selling on google shopping
10 Reasons why you should be selling on Google Shopping

10 Reasons why you should be selling on Google Shopping


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Before we hop on the train to understand the reasons why you should be selling on Google Shopping, I need to clear the air regarding Google Shopping:

“There has been confusion surrounding Google Express and Google Shopping ads, since the update.

Google Express was a marketplace, a part of Google Shopping Actions, and Google Shopping is a shopping comparison website. After the update, is the new”

selling on Google Shopping

(Google Express is merged in Google Shopping)

Google Shopping Actions US is open for Merchants in India and Canada: Start selling cross-border to customers in the US, from either India or Canada without any fuss, right away.

“Let’s begin”

Wondering what are the benefits and why you should be selling on Google Shopping?

Let me give you 10 solid reasons why you should!

With e-commerce trade booming and online businesses expanding, there has been an uplift in the competition too.

You don’t believe it? I’ll let the statistics talk to you:

selling on Google Shopping

(Source: )

Ecommerce business is said to have a 265% growth rate, from $ 1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021.

Now that it is proven that selling online is beneficial let me walk you through the benefits of selling on Google Shopping.

But let’s first understand-

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping:

Google Shopping, once known as Google product search and Froogle, is now a marketplace. It used to be a comparison-shopping website but now it provides ample and apt space for the sellers to sell their products online at the same time post Shopping ads.

To understand better about how to sell on Google Shopping and how selling on Google Shopping is benefiting the sellers, it is a must to first understand the benefits that a customer will be aided with while shopping on Google Shopping.

The more satisfactory experience customers will leverage on Google Shopping, the more likely they are to buy from it. Building trust and reliability makes sure of customer retention and loyalty. And the more Google Shopping is used, the more the chances of your product being sold increases. Various platforms available over the internet are attracting business owners to invest and sell more and more through their marketplaces.

We’ll also be discussing the benefits from the buyer’s point of view to portray a clear picture of the whole scenario that prevails on Google Shopping.

Enormous benefits can be elevated if a seller decides to sell on Google Shopping.

Well, you’re here for one reason, to know the reasons as to why sell on Google Shopping, so let’s not waste any more time, let’s jump right in!

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1. Sell along with the big names like Target, Costco, PetSmart:

“The shortest way of reaching anywhere is to have Good Company”

-H Jackson Brown Jr.

selling on Google Shopping

They say that, as you grow in an environment of success, you are more likely to achieve your goals sooner. The prophecy puts stress upon the ways and tactics that you learn while looking at how they work. Yes! Not all their ways are going to suit you, but definitely, from the very beginning, as you start selling on Google Shopping, you’ll have an idea about how to effectively and efficiently sell online.

Target and many sellers giants like Costco and PetSmart have been selling on Google Shopping for a very long time and has sold thousands of products there. It is a seller of various commodities and it might help you too in the decision making of the pricing strategies and other important aspects.

2. Worried about Google Shopping seller fees? Not anymore!

selling on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a mix of Google Shopping, the marketplace, and Google Shopping ads. Unlike Google Shopping ads, if you sell on Google Shopping you have to pay on a commission basis. The seller fees are minimal and it varies depending upon the category of the product.

Meanwhile, in Google Shopping ads, you have to pay per click i.e. you will pay to Google, fees whenever someone clicks on your ads.

When you are selling a product on Google Shopping, the commission-based structure makes sure that you are charged with the seller fees, only when a checkout has been successfully made.

3. Avail your customers with ease-of-payment and shipping

The crux of the whole story is – If the customer’s shopping experience is good, they will definitely be looking forward to making a purchase with you again when the need arrives.

On Google Shopping, while selling a product, there are various payment and shipping variations that you can provide to your customers. Google has kept in mind the balance that was needed for a perfect harmony among the buyers and sellers.

So, on the one hand, where selling on Google Shopping proves beneficial to a seller, on the other hand, it also gives happy options to the customers too.

How do they do that?

