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2023 Google Ads Strategy – 4 Game-Changing Tips to Win Big in the New Year!

2023 Google Ads Strategy – 4 Game-Changing Tips to Win Big in the New Year!


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2022 has winded up, and 2023 is finally here! As an eCommerce firm, hopefully, you’re all set with a successful Google Ads strategy for 2023. If you haven’t, then this blog post is for you.

As the New Year has just started, now is a perfect time to gather as much information from the previous year’s marketing strategy as possible and learn what worked best and whatnot. And also, know what will be the marketing trends of 2023, so that you can devise your marketing calendar accordingly.

In other words, it’s just the start of 2023 Q1, which is a good time for marketers, advertisers, and eCommerce firms to reflect on their previous year’s success, learn new opportunities and plan for the 2023 marketing calendar more strategically.

Google Ads Strategy To Opt for 2023.

1# Review what worked best for your business

The best way to enjoy success in the New Year is to learn from the past. Learn from what worked best for your business in 2022, and decide whether to use the same strategy or add new tricks.

Now to review what worked best for your brand, consider asking the following questions –

  • What type of ad did people engage the most? Why?
  • What kind of Ad received slight or minor engagement? Why?
  • What channels helped you reach your target audience the most?
  • Which platform provided the most traffic drivers so far this year?

In addition to this, also review how people interacted with your brand throughout the year. Did they respond when emails were sent to them? Or did they react well to your social media posts? And also, learn what type of content received the most engagement from your followers. Doing so lets you plan what to focus on in the New Year and whatnot.

2# New market research

Doing new market research is yet another essential strategy to look up to to headstart the New Year with a bang. Ask yourself, was there any new platform introduced last year? Should you also start advertising on that platform or not?

Further, review and learn more about the Google Ads trends of 2023 and understand how they will impact your brand. Also, learn what challenges eCommerce industries will face in the upcoming year and how you should prepare for the same beforehand.

Besides, determine what other types of Google Ads or marketing trends of 2023 you should include in your calendar for better engagements and success.

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3# Identify new marketing objectives

Now, there are many reasons to choose to advertise. Some choose for sales & website traffic. Some choose for brand awareness & lead generation, while some choose to promote new products & services. Whatever a business chooses, note that different marketing objectives require a different strategy.

Google Ads Strategy-Internal-2

So, when devising your Google Ads strategy for 2023, identify its marketing objectives. Define whether to go with the same goals, opt for different ones this time, or both.

Now, to decide on 2023’s Q1 marketing objective for your Google Ads campaign, consider answering the following questions –

  • What was your previous year’s advertising objective? Did your last year’s Google Ads campaign achieve that?
  • Was your last year’s Google Ads strategy focused on your marketing objectives?
  • What will be your next marketing objective(s)?
  • Will it be an addition to your existing objective or not?

Surely these questions will simplify the process of deciding on marketing objectives for this year, and you’ll be able to easily plan your 2023 marketing calendar.

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4# Review your ad budget

Now, to look ahead to the success of the 2023 marketing calendar, make sure you make the most of your ad budget. Decide whether to increase your ad budget or go with the same budget by reviewing the ROAS (return on ads spent) of 2022.

Google Ads strategy-Internal-1

Consider whether or not the ads spent for the year delivered on business goals. Determine whether a larger marketing budget would have captured more engagements. Or, would better vendor resources or technology investment have a better-optimized marketing process for better results in 2022? Considering all these factors when deciding your Google Ad campaign budget for 2023 is essential, and you should pay attention to them.


So we covered a lot here, but our only goal was to help you set a more strategic and refine Google Ads strategy for 2023. With this information, you will set realistic marketing goals that will allow you to drive more leads and improve ROAS.

If you still have any doubts or wish to simplify the process of creating an ads campaign without much hassle, then feel free to connect with our Google experts, who are always there to help you 24/7.

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