walmart integration for woocommerce
CedCommerce announces the launch of Walmart Integration for WooCommerce

CedCommerce announces the launch of Walmart Integration for WooCommerce


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Portland, Oregon {1st April 2020}: CedCommerce, the leading eCommerce solution provider, announced the launch of its Walmart Integration on WooCommerce’s official website. Hence, WooCommerce brands and retailers can now manage their inventory updates, sales, and orders through CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce retailers can leverage CedCommerce’s integration solution to sell quickly and expand the visibility of their products by attracting relevant shoppers on the Walmart marketplace. With billions of searches a day on, retailers can experience hassle-free selling while CedCommerce prevents them from overselling.

“We are glad to launch this new integration with Walmart on WooCommerce official website,” stated Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO at CedCommerce. “We aim to provide a hassle-free selling solution for our WooCommerce retailers to grow their businesses constantly. Additionally, from offering quick bulk upload options, automatically managing their inventory, WooCommerce retailers can now sell to millions of shoppers on Walmart. We thrive on building valuable solutions that help our customers grow their businesses in this eCommerce industry.

Features on Walmart Integration for WooCommerce

features of walmart integration for woocommerceConnect your WooCommerce store with Walmart and experience hassle-free selling along with the added convenience of:

Centralized Order Management

Link all your Walmart orders onto your WooCommerce store and manage order updates, cancellations centrally through admin access. As a result, you can streamline your selling by receiving direct order updates from Walmart to your WooCommerce store.

Simplified Listings

Save your time by uploading WooCommerce products in bulk over Walmart and quickly set up product details, fulfillment rules, and pricing plans for Walmart listings.

Profile-Based Product Upload

Automatically upload products with profiles specifying product-specific data like brand, size, and material, and assign these profiles to your products on the Walmart marketplace.

Category Mapping

Structurize your catalog to make it simpler for shoppers to navigate through related product searches. Thereby, increase your products’ visibility and ranking by aligning your products to Walmart’s relevant product categories and attributes.

Product Data Validation

The Walmart Integration for WooCommerce helps validate product data as per Walmart standards and values. This validation enables fast acceptance of your products on the Walmart marketplace.

Easy Product Upload

The process of uploading products on Walmart from your WooCommerce store becomes fast and easy using CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration for WooCommerce. Therefore, now upload products with a single click.

Auto Acknowledgement of Orders

The Walmart Integration for WooCommerce helps acknowledge orders automatically. So, whether it be an order on Walmart or the WooCommerce store, the extension accepts all orders. So, with the app usage, you don’t need to acknowledge orders manually, as the integration app automates all respective things.

Real-Time Stock Updation

The app helps to maintain the same data between your WooCommerce store and Walmart. When an order comes in, and the inventory gets deducted, the feature of real-time stock updation updates inventory on both platforms, i.e., on WooCommerce and Walmart.

Feed Management

Easily manage feeds of all API requests made to Walmart with the Integration app.

Why sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Boosting your brand’s growth and optimizing your sales, the Walmart marketplace assures increased ROI by surfacing your products to millions of shoppers. So, sell on Walmart and stay ahead of your competitors by winning the Walmart Buy Box through services like free 2-day shipping on Walmart. The added advantages of selling on Walmart include:

  • Pay only when you make a sale: Walmart marketplace charges no monthly fees, unlike any marketplace. You pay a specific commission fee only after a successful transaction.
  • Track your sales performance: Unlike other marketplaces, Walmart offers a seller scorecard so that you can track and measure your performance.
  • Easy and secure checkout: Offering secured and simple checkout, the Walmart marketplace makes purchasing fast and efficient.

About WooCommerce

Designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress, WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin. With the growing urge in eCommerce, the WooCommerce plugin has over 140 million downloads. It is the most popular eCommerce platform operating over 4 million websites. Also, each day the WooCommerce plugin is downloaded around 30,000 times from And at present, 15% of ecommerce websites are built on WooCommerce. The power that WooCommerce holds can be easily understood by the fact that WooCommerce is the leading ecommerce platform with 28.24% of the market share worldwide.

About CedCommerce

Providing world-class eCommerce solutions for more than a decade, CedCommerce is committed to connect and optimize global commerce. Furthermore, CedCommerce helps retailers and brands of all kinds to improve their businesses by maximizing their sales, presence and reducing manual efforts. We connect eCommerce stores with leading marketplaces worldwide, such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and more. We also assist retailers in building their marketplace from scratch. CedCommerce also caters to website owners in improving their website’s ranking through expert digital marketing services (SEO, PPC, inbound marketing).

Start selling on the Walmart marketplace and benefit from our 24*7 free support services. CedCommerce also assigns a dedicated account manager to assist you with every step right from installation to onboarding on with the integration solution.

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