-Let’s have a look-

Universal Cart

Google Shopping provides customers with buying products, a feature of the universal cart. By this, a buyer who is looking to buy multiple products from multiple stores (viz. Target, Costco, your store) can easily do that without getting redirected to the shopping cart page each time they select a product.

Free Delivery

There are a store’s minimum criteria that avail a customer with a free shipping option if the amount of their purchase exceeds the given criteria. So for example, if the store’s minimum is $25, if the customer makes purchases of $30, the shipping will be absolutely free to him.

One-click checkout

Google Shopping has made buying so easy, it saves your transaction details for the future. This makes the buying process uncomplicated.

Same day delivery

Google Shopping has made shopping easy for your customers by offering same-day delivery.

4. “But my business won’t survive amongst those giants in this industry!”

This has a silver lining to it, Google is a trusted and reliable marketplace already has a large number of customers that a seller will have to do business with.

So even if your business is new, has no internal sources as its buyer, there is nothing to worry about. Google Shopping already caters to you with a huge number of customers looking to buy your product.

This also helps a seller to gain a competitive edge on the Marketplace and selling effectively.

This means that the visibility of your product will increase as the more customers the more eyes looking for your product, the more searches, and ultimately more sales.

Suddenly selling on Google Shopping seems like a good idea right?

5. Give your Customers a Voice

selling on Google Shopping

Adding to the ease, selling on Google Shopping also allows them to place orders at their voice command. With the introduction of Google Mini and Google Max in 2014, Google has worked immensely and made it easier for its customers to shop. So now, if a customer needs to order a cutlery set while working in the kitchen, he/she can easily do that by just saying ‘Ok Google’ and later order the product they want.

With a universal cart available, the customer can check out with one click whenever he wants. He can also add more items to the cart whenever he wants to.

“According to Google, Google’s Voice search aka Google Assistant is now available on more than 500 Million devices.”

6. Simpler onboarding process (Get it done within minutes!)

selling on Google Shopping

With the transition of Google Express to Google Shopping, the one major thing that has changed now, the onboarding process.

With the open sign up form, Google got rid of those exhausting, lengthy forms, making the onboarding process much straightforward.

7. Revamped Google Merchant center: (Everything under one roof!) But Wait! what is Google Merchant Center?

selling on Google Shopping

You might not know what the Google Merchant Center is, so let me quickly explain:

The Google Merchant Center is a seller panel, a tool to help sellers keep a track of everything product-related and makes selling easy.

With the makeover of the Google Merchant center, sellers have the benefit of having everything under one roof i.e. you can apply to Shopping actions, Shopping ads, Dynamic Remarketing, Local inventory ads and many more through merchant center.

Whether you have a brick-mortar shop or an online store, Google gives both an equal opportunity to showcase your products online. You can either opt for Local inventory ads or Shopping ads.

8. Give your brand a chance to shine with Google Shopping

Merchant branding: Google Shopping is designed as a retailer’s first platform, with eminent branding opportunities like the brand logo for Shopping ads and Shopping actions, a banner to be displayed on all platforms like desktop, mobile, and tablets.

9. And what about subscription fees?

Well, to put it simply, there’s none. As I mentioned earlier Google Shopping charges you on a commission basis, you pay when you make a sale, it’s that simple.

10. Showcase your products on several platforms

Why limit your product’s reach to only one platform? Get your products on all the other platforms, such as Google ads, Google assistance and Google’s new addition Youtube!

Woah! Such a long blog right? I won’t take much of your time now, let’s quickly wrap it up.

To wind up!

I must have missed a few features because Google Shopping provides numerous features. Selling on Google Shopping will definitely give bright exposure to your products. More eyes on your product will ultimately fetch more buyers for your product and enormous benefits to you.

If you haven’t yet prepared for selling on Google Shopping, let us help you. CedCommerce is the official partner of the Google Shopping Actions program. We have integration programs that will help you in hassle-free working and selling seamlessly over Google Shopping.

All the best! Happy Selling!

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