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Wish Merchant SignUp process Update – Wish is Now Invite-Only Platform for New Merchants

Wish Merchant SignUp process Update – Wish is Now Invite-Only Platform for New Merchants


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Looking for the updated Wish merchant sign-up process? Well, Compared to earlier, the registration process is now a little changed. Now it’s up to ‘Wish’ to decide whether you are fit to sell on Wish Marketplace as a merchant. Wish is trying to make its platform more user friendly. Although this is quite shocking for new merchants, on the other hand, The existing merchants do not need to worry as this update will affect new sellers only. Wanna know what the changes are?

Key Updates on Wish Merchant SignUp Process:

  • Wish marketplace has announced itself to be an Invite-Only Platform for New Merchants.
  • This Step to Improve Product Quality is a part of a larger initiative to improve user trust on Wish Marketplace.
  • This policy is effective immediately, meaning new sellers will have to participate in a “multi-step qualification process to register for Wish merchant.

Mauricio Monico, the Vice President of Product for Merchants and Logistics for Wish stated on the Wish Merchant SignUp Process Update:

“Our overall goal is to create a fun environment for users to shop for quality products online, and this starts at the moment of merchant sign-up. The addition of an ‘invite-only’ sign-up experience will go a long way as we focus on partnering with higher-quality merchants. It’s just one of many features we will be rolling out this year to improve the user experience on Wish.”

So how will this invite-only merchant registration impact different people associated with Wish? Well, here is the answer-

What is Wish trying to achieve with this move?

From the perspective of Seller/Merchant

  • Improve the Competition for Quality
  • Empower Genuine sellers with Genuine products

From the perspective of User/Customer

  • Improve User trust
  • Improve the Quality Product

From the perspective of Platform:

  • To become a platform where only top-tier merchants can sell their products
  • Control fluctuation (difference) of the product price
  • Block/Discontinue sellers without credibility

What Do I believe?

I believe that this is a very smart move by Wish.

Indeed, a platform like wish has achieved a stable position in the eCommerce arena with 60 million monthly active users. They have the quantity so, now they are more focused on quality and winning user trust. This step will allow Wish to eradicate the less favorable products and merchants from its platform, hence making it more user-friendly.

Now, Moving on to the merchant registration process.

How will the new Seller Registration Process on Wish work?

In order to sign up as a merchant on Wish, you need to:

  • Go to Wish Merchant Signup
  • Go to the Questionnaire and a form pops as shown below:
    wish merchant
  • Fill out the following fields:
    • Enter First and Last name
    • Business email
    • Business phone
    • Country/Region
  • Now After the basic details provide some additional details such as:
    • How long have you been selling products?
    • What is your current yearly revenue?
    • How many SKUs do you currently sell?
    • What is your primary product category?
  • There are 2 optional fields as well:
    • Company Website
    • The name of your channel integration

      NOTE: You can use CedCommerce as a channel integration for selling on wish and get additional benefits. We provide Wish channel integrations for all types of online stores. Suppose you want to list and sell products on Wish from your Magento store, you can simply use our connector and start selling on both platforms simultaneously with minimum fuss. 

  • Now once the fields have been filled, submit these details.
  • Wait until your request gets reviewed. Meaning, The Wish team will then review and evaluate each request, taking into consideration several attributes such as product categories, channel partnerships, and ecommerce performance history.


It all boils down to the fact that wish has taken a more user-friendly approach to improve its platform’s credibility. This Wish Merchant Sign Up step is definitely going to prove fruitful to sellers, customers, and of course, Wish in the coming days. Wish marketplace is also one of the most trending marketplaces in the UK that can be considered as an option for your multichannel selling.
For more queries about selling on Wish, you can comment below or connect with us on Skype, Whatsapp, or email.

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