selling on Google Shopping
6 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling On Google Shopping

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling On Google Shopping


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Does your product search start with Google? If so, then you are not the only one! Around 46% of product search starts with Google. This audience has very high buying intent, and getting your products on Google can potentially help you reach this 46% audience ready to buy your products. Now that you know how much Google Shopping can do for your business, let’s explore further what is Google Shopping? Why Google Shopping is a must for your business? What are the benefits of selling on Google Shopping? So on and so forth.

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Things covered:

  1. What is Google Shopping?
  2. Why Google Shopping is a must for your business?
  3. Benefits of selling on Google Shopping
  4. Question you may still have

What is Google Shopping?

An absolute shopping platform where one can search, compare and buy products.

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Why Google Shopping is a must for your business?

To understand this better how selling on Google Shopping can benefit the sellers, it is must to first understand the benefits that a customer will be aided with while shopping on Google Shopping.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect because the more satisfactory experience customers will leverage on Google Shopping, the more likely they are to buy from it again and again. Building trust and reliability makes sure of customer retention and loyalty.

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Benefits of selling on Google Shopping

    • Sell along with the big names like Target, Costco, PetSmart


Target and many seller giants like Costco and PetSmart have been selling on Google Shopping for a very long time and have sold thousands of products there.

Selling among such giants might help you in the decision making of the pricing strategies and other important aspects.

    • Worried about Google Shopping seller fees? Not anymore!

If you sell on Google Shopping you have to pay on a commission basis. The commission rates are minimal and it varies depending upon the category of the product.

When you are selling a product on Google Shopping, the commission-based structure makes sure that you are charged with the seller fees, only when a checkout has been successfully made.

Also, you get commission discounts if you keep up your retailer standards, know more here.

    • Avail your customers with ease-of-payment, shipping and much more!

The crux of the whole story is – If the customer’s shopping experience is good, they will definitely be looking forward to making a purchase with you again when the need arrives.

On Google Shopping, while selling a product, there are various payment and shipping variations that you can provide to your customers.

Google has kept in mind the balance that was needed for a perfect harmony among the buyers and sellers.

So, on one hand, where selling on Google Shopping proves beneficial to sellers, on the other hand, it also gives happy options to the customers too.

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Let’s have a look at how they keep customers happy:

        • Universal Cart

A buyer who is looking to buy multiple products from multiple stores (viz. Target, Costco, your store) can easily do so by adding it to the universal cart. Also, it is available on mobile app. However, there is an option of buying the products from the respective merchant’s website, but wouldn’t it be easier for your customers to get all their products in a single package?

      • Free Delivery

There are a store’s minimum criteria that avail a customer with a free shipping option if the amount of their purchase exceeds the given criteria. So for example, if the store’s minimum is $25, if the customers make purchases of $30, the shipping will be absolutely free to them.

      • One-click checkout

Google Shopping has made buying so easy, it saves your customers’ transaction details for future transactions.

      • Same-day delivery

With the competition being so high in the eCommerce industry, it is an added benefit that Google Shopping offers same-day delivery.

      • Surfaces across Google

Adding to the benefits, selling on Google Shopping also allows you to use its free, non-ads way of surfacing your products on the surfaces across Google.

Surfaces across Google include- Google Images, Google Shopping, Google Lens, and Google Search.

      • Orders at voice command

Your customers can place orders at their voice commands. Google has worked immensely and made it easier for its customers to shop.

So now, if a customer needs to order a cutlery set while working in the kitchen, they can easily do so by just saying ‘Ok Google’ and ask Google Assistance to add the silver spoon set in the universal cart.

With a universal cart available, your customers can check out with one click whenever they want. They can also add more items to the cart whenever they want.

      • Simple on-boarding process

With the transition of Google Express to Google Shopping, the one major thing that has changed now, the onboarding process.

With the open sign up form, Google got rid of those exhausting, lengthy forms, making the onboarding process much straightforward.

Questions you may still have

How good is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping has proven to be the best eCommerce marketplace to help you boost your business. When it comes to product niches, it is a very powerful tool for you to showcase your product line right in the Google search results.

Does Google Shopping work?

With examples like Pixileure, Miusavings, and OneStopMovieShop, it is evident that Google Shopping definitely works for businesses.

Is it possible to sell my products from Magento store on Google Shopping? 

Yes, it is possible to sell your products easily on Google Shopping from Magento store with Google Shopping Actions(Buy On Google) Magento 2 Integration.

CedCommerce is a proud partner of Google Shopping Actions.


You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to start your journey of selling on Google Shopping, because according to a study, eCommerce is said to have a 265% growth rate, from $ 1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021.

So what’s the wait for, start now! But if you still have any queries or doubts drop them in the comment sections below and we’ll help you!

Happy selling~

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