Your Website Won't Be Down This Singles Day
Let Not Website Down Message Bruise Customer Trust On Singles Day

Let Not Website Down Message Bruise Customer Trust On Singles Day


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Website down is the last thing you would like to discover as an online merchant during Singles day. If you have a website that enables an awesome shopping experience, that is nice but, is it capable of managing a tsunami of traffic?

Well, It must be, because massive traffic of buyers with festive shopping on their mind will throng your store not only from China but from other corners of the globe, particularly from Southeast Asia.

Having said that, let’s ponder into reason and solution to avoid website down during Singles day at all cost,

It becomes increasingly important to look after the site server to eliminate website down situations.

Reasons for Increased Traffic on your Store During Singles Day

website down hampers business

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  • Offering early discounts to your loyal customers. Delighted to find a high discount in the inbox, they will throng your store.
  • Selling products that ease work from home. It can be a reason for high traffic owing to a hygge chunk of customers working from home.
    • Gym equipment
    • Computer chair
    • Wifi Range Extender
    • Wireless Keyboard
    • Webcam, and more similar stuff
  • Suppose you plan to sell what is supposed to attract many buyers during the holiday season. It includes products that fall into the below category.
    • Mobile phones and electronic gadgets.
    • Beauty items
    • Apparels
    • Home decor
  • An inefficient hosting plan capable of handling sudden spikes in website traffic.
  • AliExpress, with its localized shoppertainment content for Singles day shoppers in France, Spain, and Brazil, will bring in new customers. It will add up to extra load that might or might not crash the website.

Website Crash During Singles Day Can Be Disastrous In LongTerm

website crash impact

Prevention is Best, and Will Always Be

Yes, if you put effort before it’s too late, that means there is no need to worry about the website down. As a pro merchant, you can avoid site servers bogging down your business, and here’s how to do it?

Use of CDN ( Content Delivery Network)

CDN is an effective way to avoid website crashes. A cloud-based data service capable of self-scaling as per the requirements.

CDN optimizes the content delivery, be it in text, image, or video format. It stores website copies on different data centers across the globe. Hence, the extra traffic is directed to website copy (stored in the data center).

This way, site servers don’t receive traffic that is beyond the capacity to handle. As a result, quick page load time and server crash remain out of the scene.

content delivery network

Moreover, it distributes heavy load during peak hours on several servers. As a result, the website server works seamlessly without breaking down.

Testing your CDN regularly will ensure it is ready for peak hours of the Singles day.

website crash impact holiday sale

Denounce Shared Hosting Opt Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting plans lack sufficient bandwidth to face massive amounts of traffic. Hence, it is wise to go for dedicated hosting or a virtual private server.

A dedicated hosting takes away worries with high bandwidth, loads of RAM, and a superfast processor. Security-wise, dedicated hosting is a reliable choice. Also, getting your IP eliminates the likelihood of getting it banned when it’s not your fault.

Ironclad Your Website Security

Hackers never miss an opportunity to attack a website with security loopholes. Therefore, beefing up security will play a vital role in saving your site from a crash.

  • Password

  • Leave no room for vulnerable passwords. Every password has to be unique and strong. Moreover, never commit the blunder of using the same password for various accounts.
  • Regular Update

  • Periodically update your site with the latest version of a security patch. As a result, your site will be free of security flaws.
  • Remove Unwanted Plugins

  • Plugins should be regularly monitored and uninstalled those no longer in use. Having only a limited number of third-party apps means access to sensitive data minimizes the chance of data breach.

Hope For The Best But Be Prepared For The Worst

The universal truth is there isn’t any guarantee that things will unfold in a specific manner. But, there are a few tactics that will save you from experiencing a massive loss in the form of losing customer trust.

website crash management

Pause Advertising Campaigns

It is wise to pause advertising campaigns for as long as the website is down. It will not let new and serious buyers know your website is unable to serve them at the moment.

Inform Early Earn Empathy

Be proactive and disperse the website down news via social media apologetically, using nice words without delay. Informing it earlier helps you gain more sympathizers and fewer critics.

Have a Backup

Website backups help in restoring it to the point where it was before the crash. Because sometimes website crashes are just inevitable.

Uninstall Recently Installed Plugins

Plugins are necessary, but not all are compatible with your site. Some might end up disturbing website health. Therefore, keeping them updated and ensuring their compatibility with CMS is vital.

Be wary of any third-party plugins not safely built and could ruin the game.

The Awesome Tips To Avoid Website Crash During Singles Day

  • Shared hosting leads to insufficient space that is incapable of managing massive traffic during the holiday season.
  • Run a load test with the help of simulated traffic. Yes, knowing your site’s maximum capacity to handle traffic makes it easy to fix it before a disastrous crash. It is recommended to test it for both mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Load Testing Unveils Important Metrics Like Below
    • Is the server ready with sufficient processor and memory to manage the upcoming tsunami of traffic?
    • The maximum requests per second server can handle
    • Any impact on website efficiency
    • Is there a need to boost server hardware, or including more servers will be a better option
    • It reveals all resource hungry API calls or pages
  • As a result, the above insights will paint a clear picture of slow-loading elements. Thereby, you will optimize the site and save it from breaking down on the biggest shopping day by fixing the root cause.
  • Get your code checked and fixed to avoid a bolt from the blue server crash. Cross-checking it a few days before the big day will be very wise of you.
  • A single domain renewal, when overlooked, can bring your online business to stand still.

All Things Considered- Don’t Annoy Your Customer And Spoil Festive Mood

Singles day has been the busiest shopping day of the year for the past several years. Hence, heaven forbid, but it is highly likely that if your site breaks down, it will be on this day. Understanding the chances behind it and adhering to best practices means you save your customer from getting super annoyed upon finding a website is down.

During Singles day, your customers are in a festive mood. As a pro merchant, fixing whatever can be a festive mood killer shall be your top priority.

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