What to sell on Walmart for Halloween 2021
What to Sell on Walmart for Halloween 2021?

What to Sell on Walmart for Halloween 2021?


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The spookiness is about to begin as it’s Halloween on the last day of this month, i.e., 31st October. You must be looking for an answer to what scariness needs to be implemented into your store for Halloween 2021 to make the most out of this spooky festival? Well! This blog will answer that for you and will tell you about the top-selling Halloween products on Walmart.

This year, plans for the celebration of spooky Halloween are up and may reach the pre-pandemic levels. With the Halloween-related products in your Walmart listings, you can convert this Halloween into a great sales opportunity. So we have come up with some product ideas that can help your business on the fun-filled, scary day of Halloween.

Halloween and its importance for Sellers

On November 1, most people in countries like the US, Canada, and the UK celebrate All Saints Day in remembrance of the people who are no more. And a day before November 1, Halloween is celebrated. This day, people light bonfires, play tricks and treats, wear scary costumes and scary masks to ward off ghosts.

Since people celebrate Halloween in full swing with unique costumes, parties, trick or treating, it brings numerous opportunities for sellers to boost their business. According to the National Retail Federation(NRF), with consumer spending of $8.05 Billion in 2020, the sale of Halloween-related products is estimated to reach an all-time high figure of $10.14 billion in 2021. So, with a proper plan of action, you can convert this Halloween into a brilliant sales opportunity.

Halloween Products to Sell on Walmart

Halloween is marked and well known for its mysteriousness and spookiness and accounts for sales in billions of dollars annually. As a seller, specific spooky and scary items that are Halloween specific need to be added to your inventory to make record-breaking sales on Walmart this Halloween. The most important being the ones listed below:

1. Costumes

Costumes are among the top-selling Halloween products on Walmart. People of all age groups need Halloween customers. People wear costumes based on various themes to keep the spookiness of the festival alive.

Also, you can narrow down your costumes list based on the latest TV series and movie characters. Ensure that your inventory has it all.Halloween Products on Walmart-costumes

Source: Walmart.com

2. Decorations

Apart from the Halloween costumes, decoration items are a must to make the scariness visible. The range for decorative items is extensive. Ranging from the spider’s web to the skull, from scary bats on the walls to magic Ghost, and from inflatable stacked pumpkins to Skeleton, there are countless items that you can incorporate in your inventory to sell higher on Halloween.Halloween products on Walmart-decoration

Source: Walmart.com

3. Candies

Candies are among the top-selling Halloween products on Walmart. There is no Halloween without candies. Since candies cost less, people celebrating Halloween buy them in bulk and distribute them on the scary Halloween night. Ensure to stock them up.Halloween Products on Walmart-candies

Source: Walmart.com

4. Trick or Treat supplies

Along with the candies, Halloween Trick or Treat supplies also sell in good numbers as they are needed to collect the Halloween gifts and candies. Scary buckets, Baskets, Bottles, etc., are the items used to collect the candies and gifts. Ensure your Walmart listings have all of these trick or treat supplies for Halloween.Halloween trick and treat supplies

Source: Walmart.com

5. Party Supplies

People throw parties on the spooky night of Halloween and make the dinner creepy, and so they buy party essentials with a spooky theme in high numbers. Party supplies, including Halloween Round Trays, Skull round plates, Orange pumpkin paper plates, etc., must be in your stock to meet the requirements for Halloween parties.Halloween party supplies

Source: Walmart.com

6. Makeup

Halloween makeup is an essential element of the outfit of people celebrating Halloween. It completes the dress of people celebrating the spooky Halloween festival. As they are inexpensive, it’s likely to have higher sales of these Halloween makeup items.Halloween makeup

Source: Walmart.com

7. Accessories

Among the best-selling Halloween products on Walmart, the accessories based on the Halloween theme, including Coloured Halloween Wig, Halloween feather wings, Halloween lion costume, Halloween Orange hair clown mask, and wolf masks, are also the items that are in huge demand in the scary festival. So stock them up.Halloween accesories

Source: Walmart.com

CedCommerce and the Halloween

Celebrate Halloween on Walmart with CedCommerce, the official channel integration partner of Walmart. Things are difficult to manage manually during the high rush hours when customers shop the most during festivals. To meet up the high demand for trending products on Halloween, various features of CedCommerce’s integrations, as listed below, can prove to be of great use.

  • With the feature of inventory synchronization, the integration app helps to synchronize inventory between your store and Walmart. This helps maintain a uniform inventory across both the selling platforms.
  • With product profiling, you can now create profiles for a category of products and assign similar settings for the products of those categories. So this way, you can perform bulk settings to a group of products in an effortless manner.
  • Auto acknowledgment of orders helps to acknowledge orders automatically. So now, you don’t need to sit on your system for lengthy hours to acknowledge orders manually. The app is enough for it.
  • The integration app eases order management. You get a dashboard in the app that helps you monitor and manage all your orders on Walmart. You get information about Sales orders, Failed orders, and the orders that require a Refund too, and all these with just an app from CedCommerce.
  • Backed by round O’clock customer support from CedCommerce, you get all the help you need to use the integration app efficiently. CedCommerce aligns a dedicated account manager instantly when you opt for the app.Walmart Integration

To Sum Up

The festive season marks its beginning with Halloween on 31st October. To sell higher during Halloween, you need to optimize your store right away as per the trending products on Halloween. Therefore, stock up the above-mentioned Halloween-related products to fulfill Halloween orders on Walmart efficiently. From Halloween Costumes, Decorations, and Candies to Trick or Treat Supplies, Party Supplies, and Accessories, every Halloween-related product must be in surplus quantities in your inventory to fulfill orders for your Walmart listings on the spooky Halloween 2021.

This blog must have given some product ideas for Halloween. I hope this helps you in converting 2021 Halloween to be profitable for you. Good Luck!

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