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CedCommerce launches ‘Michaels Multichannel Solution’ enabling seamless selling on Michaels

CedCommerce launches ‘Michaels Multichannel Solution’ enabling seamless selling on Michaels


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CedCommerce enters into a strategic partnership with Michaels marketplace, empowering Shopify and the WooCommerce merchant community to start and expand their arts and crafts business with the power of multichannel automation. With ‘Michaels Multichannel Integration,’ sellers can easily sign up and sell on Michaels without worrying about the hassles of multichannel business.

Art and Crafts, especially customizable gifts, DIY personalized merchandise, etc., have seen an enormous demand upsurge amongst millennials. Michaels, a third-party marketplace and favorite shopping spot for consumers in North America, now extends the facility to merchants to expand their craft and creative supplies to the right audience having access to over 7,50,000 curated new items.

The marketplace is the latest in Michaels’ ongoing digital transformation, increasing the online assortment from 250,000 to more than 1M SKUs from sellers eager to reach Michaels’ highly diverse and engaged customer base while helping those customers find even more of what they need to bring their creative dreams to life.

4 Reasons Why Consumers are Fond of Shopping at Michaels Craft Store

As a top-20 retail domain, Michaels has designed its marketplace to help high quality sellers of arts & crafts componentry succeed in the increasingly crowded eCommerce space. The marketplace allows merchants to focus on curation and forgoing subscription or listing fees in favor of a standard commission rate. Michaels is accepting applications from sellers in categories including arts and crafts supplies, candle and soapmaking, leather and wood work, baking, tools and tech, yarn, stitchery, kids, toys, education, journaling, seasonal products and more. 

Here are some reasons customers rely heavily upon Michaels for purchasing their art, craft, home decor, and seasonal merchandise.

Wide Range of Variety

First and foremost, Michaels is known for its wide range and variety of products. Just wish it, and you get it on Michaels. You will get everything in one place: simple craft items or heavy home decor, DIY material, or seasonal merchandise.

Most Affordable Price

Secondly, by reading various customer experiences and checking their unique collection online, one thing is sure: their amazing price bar. It is affordable, convincing, and adequate for a product. Customers have repeatedly mentioned why they would choose or declare Michaels the clear winner regarding price parameters.

Wide Customer Base

Initially started as an offline store, Michaels is quite an old venture known for its amazing craft collection, deals, and customizable products. As a result of its age-old presence and an unparalleled reputation, Michaels has a vast customer base across 49 states and Canada.

Online and Offline Presence

Last but not the least, the best part about any marketplace is its convenience of its customers. This helps an online marketplace offer curbside pickup or in-store pickup and quick delivery time.

Besides, Michaels is most suitable for sellers looking for a No-Fee marketplace to sell their craft supplies. Michaels charges a minimum commission of 15% on every sale and nothing to set up a store or any monthly fees.

‘Michaels Multichannel Integration’ enables merchants to sell on Michaels profitably 

CED’s Integration for Michaels brings convenience and automation on a unified platform for Shopify and WooCommerce merchants to experience frictionless selling on Michaels marketplace.

The multichannel capabilities of the solution render best seller-friendly features simplifying Product Data flow, Inventory and Order Synchronization, Error Notification, and many more.

The automated data feed flow empowers merchants to channel their time and energy into strategizing their business expansion. At the same time, the solution takes care of all the sales operations along with regular update notifications.

With a team of leading experts from the eCommerce industry, we have continued to build enterprise-grade solutions for online merchants willing to expand their multichannel endeavors in the most simplified and automated way. With our new launch of ‘Michaels Multichannel Integration Solution,’ we are empowering the online merchant community to experience the most profitable way of selling on Michaels, a leading arts and crafts specialty retailer in North America with the power of automation.” said Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO, CedCommerce.

Some Definitive Features that guarantee a Smooth Selling Experience on Michaels 

As mentioned before, the integration is made keeping in mind the challenges faced by potential merchants willing to expand cross-border eCommerce. Some of the explicit features that guarantee a seamless selling experience to such potential merchants are mentioned below:

Single-click Account Connectivity from any Store to the App

The app facilitates single-click store connectivity, allowing merchants to head start selling on Michaels in less than a minute.

Flawless Attribute Mapping for Increased Visibility

Flawless attribute mapping helps merchants optimize the product to rank higher with increased visibility on Michaels.

Automated Inventory and Product Synchronization

The app boosts your selling operations with automated Inventory and Product synchronization, saving tons of manual efforts.

Real-time Order and Return Data Management to prevent overselling

The app syncs all Orders and Return data, assisting merchants in keeping track of the current stock to prevent overselling.

One-click Bulk-Product Upload from your Store to the App

The app helps merchants with the fastest one-click product upload feature getting all data from the store to the app.

Overviewing Sales Performance through Centralized Dashboard

The dashboard projects the overall performance of each section, like Products, Orders, Returns, and Sales graphs. This enables merchants to keep a tab on everything from one place.

FREE 24*7 Customer support by marketplace specialists

Merchants can leverage FREE Customer support service 24*7 by our marketplace specialists. Additionally would get expert guidance on the working of Michaels and the app.

About Michaels Marketplace

Starting in 1984 across the United States, Michaels holds a robust market share with 37,000 essential items. Besides, Michaels operates 7 distribution centers making delivery faster than ever before. With the launch of the Michaels marketplace, Michaels has endeavored to expand its customer and seller base. By extending buying services such as one-day or same-day delivery, curbside pickup, in-store shopping, or returns; Michaels is becoming a favorite selling spot for sellers. Furthermore, deals and combo offers at reasonable prices have never failed to create a broader fan base across North America.

Expand your selling opportunities in North America with Michaels Marketplace

Solutions built at CedCommerce are the most affordable eCommerce solutions for small and medium enterprises in the industry. The privilege of getting a Free demo, Scheduling free meetings, and getting expert guidance is unparalleled while associating with CedCommerce.

Being a leading marketplace integrator, CedCommerce has encircled marketplace behemoths on multiple platforms to make cross-border selling easy worldwide.

If you, too, wish to sell on Michaels or start your online journey on any of the marketplace let us know in the comment section below. You can also contact us through Skype or email or Click HERE to get to us directly.

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