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Black Friday Or Cyber Monday – A Quick Guide To What To Sell & Advertise!

Black Friday Or Cyber Monday – A Quick Guide To What To Sell & Advertise!


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The busiest sales weekend is almost here! BFCM is on its way! A weeklong holiday shopping extravaganza – full of heavy traffic & discounts that comes immediately after Thanksgiving is fast approaching. For eCommerce sellers, it can be a significant revenue opportunity. And if you are a Google Shopping merchant, you need to know what’s trending and not, irrespective of the festivals you are preparing for – i.e., either Black Friday or Cyber Monday or both.

To prepare your store for this biggest Q4 sale event, understanding the current BFCM consumer trends, like expected online traffic, items that are huge in demand, preferable mediums on which consumers are active, etc., is essential. And to guide you in the right direction, here’s a write-up compiling some interesting facts & figures and tips to make the most of Cyber Week 2022. Surely it will help you develop some fascinating Google Shopping BFCM deals this year. Let’s check it out!

Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2022 in numbers!

It starts early and lasts longer; BFCM is the shopping season of the year, which grows bigger each year. This year, online sales are expected to increase by 62%. Surely, eCommerce sellers connected with Google Shopping must take advantage of this golden chance and be prepared beforehand.

Here is a short, crisp infographic that will assist you with surprising BFCM consumer trends and facts for 2022.

Black Friday Cyber Monday - a quick guide infographic

Expected online traffic

Starting with online traffic during the BFCM weekend, it is expected to increase by 38%, in which traffic via mobile devices is comparatively more than that of desktops. If you are thinking of offering exclusive Google Shopping BFCM deals, you must make sure that your offers are compatible enough to be visible on both desktop and mobile.

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Browse abandonment rate

Shoppers browsing a website in search of products clearly shows their intent to buy. And as Black Friday approaches, the browse abandonment rate tends to reduce comparatively. So, sellers need to kick off their Google shopping BFCM deals early, at least a week before. It will lessen the browse abandonment rate for their website & their products by the time it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

For Cyber Week 2022, the browse abandonment rate is expected to reduce to 88%, out of which the average mobile browse abandonment rate is 86.73%, whereas, for desktop, it is 81.13%.

Add-to-cart rate

Online sessions also increase whenever any significant shopping events like the BFCM weekend fast approach. Google is the go-to search engine for everyone, online searches for products or deals on it, be it via mobile phones or desktops, also tends to increase significantly. As a result, the chances of add-to-cart also increase.

As a Google Shopping seller, you must always keep your ads and shopping feeds up-to-date with all the needed information and keywords. When your feeds and ads show up to relevant search queries, your chances of add-to-cart will also increase.

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Cart Abandonment rate

In 2022, it is estimated that the average cart abandonment rate will reduce to 79.88%. That is,  more customers will be buying stuff online compared to the previous year. It is estimated that the average mobile cart abandonment rate is 80.60%, while for desktop, the abandoned basket rate is accounted for 74.13%

Online Sales

As mentioned above, in 2022, the online sale for BFCM weekend is expected to increase by 62%. Out of this, online deals on mobile are expected to be 60%, while on desktop, it will be 40%. With such a massive sales leap this year, sellers need to devise their strategies wisely.

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Traffic insight by sector

When talking about product sales & traffic via category or sector, the Fashion industry is expected to enjoy more than the other retail sectors. Online traffic for fashion is expected to have a 58% share compared to retail which accounts for 37%.

Understanding BFCM consumer’s trend beforehand is essential for every Google Shopping willing to expand their revenue opportunity in 2022 Q4. Learning what’s trending, which sector is in demand, and what is not is essential to strategize for tactics beforehand. Listed below are the other most preferable sectors you need to focus on for Cyber week 2022-

  • Consumer electronics – 10.75%
  • Jewelry – 10.57%
  • Cosmetics – 8.75%
  • Books – 7.55%
  • Sports & outdoor – 7.16%
  • Home Furnishing – 5.70%


It is said that – “a crucial thing that builds up your company and is easily overlooked is the People.” The yearly peak season, like BFCM week, can put a lot of pressure on you and your team as a seller. Here’s a quick infographic to help you and shield you from burning out at the last moment. The stats & figures mentioned above will help you devise a solid Black Friday or Cyber Monday strategy at the last minute.

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