Perfect Walmart marketing guide for thanksgiving 2021
Unravel your marketing strategy and Boost your Walmart sales on thanksgiving 2021

Unravel your marketing strategy and Boost your Walmart sales on thanksgiving 2021


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Quick Brief – Thanksgiving is the most cherished holiday that lasts for as long as a week. As people get into the celebration mood way in advance, they shop weeks before to prepare for the holiday. Adding to their joy are various sales and offers that provide their favorite products at unexpectedly low prices. Some of the most sold thanksgiving holiday items include flavored pumpkin desserts, soups, sparkling ciders, etc. While sales and discounts delight buyers the most, what attracts them to purchase your products are the marketing strategies you implement for your brand’s reach and recognition. To help you create and implement the perfect marketing strategy, we are here with some sure-shot ways to help you with a successful thanksgiving sale. So read further to Boost your Walmart sales on thanksgiving 2021.

Tried and tested tips to boost your Walmart sales on thanksgiving 2021

Do not skip out on Existing Customers

Existing customers already know about your brand and the quality of your products; therefore, centralizing them in your eCommerce marketing strategy is the easiest and most effective step to increase your sales during the holiday season. To get them spending on Thanksgiving 2021, start pitching them in advance by sending segmented emails with personalized subject lines.

Referral Programs tend to double up your sales

Setting up a referral program benefits you as well as the buyer. Rewarding buyers just for referring your products to others motivates them to promote your products. To boost your sales on Thanksgiving 2021, you can provide an extra discount to shoppers who refer your products to others. Numerous smart eSellers follow this trick of killing two birds with one stone.

Fiddle With Buyer Psychology

If you know “what motivates people to buy?” Selling becomes a lot easier. The holiday rush for sure is a significant motivator, but buyer psychology goes much deeper than just deals or discounts. With impulsive buyers all around, studying and implementing buyers’ psychology to your eCommerce business is no less than a game. A Few ways by which you can use buyers’ psychology to your business are:

  1. Inculcate the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) by providing “Last minute offers” and countdown deals.
  2. Bring user-generated content into play as customers are keen to know what other customers are saying about your products.
  3. Save your customers’ time by providing them content like “holiday shopping guides.”

Fiddle With Buyer Psychology

Make optimum use of Social Media Marketing

Implement the best marketing themes and a well-drafted holiday marketing strategy instead of just jumping on pushing posts on social media. Identify your most popular social media channel by searching where your most number of followers are. Conduct detailed research about the age, demographics, etc., of your audience to reach out to new ones.

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Target the Right Product Categories

With shopping being the primary activity of the thanksgiving weekend, the types of products are different from the usual. As people love thanksgiving shopping the most because of the deals, knowing the right product makes you win half the battle.

Walmart's bestselling products on thanksgiving 2021

Don’t just think about the Weekend

Though the thanksgiving weekend is the peak time for sales, you should be prepared for the whole upcoming month as from the November end to the mid of December,  one can observe immensely high sales compared to the rest of the year.

Best ideas to spice up your thanksgiving marketing strategies

Upsell and Cross-Sell Your Products

Upselling and cross-selling your products is always a fantastic strategy, whether or not it’s the holiday season. Implementing this strategy on Thanksgiving 2021 is an amazing idea as:

  1. It helps customers save time.
  2. Helps them choose the products they need.
  3. Helps increase your overall order value and profit.

Create and sell themed bundles

Creating and selling themed bundles this Thanksgiving Day will attract customers more as they can finally find something that can be used as gifts for upcoming holidays. Moreover, you can offer great discounts to your customers by bundling three or more relevant items together. This will make them revisit your store.

Offer date-specific Shipping

Spending a joyful holiday with family and friends, it is necessary for customers to not bother about their products being delivered on time. Therefore, this is the perfect chance for you to offer your customers the right to choose the delivery date of their purchases. Providing such an option improves their shopping experience and tends to increase conversion rate as well.

Create a Sense of Urgency

To make your customers buy more on Thanksgiving, create a sense of urgency for them by providing “limited-period” offers. For a little alarming effect, you can add a timer to your thanksgiving deals. This pushes customers to hit the button before time is over.

Sale end Alert

What we are saying is → 

As an eSeller, Thanksgiving to you is all about better sales and enhanced brand recognition. Now that you are well versed with the best tips to stand out among your competitors, it’s high time to create and execute your marketing strategies.

From themed packaging to developing a FOMO amongst your prospects and customers, the essential point throughout is perfect execution. Lessening your hassle of strategizing and executing, CedCommerce provides you the top-notch integration and digital marketing service to help you onboard and succeed on the global eCommerce marketplaces like Walmart.

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