CedCommerce leading multichannel ecommerce enabler at Shoptalk
CedCommerce Makes Waves as a leading Multichannel eCommerce Disruptor at Shoptalk US

CedCommerce Makes Waves as a leading Multichannel eCommerce Disruptor at Shoptalk US


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CedCommerce emerges as a leading multichannel eCommerce enabler at Shoptalk.

It’s been an incredible few days at Shoptalk 2023! We at CedCommerce have been dancing to the tunes of the future of retail, with nearly 11,000 attendees, 275 speakers, and 700 sponsors in attendance. With 50,000 1-2-1 meetings, 80 content sessions, and 59 hours of inspiring and educational content, we can confidently say that this Shoptalk was indeed a showstopper.

But while the conference may be over, CedCommerce is still in the Shoptalk spirit. We’re taking everything we learned and applying it to our work, helping our clients and partners stay ahead of the curve and thrive in an ever-changing retail landscape. So join us as we reminisce about our Shoptalk days.

CedCommerce Holds Strategic Meetings with Industry Leaders and Partners

As a proud sponsor of Shoptalk US 2023, CedCommerce continued to establish itself as a leading multichannel eCommerce enabler. Through a series of strategic meetings, CedCommerce showcased its advanced solutions and technologies that are set to revolutionize the retail sector.

During the event, CedCommerce held several meetings with strategic partners such as Google, TikTok, Buy with Prime, Walmart, Wish, Michaels, Adobe Commerce, WooCommerce, and others to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the retail industry. The meetings focused on exploring new opportunities and collaborating on new initiatives to help merchants leverage the power of multichannel retail.

“We are thrilled to be part of this exciting event and to have the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in the e-commerce industry,” said Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, co-founder, CedCommerce. “We aim to continue to be a leader in the multichannel retail space, and events like these help us to achieve that goal.”

CedCommerce Unveils Latest Product Launches at Shoptalk US

CedCommerce unveiled its latest product launches at Shoptalk US, including:

  • Agency partnership with Buy with Prime
  • The groundbreaking multi-account connectivity feature for eBay and Amazon
  • The latest launch of Michaels integration solution for Shopify and WooCommerce merchants
  • Upcoming integration solutions facilitating automated multichannel sling capabilities for TikTok Shops UK, Newegg, Joom, and others

These automated solutions enable merchants to expand their reach and streamline their operations, making it easier for them to sell their products in a hassle-free manner.

Social Ads for Buy with Prime: Linking Merchants to Amazon’s Prime Customer Base

Additionally, CedCommerce’s Social Ads for Buy with Prime directly link merchants to Amazon’s highly coveted Prime customer base. This solution allows merchants to offer their products with the benefits of Amazon Prime, including fast and free shipping and access to exclusive deals. It helps shoppers engage on Facebook and Instagram with social ads featuring the trust of Prime.

Multi-Account Connectivity Feature for eBay and Amazon: A Game-Changer for Merchants

These integrations represent a significant milestone for CedCommerce, enabling merchants to expand their reach and sell their products across multiple channels. With the multi-account connectivity feature for eBay and Amazon, merchants can now easily list their inventory and sales across various accounts through different e-commerce platforms. This is a game-changer for merchants looking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

CedCommerce Launches Integration Tools for TikTok Shops UK, Making Social Commerce Easier

Furthermore, CedCommerce’s integrations with TikTok offer merchants new opportunities to sell their products on emerging social media platforms and marketplaces. With these integrations, merchants can reach a broader audience and tap into new customer segments.

“CedCommerce’s latest launches are a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that help merchants succeed in today’s competitive retail landscape,” said Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, co-founder, CedCommerce. “Events of this magnitude help us navigate our direction and validate our efforts through wide and deep discussions on critical checkpoints with industry leaders. We are thrilled to announce that CED is jam-packed with innovation this year, which will help our partners and merchants optimize their businesses.”

In a nutshell

CedCommerce’s latest and upcoming product launches reflect the company’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that empower merchants to thrive in the constantly evolving e-commerce environment. With a packed schedule all year round, the CedCommerce team is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, partners, and merchants and revolutionize the retail sector.

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