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From Achievements to Aspirations: CedCommerce’s Remarkable 2023 Year Wrap-Up and Vision for 2024

From Achievements to Aspirations: CedCommerce’s Remarkable 2023 Year Wrap-Up and Vision for 2024


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A Year of Innovation and Growth

As 2023 draws to a close, CedCommerce extends heartfelt gratitude to our valued merchants, partners, and supporters who have been integral to our incredible journey throughout the year. This year has been particularly momentous, with a strong focus on our AI initiative, and shaping the future of multichannel commerce. Join us in 2023 recap blog, where we highlight the milestones, collaborations, and innovations that defined CedCommerce in 2023.

Table of Contents:

  1. A look back at the Major Collaborations and Partnerships
  2. Accolades and Recognitions: Setting New Standards in Multichannel Commerce
  3. CedCommerce Event Highlights: Navigating Multichannel Commerce Opportunities
  4. Business Growth and Development: CedCommerce’s Evolution
  5. Celebrating Achievements and Anticipating Growth

A Look Back At The Major Collaborations and Partnerships

We’ve forged impactful partnerships with industry leaders, each contributing significantly to our multichannel ecosystem, offering unprecedented opportunities to our valued merchants. Let’s delve into the noteworthy collaborations that have defined this year.

Buy with Prime Social Ads: Empowering Merchants with Targeted eCommerce Traffic.

We started the year by launching “Buy with Prime Social Ads,” a strategic initiative that empowers merchants to drive targeted traffic.

This collaboration marked a significant milestone in providing enhanced visibility to our merchants.

Shein x CedCommerce: Expanding Reach and Global Presence

Our collaboration with Shein stands as a transformative force, reshaping the landscape of ecommerce within the CedCommerce ecosystem.

Through this partnership, Shein has played a key role in broadening opportunities for brands and merchants, fostering a dynamic and diverse community that directly benefits sellers within our platform. Together, we are elevating the seller experience and expanding the horizons of global eCommerce.

TikTok x CedCommerce: Bridging Multichannel Excellence with Social Commerce Prowess

CedCommerce has developed the TikTok Shop Connector, an integration solution seamlessly connecting eCommerce platforms with TikTok Shop.

This allows merchants in the UK and US to showcase and sell their products directly on TikTok, tapping into its vast and engaged audience.

CedCommerce x Zoho: Enhancing Multichannel Integration Solutions

Our partnership with Zoho has significantly enhanced our multichannel integration solutions, providing a seamless experience for merchants.

The collaboration ensures merchants can seamlessly integrate Zoho’s powerful tools into their operations, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

CedCommerce x Joom: Contributing to Global Reach

The collaboration with Joom has been a key driver in extending CedCommerce’s global reach.

By integrating with Joom, CedCommerce has facilitated a broader market presence for merchants, allowing them to tap into new audiences and demographics.

CedCommerce x Michaels: Multichannel Integration for Arts and Crafts Retailer

CedCommerce proudly announced the launch of a Multichannel Integration for Michaels, the leading arts, crafts, and home décor retailer in North America. This integration offers simplified ways for vetted Shopify and WooCommerce merchants to sell on Michaels.com through the retailer’s new, US-based no-fee marketplace.

As we celebrate these collaborations, we thank our partners and merchants for their continued trust and support. These alliances have not only expanded our capabilities but have also empowered merchants to navigate the complexities of multichannel commerce with ease.

CedCommerce X Miravia: Transforming E-commerce Together

Empower your business on Miravia with CedCommerce’s seamless integration. One app, multiple benefits await sellers as they automate eCommerce operations.

Miravia, at the forefront of transformation, ensures an expanded reach for sellers, maximizing their potential and streamlining operations. Explore new horizons and unlock unparalleled growth by effortlessly connecting your eCommerce store with Miravia marketplace, revolutionizing your selling experience.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are committed to further innovation and seamless solutions, making selling easier for retailers through our collaborative and innovative approach.

Accolades and Recognitions: Setting New Standards in Multichannel Commerce

G2 Excellence: Leading the Way in Multichannel Retail Software

Dive into the pride of CedCommerce as we bask in the glory of being named the #1 Multichannel Retail Software by G2. A major highlight of 2023 recap.

This recognition is not just a feather in our cap; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

WooCommerce Platinum Certified WooExpert: Elevating Expertise in WooCommerce Integration

Celebrating another prestigious achievement in 2023 recap, CedCommerce proudly holds the title of WooCommerce Platinum Certified WooExpert.

This recognition is a testament to our proficiency and expertise in WooCommerce integration, showcasing our ability to handle complex integration tools and development projects with sophistication and technical prowess.

As a trusted multichannel enabler and WooCommerce agency, CedCommerce has earned its name in the industry through successful projects and a string of satisfied clients. Our expertise extends beyond mere certifications, as we specialize in migrating stores from other platforms and assisting new customers in kick-starting their WooCommerce journey.

CedCommerce Event Highlights: Navigating Multichannel Commerce Opportunities

CedCommerce Takes Center Stage at Shoptalk US 2023

At Shoptalk 2023, CedCommerce stood out as a premier multichannel eCommerce enabler. With 11,000 attendees, 275 speakers, and 700 sponsors, Shoptalk was a resounding success. CedCommerce’s strategic meetings with industry leaders and partners, including Google, TikTok, and Walmart, showcased our advanced solutions poised to revolutionize retail.

These engagements not only explored new opportunities but also fostered collaborations to empower merchants in the dynamic multichannel retail landscape. As we reflect on our Shoptalk days, CedCommerce remains committed to applying insights gained, ensuring our clients and partners thrive amid industry changes.”

