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Easiest Way to Start Your Multivendor Marketplace (or, Amazon Like) Store[Video]:

Easiest Way to Start Your Multivendor Marketplace (or, Amazon Like) Store[Video]:


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Before the real innovation starts kicking in, the next decade is going to be all about turning unorganized sector into a structured one. And with the mammoth population that India has, only technology can assist these nation builders -entrepreneurs – to the maximum extent and effect.


As a result, today is time for connecting the dots – not in a way writer’s imagination works. But, connecting organized sectors services with its takers through technology.


It is where multi-vendor marketplaces stand out. From e-commerce giants Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and Shopclues to cab aggregator service Ola and hotel booking app OYO and Airbnb, all these companies are gathering millions of unorganized sector people under one giant umbrella by offering robust and easiest solutions to the most common problems.









All the aforementioned unicorns are the multi-vendor marketplace. So what makes multivendor marketplace highly successful:


1. Most of them have just found the problems plaguing their industry, and with these problems rooted out, they became go-to solutions for the consumers.


2. Market Validation:

From Ola to Flipkart, and from OYO to Snapdeal, the customers not accepted the idea but embraced it. Why? As already mentioned in the previous point, the need for better service was always there and these companies delivered the right set of technical solutions.


3. Nothing to invent:

Howsoever big may be the impact of these companies, there is no invention but re-invention or application of technology. This could prove to be a great savior for aspiring entrepreneurs as they, just, have to look for the gaps in the market and technology is already there to compliment them.



Marketplace Booking and Reservation System for Magento 2 – Cedcommerce






The e-commerce marketplace industry will be manifold in the future and the sellers and aspiring entrepreneurs will be the biggest contributors.


Although the journey to becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur is long and tiresome, there are solutions that can cut short their time and effort. For sellers who want to expand their existing store or for future entrepreneurs who have found their golden idea but struggling to assemble their technical team Multi-Vendor marketplace solution comes as a boon.


Tailored to meet the general and unique requirements of the e-commerce, these solutions come as a troubleshooter for the sellers and entrepreneurs. Several companies are offering these solutions at affordable pricing. However, it is the CedCommerce that offers the Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace for free as well.



Shortest shortcut to launch your m-commerce mobile app and it’s free for 1 months too!





For sellers that just want to learn and understand the nuances of multivendor market space, or for aspiring entrepreneurs trying to make it big with their idea, the basic platform built on the world’s most popular platform – Magento 1 & 2 – comes as a great solution.

Sellers can use this extension to develop their MVP (Most Viable Product). It saves both of them from all the technical hassles.


1. Shop Specific URL:

With this extension, the vendor becoming a party to your multi-vendor platform can have their unique presence with their Shop specific URLs. The vendors can create their shop’s page and upload their products.


2. Easy Management:

The Admin can easily manage all the orders placed, products being uploaded and the transactions being done on his multi-vendor marketplace.


3. Multi-Lingual Support

And, to enable admin to market their products to the masses, the Multi-Vendor Marketplace has a multi-lingual feature that enables admin to reach out to people who even don’t speak their languages.


4. Refund Feature:

And for the returns that are initiated the admin can generate the refund and debit the amount from the vendor’s account.


5. Analytical Dashboard:

As the analysis of the business is critical to for its success of, it has an extremely user-friendly analytical dashboard.


Also, the most important factor of the Marketplace Basic (For Magento 1 and Magento 2) that their Premium Versions (Magento 1 and Magento 2 )are nothing but the combination of basic and 9 more absolutely vital add-ons that can really put your business into the fast lane. Therefore, it can be proved to be the gateway for your future glories and more importantly the easiest one. So put in your present smartly to have an even brighter future.


Start Multivendor E-commerce Marketplace



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