starting a multi-vendor marketplace
Easiest Way for Starting a Multi-vendor Marketplace like Amazon

Easiest Way for Starting a Multi-vendor Marketplace like Amazon


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With time, there has been a significantly high surge in the number of e-commerce stores and online shoppers. In this high-paced, ever-changing, and evolving e-commerce industry, the trends constantly fluctuate. The online buyer of 2022 is way smarter than ever before and likewise demands a platform that saves time and is efficient at the same time. And the best solution to this demand is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform. This platform works as a one-stop destination for all your customer needs. Starting a multi-vendor marketplace can be the turning point for your business success if you are stepping into the eCommerce industry. In this blog, we will be laying emphasis on the easiest ways to create an online marketplace platform.

Before real innovation starts kicking in, the next decade is going to be all about turning an unorganized sector into a structured one. And with the mammoth population that India has, only technology can assist these nation builders -entrepreneurs – to the maximum extent and effect.

As a result, today is the time for connecting the dots – not in a way writer’s imagination works. But, connecting organized sector services with its takers through technology. This technology can be used best in creating an online platform where different sellers can sell their offerings. That is why Amazon has around 1.95 million active sellers until today.

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Why a multi-vendor eCommerce platform?

Online marketplaces stand out because of multiple advantages to every stakeholder. For example, all these e-commerce giants such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, and Shopclues are connecting millions of sellers and buyers through multi-vendor e-commerce websites. 

All the aforementioned unicorns are examples. So, now the question is why so much hype about the multi-vendor e-commerce website? And what exactly makes it highly successful? Well, we have broken the monotony of the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace down for you in some simple steps. Let’s have a look at why these platforms are leading the e-commerce industry:

  • Most of the multi-vendor marketplace platforms have just found the problems plaguing their industry. With these problems rooted out, they became go-to solutions for consumers.
  • From Ola to Flipkart, and OYO to Snapdeal, the customers not just accepted the idea of the multi-vendor e-commerce website but embraced it. Why? As mentioned earlier, the need for better service was always there. These companies delivered the right set of technical solutions via an online marketplace. As a result, Flipkart is recording 230.5 million users today. 
  • However big may be the impact of these companies, there is no invention but re-invention or application of technologies. This could prove to be a great savior for aspiring entrepreneurs as they just have to look for the gaps in the market and technology is already there to complement them.

Looking forward to starting your multi-vendor e-commerce website? Here are the easiest ways:

The multi-vendor eCommerce industry will be manifold in the future. Sellers and aspiring entrepreneurs will be the biggest contributors to this industry.

Although the journey to becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur is long and tiresome. But some solutions can cut short their time and effort. Among these entrepreneurs,  there are sellers who want to expand their existing stores. On the other hand, there are future entrepreneurs who have found their golden idea but are struggling to assemble their technical team. Their struggle ends here. Starting a multi-vendor marketplace can be absolutely beneficial for them. The solutions for these platforms are emerging as a boon.

Tailored to meet the general and unique requirements of e-commerce, these solutions are becoming a troubleshooter for sellers and entrepreneurs. With these solutions, starting a multi-vendor marketplace can be extremely smooth and easy. Several companies offer these solutions at affordable pricing. However, we at CedCommerce, offer the Magento Multi-Vendor solutions for free as well. Some of the solutions that are worth starting an online marketplace with are-

Marketplace Platinum Package for Magento 2

This Marketplace Platinum Package consists of ideal extensions and add-ons that can build a multi-vendor marketplace the way you want. This package provides easy shop management by vendors on your marketplace platform. Vendors managing their shops without any hassle means unlimited availability of products on your marketplace. And having unlimited products is directly proportional to unlimited sales.

Advance Marketplace Extensions for Magento 2- 

Advance Marketplace Extension for Magento 2 covers functionalities for an advanced marketplace like Amazon. A marketplace enriched by this extension will be able to generate endless sales with strategies such as cross-sell and up-sell. Moreover, this extension includes all the features of the Marketplace Platinum Package along with many more add-ons. 

Click on the link below to access your all-in-one resource to explore the benefits, key challenges, strategic direction for a successful launch, must-have features of an enterprise marketplace, and more.

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What can be done through Advance Marketplace Extension?

The Advance Marketplace Extension is optimal for merchants that are planning to build a multi-vendor marketplace. Here, the sellers can learn and understand the nature of multi-vendor eCommerce websites. Even for aspiring entrepreneurs who are trying to make it big with their idea, this pro version built on the world’s most popular platform – Magento 1 & 2 – comes as a great solution for their multi-vendor e-commerce website.

Sellers can also use this extension to develop their MVP (Most Viable Product). It saves both of them from all the technical hassles.

Shop Specific URL

With this extension, the vendors can have their Shop specific URLs. They can create their shop’s page and upload their products to your multi-vendor e-commerce website.

Easy order management:

Admins can easily manage all the orders placed, products being uploaded and the transactions being done on their multi-vendor marketplace platform. Along with them, vendors can also manage orders on their marketplaces. Moreover, they can create invoices and cash memos.

Instant notifications

All the admins, buyers, and vendors on a marketplace will be able to receive instant notifications. Every one of them will be notified via email, chat, and SMS. 

Replace and Refund

This package allows the admins as well as vendors of a multi-vendor marketplace platform to generate refunds or replace products for their customers. They can easily manage this system and satisfy their customers with the replacement of the right product.

Analytical Dashboard

The analysis of the business is critical for its success. Therefore, this multi-vendor marketplace solution has an outstanding user-friendly analytical dashboard.

Also, a special feature of this Advance Marketplace Extension is a combination of its basic version and 9 other vital add-ons. This package can really put your business in the fast lane like Amazon. Therefore, it can be proved to be the gateway for your future glories and more importantly the easiest one. So put in your present smartly to have an even brighter future.

Along with the add-ons from the basic version, this advanced package consists of some more add-ons-

Vendor CMS addon

This add-on enables your marketplace to provide complete support to vendors. The vendors registered on it can edit their online shop content. They can change its layout, design, and themes. 

Refer A Friend

Marketplaces enjoy multiple benefits from this add-on. The add-on increases customer loyalty as well as gives way to new customers. These are the benefits that marketplaces can enjoy from this Refer-A-Friend. 

Vendor Store Pickup Add-on

The vendor store pickup add-on supports the omnichannel strategies of registered vendors on your marketplace. This add-on enables buyers of these vendors to pick up orders from their nearby locations. 

CedCommerce marketplace solutions are available at a flat 20% off, making them more affordable than ever before. 

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Starting a multi-vendor marketplace can’t be any less easy, no? So, buckle up and start your journey towards starting a multi-vendor marketplace. We, at Cedcommerce, are always ready to help if it’s about the e-commerce industry.

Try out not just our marketplace solutions but also our hosting services. These services and our e-commerce marketplace solutions have helped thousands of our users to build multi-vendor marketplace platforms.

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