Social Connector: Your Key to Simplified Social Media Integration

Social Connector: Your Key to Simplified Social Media Integration


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The impact of the rise of commercial trade can be seen everywhere, whether you realize it or not. Right from the Silk Route, which connected China with the Far East & West, to the advent of eCommerce – commerce has been evolving at a speed that can not be fathomed. Now, the new wing of digital commerce, mCommerce (Mobile Commerce), has remodeled the conventional thought of buying and selling, supported by the ever-increasing number of internet users worldwide. With 90.97% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, mCommerce has further introduced Social Commerce – a blend of eCommerce and mCommerce. Billions on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook become potential customers, as social media now doubles as a shopping hub, not just for entertainment. However, for sellers, selling on social commerce platforms remains an untapped territory waiting to be explored with its gigantic potential and enormous audience base.

Sellers can tap into the growing capabilities of social commerce while seamlessly managing their stores through the right social media integration solution.

Social Commerce: Reach your customers where they are!

Grow your eCommerce business with social media selling

Do you know a two-hour live shopping event on TikTok outperforms a week’s sales at a flagship store? Or, that a shoppable Instagram livestream can help you garner as many as 40,000 targeted reach? Welcome to social commerce – leveraging social media platforms to directly engage and sell to your audience where they already are. Today’s social media platforms host a new breed of shoppers seeking seamless, frictionless experiences. The ease of shopping without leaving the platform has completely changed the scope of traditional shopping. Real-time product reviews foster customer loyalty, turning more browsers into buyers.

With enormous growth potential, the three leading social commerce selling channels are:


The leading social media channel with over a billion active users. TikTok, a rapidly expanding video platform, has introduced TikTok Shop as its social commerce platform to facilitate brand growth in eCommerce. It is the perfect platform for sellers looking to showcase the uniqueness of their products. TikTok places emphasis on its creator community. Additionally, TikTok provides a comprehensive suite of tools, thus helping sellers create captivating content on the platform to gain more brand visibility.


The fastest-growing social media platform with over 2 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular networks of choice for sellers to market their products. Also, the Reel feature of the platform has taken brand reach and engagement one notch higher. Moreover, sellers can also create a digital catalog of their products, enabling customers to purchase directly on the app.


The biggest social media platform, Facebook has always aimed to stand as a platform where people can connect with what they love. Also, Facebook enables sellers to reach the widest consumer base with its Facebook Ads and shoppable features. With this social media selling platform, sellers can bring their business online and connect with customers wherever they are. Moreover, with Facebook Shop’s expanded reach and detailed analytical support, sellers can amplify their eCommerce business in no time.

Social Media Channels: Content, Community, and Commerce

Social Commerce selling transforms social media scrolling into a distinctive digital shopping experience. The shift of customers from traditional commerce to eCommerce and now to Social Commerce demands changes in sales strategies. As a result, social media selling requires a more dynamic approach and, laser strategies.

  • Identify your target audience and plan your campaigns, keeping your audience in mind.
  • Create and engage in high-quality creatives that appeal to the target audience with the platforms’ core creative tools.
  • Keep track of orders and inventory in real-time to avoid chaos.
  • Manage your store on multiple platforms and channels to gain operational efficiency with social media integration.

Drive your business on social commerce with Social Connector: Social media integration

Scale your social commerce selling with smooth social media integration

To help sellers realize their sales potential in social media selling, CedCommerce is proud to launch Social Connector to help sellers manage their online stores with minimum hassles. Sellers can seamlessly integrate their Shopify store with their choice of social commerce platform, TikTok Shop, Instagram, and Facebook marketplace. Moreover, this social media integration allows sellers to sync their product catalogs, manage inventory, and, most importantly, drive sales directly through the app. The key features of Social Connector and the benefits they offer include:

Seamless Onboarding:

Sellers can set up their stores on social commerce channels without any hurdles. Also, they can integrate the channel seamlessly with Shopify through the user-friendly interface of the connector.

Enhanced Visibility:

This social media integration helps sellers sync their product catalog with the channels. With this automated synchronization, sellers can optimize their products on each social commerce platform and gain broader visibility.

Manage Sales Effortlessly:

Sellers can manage their inventory with timely updates on the source and social commerce platform. This can help them to avoid the situations of overselling or underselling.

Save Time & Effort:

Managing bulk of products on multiple channels and platforms can be cumbersome. But, with Social Connector, sellers can upload bulk products in one click, saving time and minimizing the scope of errors.

Take Timely Actions:

Sellers can get near real-time updates on pricing, products, and inventory. This can help them to take quick action and survive the dynamicity of social media selling.

Get Operational Consistencies:

Social Connector helps sellers manage orders on multiple channels, all from a centralized dashboard, for effortless operational efficiency.

24/7 Guidance:

Sellers can connect 24/7 with a dedicated merchant success manager to help them start and conduct operations smoothly.


The eCommerce opportunities with Social Commerce are immense. As a result, it has emerged as a space where sellers can meet their prospective customers right where they are active, with almost no competition. Apart from this, the creative capabilities and billions of customer base make social commerce a territory that can not be ignored. Sellers should attempt to scale their business on all social media channels for increased brand awareness. They can try and implement strategies to find the perfect blend of tools to achieve record-breaking sales on social media. And, with CedCommerce’s Social Connector, sellers can easily navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social commerce. The cutting-edge technology of CedCommerce social media integration can help sellers capitalize on powerful multichannel features to stay ahead of the competition. To sum up, sellers can take their business to newer heights by connecting their social commerce selling channels, all from a single app.

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