tiktok shop partners with cedcommerce for connector integration solution to redefine social commerce selling
CedCommerce Launches TikTok Shop Connector to Redefine Social Commerce

CedCommerce Launches TikTok Shop Connector to Redefine Social Commerce


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In today’s digital landscape, social commerce is a powerful force in multichannel sales, leveraging social media’s reach for enhanced customer engagement. Strategies like influencer marketing and user-generated content elevate the buying experience, fueled by insights from social platforms. As a result, businesses embrace social commerce for personalized marketing, expanding their brand’s reach and trust. This has led many platforms such as TikTok to develop unique shopping features like the TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop allows merchants in the US (beta) and UK to sell their products directly on the app to expand their sales. Addressing these challenges, CedCommerce has developed a set of robust integration solutions, TikTok Shop Connector. These integration tools simplify the selling process for merchants in the US and UK by allowing them to effectively engage with the vibrant community and grow.

Drive your business to success with TikTok Shop Connector

With TikTok Shop, CedCommerce aims to empower businesses in the US and UK with a unique opportunity to leverage the immense potential of one of the world’s most engaging social content platforms.

Furthermore, the connector offers eCommerce merchants in the US and UK a simplified solution to synchronize their product catalog, establish a seamless presence, and drive sales directly through TikTok Shop.

Don’t miss this chance to simplify your eCommerce game with TikTok Shop Connector

To streamline selling on the app, these specialized solutions integrate all leading eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. The connectors allow merchants to manage and integrate their product catalogs into TikTok Shop US & UK with more ease, accuracy, and speed. CedCommerce solutions provide businesses with better visibility and control over their product data. As a result, they are able to understand consumer expectations and better maximize their sales.

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Discover the key features of TikTok Shop Connector

The fully configurable integration platforms come with pre-built connectors and flexible APIs. Some of the robust features of the app that enable businesses to seamlessly integrate and leverage the power of TikTok Shop are:

Simplify your onboarding journey with a seamless integration

The connector simplifies the process of setting up and integrating a merchant’s online store with TikTok Shop. It provides a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidebook for onboarding, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Align your products with automated synchronization

The connector synchronizes the product catalog automatically between a merchant’s eCommerce store and TikTok Shop. So, it saves time and eliminates the scope of error while listing.

Stay in control with efficient inventory management

With the connector, merchants can efficiently control their inventory. This helps them avoid underselling or running out of stock.

Manage all orders in the same dashboard with automated order synchronization

The connector facilitates seamless order management by automatically syncing orders from TikTok Shop to the merchant’s eCommerce store.

Stay informed and stay ahead with real-time updates

The connector offers real-time updates for product information, inventory changes, and order status. As a result, the customers receive accurate and timely information.

Centralize your operations with hassle-free return & refund management

Merchants can manage all return and refund orders on a single centralized platform for optimal operations.

Enjoy uninterrupted working with round-the-clock expert support

CedCommerce provides dedicated customer support for the connector. A team of experts is available to assist merchants 24×7 days.

Accelerate your listing experience with one-click bulk product upload

Merchants can upload BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Magento-listed products on TikTok Shop with just a click. Moreover, merchants can customize their listing by editing its price or offering a discount on certain products.

Maintain consistency across platforms with category templates for bulk upload

Using the connector, merchants can create templates that help them map their eCommerce product category with the TikTok Shop category. Thus, the app helps maintain consistency across all platforms.

Get access to a dedicated account manager

With the connector, you receive a dedicated account manager who will guide you throughout the selling journey and address any concerns along the way.

Leading with Vision: Words from Our CEO

“As the eCommerce landscape rapidly evolves, merchants recognize the need to diversify their portfolios. Platforms like TikTok, renowned for transforming product discovery into purchases, are increasingly becoming vital components of any eCommerce strategy for merchants looking to tap into the potential of these promising new channels. At CedCommerce, we’re uniquely positioned to facilitate this shift. Our core strength is our innovative, seamless integration solutions that enable merchants to naturally extend from eCommerce platforms to multi sales channels like TikTok Shop. This not only saves merchants’ time but also eases their adaptation to new channels, catalyzing their business expansion within minutes. As partners in their growth journey, we go beyond being just a solution provider, ensuring their success in this new and exciting commerce arena,” states Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO of CedCommerce.

Simplify your business with TikTok Shop Connector

The comprehensive suite of tools, services, and solutions by CedCommerce empowers merchants to navigate the competitive landscape of online business. Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that businesses can optimize their multichannel selling strategies.

To discover further insights on TikTok Shop and TikTok Shop Connector, join us for a LIVE Webinar with experts from CedCommerce and TikTok Shop on September 21st, 2023, at 11 am (GMT).

Additionally, our round-the-clock expert support is available to assist businesses at every step, offering solutions to any challenges they may face. With CedCommerce as the integration partner, merchants can take their business to new heights.

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