Amazon Accelerate: Unveiling Insights and Strategies

Amazon Accelerate proved to be a pivotal event for CedCommerce, shedding light on essential seller perspectives, segmentation strategies, and key takeaways.

Our experience highlighted the need for a nuanced approach, blending products and services. Embracing a common platform became imperative, fostering collaboration and easing seller hesitancy. The event underscored our commitment to staying ahead in a dynamic marketplace and catering to evolving seller needs.

eBay Open: Metrics, Direct Connectors, and Proactive Strategies

The 2023 recap will be incomplete without the success metrics from eBay Open provide valuable insights into registrations, attendee segmentation, and seller preferences. Amidst these metrics, the urgent demand for a direct connector tool stands out. Sellers, expressing a strong need for simplicity in selling across multiple platforms, emphasized the importance of solutions that focus on automation and streamlining selling processes.

The event showcased CedCommerce’s proactive strategies, tapping into reseller opportunities through affiliate and referral deals. The constructive dialogue with eBay-Canada post-event positions us for potential partnerships and collaborative growth.

Walmart Seller Summit: Strategic Outcomes and Planning

The outcomes of the Walmart Seller Summit unfolded significant strategic discussions and insights. CedCommerce’s models, incentivizing work to prioritize Walmart for sellers, left a positive impression on Walmart’s leadership.

Our engagement with key decision-makers highlighted the importance of incentivizing our work to prioritize Walmart for sellers’ success. The collaborative planning for a detailed roadmap, encompassing technical and marketing aspects, promises a transformative partnership in the coming year.

Business Growth and Development: CedCommerce’s Evolution

In the pursuit of simplifying multichannel commerce for merchants, CedCommerce has undergone a transformative evolution, incorporating Ced AI into our solutions. As a pioneering force in eCommerce, CedCommerce has consistently embodied innovation with its tagline, “Enabling Multichannel eCommerce.” This evolution has significantly enhanced operational efficiency, reinforcing our commitment to streamlining multichannel sales complexities.

  • Ced AI Integration: A Leap Towards Efficiency

Ced AI, a cornerstone in CedCommerce’s quest for innovation, has been seamlessly integrated into our solutions. This strategic move has ushered in a new era of intelligent insights and automation, positioning our merchants ahead of market fluctuations. The incorporation of Ced AI is a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge technology, empowering businesses of all sizes in the digital economy.

  • Customer Base Growth: Numbers Speak Volumes

One of the most compelling indicators of CedCommerce’s success is the robust growth in our customer base. We’ve witnessed substantial increases, with growth percentages that underscore the effectiveness of our solutions. From small boutiques to large enterprises, businesses of all scales have embraced CedCommerce, appreciating the adaptability and versatility that define our offerings.

  • Trustworthiness and Brand Loyalty: A Strong Foundation

CedCommerce has built a foundation rooted in trustworthiness and brand loyalty. Our commitment to affordable, AI-driven solutions has resonated with merchants, fostering lasting relationships. The recognition of CedCommerce as the #1 Multichannel Retail Software by G2 further solidifies the trust our customers place in us. As we continue to prioritize seamless integration and advanced technology, brand loyalty remains at the heart of our mission.

  • Expanded Services: Adapting to Diverse Business Needs

Versatility defines CedCommerce’s offerings, and this adaptability ensures dynamic evolution to meet the unique demands of each business. Beyond technical solutions, we have positioned ourselves as strategic partners for businesses navigating the complexities of multichannel operations. Our customer-centric approach, coupled with dedicated support services, ensures that merchants seamlessly adopt our platform, deriving maximum value from our solutions.

  • CedCommerce: Beyond Technical Expertise

CedCommerce is not just about technical expertise; it is about providing prompt and human support that ensures our clients receive the guidance they need for seamless business advancement. Our skilled and experienced team stands ready to navigate the complexities of multichannel commerce, offering personalized assistance that sets us apart in the industry.

Celebrating Achievements and Anticipating Growth

Wrapping up 2023 recap blog, CedCommerce extends heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, steadfast clients, and invaluable strategic partners. Each has played a crucial role in shaping CedCommerce’s remarkable journey throughout 2023.

Looking Ahead – CedCommerce 2024 Vision

As we bid farewell to the accomplishments and milestones of 2023, CedCommerce eagerly sets its sights on 2024 with a crystal-clear vision. Our unwavering focus is on making selling easier for retailers through innovative approaches that redefine the multichannel commerce experience. Stay tuned for a year marked by unprecedented growth, collaborative initiatives, and an unwavering commitment to simplifying the complexities of multichannel commerce.

By reflecting on the achievements, forging new partnerships, and gleaning insights from the events attended in 2023, CedCommerce anticipates a dynamic and prosperous 2024. We aim to continue leading as a multichannel enabler, navigating the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

We invite our readers to share their thoughts and experiences about 2023 recap in the comments section, fostering a sense of community and collaboration that has been instrumental in our success.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to a successful 2024 and beyond!

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    Hello I purchased your Amazon Vendor Direct Fulfillment Magento 2 Integration March 21, 2023. It is still not functioning. I have also purchased the support for another $499. This is not cool for pay and not have it work after 10 months. Your team is responsive but nothing is getting done. This needs to work asap or I need my money back. Thank youl

    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with our Amazon Vendor Direct Fulfillment Magento 2 Integration.

      I want to assure you that our team is actively working on resolving the issues you've encountered. Your case is a priority for us, and we appreciate your patience as we address the specific challenges you've faced.

      Our experts are diligently investigating the root cause and implementing the necessary solutions to ensure the seamless functionality of the integration.

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