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6 email marketing tips for upcoming holidays

6 email marketing tips for upcoming holidays


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Among all the touchpoints, the email marketing has the highest conversion rate. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of any marketing campaign. Implement the following email marketing tips to get maximum conversions.



Before you start to craft your email marketing strategy, it is important to segment your customers and there are 4 parameters which can be broadly used to categorize the customers:


  1. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  2. Customer Lifetime Number of Order
  3. Customer Average Order Value (AOV)
  4. Age of Customer’s Most Recent Order


The first term is used to identify the high-value customers. It is the cumulative sum of the money they spent on your website to purchase products.

The second parameter is used to determine the loyalty of a customer towards your brand i.e. how many times a customer has purchased from you.

The third metric is plain and simple, this is calculated by dividing the total money spent divided by the numbers of orders placed.

The fourth metric is rather important, it determines the activeness of the customer on your website, the frequency of their purchases. Suppose, although a customer has high Customer Lifetime Value but has not made a purchase for a while, then he/she can be considered as a dead customer so no marketing related communication is sent to them.



Once you’re done segmenting the customers, you can implement the following  email marketing tips:



1. Personalize Email Templates

Once you’re done with creating the customer profile as per their browsing behavior – previous purchases, cart history, types of products – you can easily offer them deals which they will love. A customer whose cart history shows he purchase more items in a single session and each product lies in the lower price range is more likely to convert if he is given deals which bundle products of his likeness.


Pro Tip: GoDaddy suggests to trigger email campaigns between Nov 1 to 15 to get high open-rate and CTR


2. Product Category Deals

Another smart way to offer deals is to offer them on a product category than on selected products, this helps you eliminate repetitiveness in email communication. Sending them different products each time builds anticipation and result in campaigns with higher open click rates.


3. Emails as per Customer Journey cycle

Once you’re able to identify the accurate position of the customer in the customer journey cycle, it gets easier for you to convert them. For example, one customer might need additional nurturing – decision provoking doc/information piece, whereas, the other might just convert after encountering a discount offer.


4. Send Gift Guides:

Once you’ve segmented the buyers as per their age, location and, gender you can create a recommendation guide and send to your prospects with relevant product links. The guide may contain ideas as per age and relation – gifts for mom/dad/girlfriend etc. Gifts sorted by price. Guides by interests such as a guide for gadget lovers or cat lovers etc.


5. Exclusive offer mixed with urgency

Triggering an email campaign exclusively for your newsletter/blog/marketing material subscribers is also a great way to make your subscriber feel special. Furthermore, if you provide a right mix of urgency with these campaigns then the conversion rates of these campaigns are bound to shoot up


6. Holiday Themed Words in Subject Line

Every marketer knows a subject line can be the make-or-break factor for the open rate of an email campaign. Some of the most effective words are New, Free, Off, Sale, Now, Holiday, Save, Day, More, Up to, Gift, Shipping, Only, Christmas, Last, Get, Today, Black Friday, Win, Special.


Now that you’ve gone through these email marketing tips you’re better informed than earlier, the purpose of this blog is to ignite the idea muscle of your brain so that you can flex it and build on the foundation.


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