intent is way high

The people who search for anything product related are in this zone (shown in the image above), and they are more likely to convert, and Shopping Ads hits the potential customers in this part just right.

Guide to google shopping

Did you know?

The longer the search query is, the more the user is closer to buying that product.

For example: If a user is searching for “Adidas running shoes” (they have pretty much made up their minds) is more likely to buy it, than the user searching for “running shoes”.

Better quality leads

Since the users ending up on your sites were searching for something similar to the products or services offered by you, this traffic is most likely to convert.

Bonus- Your website’s bounce rate also goes down since it’s the relevant traffic!

Broader reach

This has to be the best thing you’ll get with the Google Shopping Ads. Through Google Shopping Ads, you can showcase your products across several Google platforms such as Google Search and Google Assistant.

As a cherry on top, It is also available on YouTube now!

SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Group)

This is the extension of the first point, but in this section, we would like to put all our focus on SKAGs.

First look at the image below:

guide to google shopping

We have here two extremes-

  1. Mess a.k.a. One ad group with all your keywords
  2. SKAG a.k.a. One keyword for one ad group

At one end of the extreme, you have a campaign with a single ad group with multiple keywords in it.

You’ll be able to understand what we just said above very clearly by the example mentioned below:

If you sell books and you end up adding every keyword that’s related to your products in only one ad group, you have the same ads showing for both “adult novels” and “kids book.”

Your ads will fail to match what searchers are looking for, which will show itself in a low CTR (Click-through rate) and low conversion rates.

On the other hand, if you have one keyword defined for one ad group, then if someone searches for “kids’ book,” they will be able to see your ads, and this is what SKAGs are.

Heyy, examples make it easier to understand!

The number one benefit you get with Shopping Ads is setting one up is very easy!

You just enable these on your Google Merchant Center account and also link your Google Ads (the ultimate department head of all the ads) account to your Merchant Center.

Speaking of Google Ads, this platform is amazing in terms of that it has something for everyone- text ads, banner ads, YouTube Ads, and smart shopping ads.

Texts ads

Text ads (Refer to the image below) are used to promote one’s services and products on all Google search networks, i.e., Google SERPs, Google sites, websites partnered with Google, and other placements like mobile phone apps.

These ads are highly beneficial if your product is some kind of service, such as you’re a dentist and you want visitors to land upon your website. Or you’re a dermatologist, and you want potential customers to know what you have to offer.

guide to google shopping

Banner ads

Banner ads are also known as display ads and are a very significant way to increase brand awareness. These ads contain static or animated images or media and are generally placed on high-visibility and high-traffic websites.

It mainly helps in generating leads and retargeting your audience.

YouTube Ads

Did you know? Every month, more than 1 billion people watch more than 6 billion hours of YouTube video. Moreover, half of these come from mobile phones.

YouTube Ads are a very great way to target these audiences, both at home and on the go!

You might be familiar with these ads if you use YouTube often. These types of ads appear alongside the videos you’re watching, in the searches, before a video or after a video. (refer to the image below)

guide to google shopping

YouTube ads are beneficial for business because:

  • You get to connect with your audience better.
  • You can target the right audience on YouTube.
  • Create an ad campaign within minutes.
  • It’s easier to attract your customers with a video and easily increase brand awareness.

“But what if I am a total newbie, an absolute beginner in Google Ads?”

This guide to Google Shopping doesn’t leave anyone out, it has something for everyone. If you’re a beginner, then Smart Shopping Ads is the best choice for you!

Smart Ads

Smart ads highlight the selling points of your business. When you first sign up for these ads, you’ll have to provide an ad that describes your business perfectly. You’ll also offer your products or services provided and set a budget for it all.

Now all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy while Google automatically shows your ads to your potential customers across Google Search, Google search partners, Google maps, and the Google display network.

These ads will appear when a potential customer in your targeted geographic area searches for something similar to your business on Google or Google maps.

Because everything is automated, it is the best fit for the beginners.

This is not all! Smart Ads has a lot more perks, such as:

  • You pay only when someone clicks on these ads.
  • You attract more customers to your website.
  • Minimal efforts in the management of these ads since Google runs these for you.
  • You can review the effectiveness of these ads on your dashboard.

CedCommerce is a trusted channel partner of Google Shopping.

We are wrapping it up!

Google Shopping is packed with everything you need for your business.

A marketplace and Shopping Ads, both of these goodies in one place.

Moreover, users instantly get essential information right on the Google Search page. Hence the traffic entering your website is refined and is what’s known as high-quality traffic.

Plus, managing Google Shopping isn’t a tedious job.

Now, we think you know why Google Shopping is a must for your business.

We covered everything in this guide to Google Shopping, but If you have anything that you think we missed out, do let us know by commenting below.

See you again! Happy selling~

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