Buy on Google, Shopping Ads and Free Listing: Analysis 2021

Buy on Google, Shopping Ads and Free Listing: Analysis 2021


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Start to sell on Google shopping to attract traffic and generate leads, without extra expenses or efforts! Google’s initiative to sell free on its platforms has smoothen things out for the e-tailers. From promotion to expansion, Google shopping gives out a comparative search result followed by other attributes. This will increase one’s visibility in the market and help leverage benefits off their competitors. Free listing on Buy on Google and Shopping Ads help introduce, the shoppers, to both old and new e-tailers in the marketplace.

So let’s dive straight into explaining how Google shopping, Surfaces across Google, Buy on Google and Shopping Ads work and how well they’ll align with the seller’s business goals.

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Covered topics:

Free Listing across Google surfaces

Initially known as Froogle, Google shopping has had its fair share of name changes. Free listing supports merchants and lets them list their products across all Google surfaces for free. Depending on the products’ offers, merchants may have a chance to free list their products on Google Lens, Shopping Tab, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Images.

Want to know more in-depth about Google Shopping history?- check out this blog!

Google shopping or Buy on Google is a comparative shopping search engine where e-tailers interact and sell their products to shoppers if they get chosen, that is, if a shopper types a product’s category or its specific name, they would be taken directly to the search engine’s comparative result or a later redirection to the retailer’s website.

E-tailers just have to list their products on Google shopping through one of the possible means, to increase their sales and profits. As per a stat released by Google, listing products on it will increase retailers’ revenues by more than 30%. 

Merchant Center

A carrier of product information, Google Merchant Center is a platform that houses products from merchants. It is a seller’s panel where your product feed lives. You can easily manage everything that is product feed-related here. Also, you can monitor the status of your product feed, whether it is rejected or approved by Google.

Moreover, you can check the status, and participate in all the Merchant Center programs from this platform itself.

Learn more about it here: Merchant Center guide

Buy on Google (formerly Google Shopping)

A famous marketplace by Google, Buy on Google helps to view retailers’ products to global shoppers. Launched in 2018, it is simple to start listing products on BOG, a retailer just needs a Merchant Center account and a quality product feed. On the Google shopping tab, various seller’s products are viewed, with the “Buy on Google” icon, as in the image below.

One of the most amazing things about Buy on Google is that it is absolutely free. Merchants neither have to pay any kind of listing fees nor do they have to pay any commission for the sale they make here.

Buy On Google benefits

a) Effortless shopping experience

A recent study showed that US customers want a marketplace with competitive prices and fast and free shipping. Buy On Google offers not only same-day delivery but also free delivery backed up with a Google guarantee, subsequently improving your sales.

Moreover, Google Shopping is highly personalized based on user behavior, which enhances the shopping experience. Transaction details are saved which further eases the checkout process and reordering.

b) Retailers first marketplace

Your Google Shopping Actions store will have your brand logo. This improves your brand’s visibility. Your products appear on Google Search where 5.6 billion searches occur each day, this increases your chances of making more sales.

c) Good performances are rewarded

If you keep up your performances, i.e., keep shipping and product defects low, you are eligible for commission discounts.

Check out the retailer standards boosting tips here: Google Shopping retailer standards.

Moreover, with good performance, you are also rewarded with ‘Buy On Google’ Buy Box.

d) More sales, fewer efforts

In a recent study, it was found that 44% of those who use their voice-activated speaker at least weekly say they use the device to order products they need like groceries and household items at least once a week. Buy On Google products are available on Google Assistant and you can easily tap into these lesser-known, often overlooked high potential customers.

 ‘Buy on Google’ program in France will be ending on December 7, 2021. For more updates or support, get in touch with the experts at CedCommerce here!

Google Shopping Ads

Also known as Google product listing ads, Google Shopping Ads are the automated campaigns that help a retailer to generate leads and conversions. This kind of listing can be done either through images (Shoppings Ads) or text (Product text Ads).

Image-type ads display the necessities like how the product looks, its cost, link to its product page, and many more. Whereas, text-type ads give just enough information about the product as its description.

This is based on the PPC or pay-per-click model. The above-mentioned image shows the comparative results of the ads upon a search query by a shopper. 

Google smart shopping campaigns provide automation for shopping ads in form of Smart biddings, personalized creative ads and make it easier for the retailers to place their ads according to Google’s learning algorithm.

Check all the further requirements here: Shopping Ads requirements.

Shopping Ads benefits

a) Extensive search engine results

Retailers can get their ads out twice (both image and text), at the same time, if the product search query is somewhere related to their products.

b) Product attributes over keywords

A retailer can have an easy campaign management system where their merchant center data feed is used to display ads related to a products’ attributes, rather than the traditional keyword approach.

c) Better screening and analysis on performance

Shopping Ads also help retailers to check on their products’ performance, up to a detailed extent. For example, to check the number of clicks, a retailer’s product performance can be highlighted using filters that will display just their products.

d) An influx of more leads

A descriptive ad that shows enough product details would be chosen over the others. This kind of direct feature on the ads will influence a shopper’s buying decision and help the retailer bag a fresh new lead, which might lead to conversion!

Choose your fit:

Free Listing vs Shopping Ads

BOG is a perfect match for you if you are a beginner and you want to give the eCommerce business a try. You get a well-established platform to showcase your products. It is fairly easy, as you only need a Merchant Center Account and an error-free product feed. Also, you don’t necessarily need a website, to begin with. Whereas with Shopping ads, If you are looking to instantly increase your traffic, sales, and revenue, then it is the ultimate solution for you!

With the new Google Free Listing update, you can easily test the waters and see which products are performing well on Google Shopping. Later you can switch to paid advertising, i.e., Shopping Ads to further boost your products’ reach with several Google platforms. It often requires very small budgets. All you need is your own website and corresponding landing page

Free Listing with Shopping Ads 

Both of these programs let you capture, both the low buying intent and high buying intent users, right there on Google Search.

Shopping Ads appear on top of the Google Search result page and the users carrying out the searches have very high buying intent, this increases your Click-through rate dramatically. It also helps to track your conversions and work towards the right set of shopper audiences.

Shopping Ads help bring more traffic to your website, which builds trust in your brand and provides information about your business that could later be a deciding factor while making the purchase. Moreover, Shopping Ads help you boost your brand’s visibility on Google.

After interacting with your brand through Shopping Ads, users will find your products on BOG, and now they will be more inclined to make purchases as Shopping Ads have established a trust factor with your business.

Merchant promotions on Free Listing & Shopping Ads 

It is a free program at the Merchant Center. Once you have your product feed uploaded on Merchant Center, you can create different types of promotions that you aim to offer. After you create a promotion, Google will review it. Upon selection, Google further includes the created promotions to various ads related to the product. There are just a few types of promotions accepted by Google:

  • Discounts: Percent off, cashback, buy one get one free, or buy one get 2nd percent off
  • Free gifts: Free item or free gift card for a specified value
  • Shipping: Free or discounted shipping

Who doesn’t enjoy a little discount? These promotions encourage shoppers to make a purchase or at least, think about the product’s brand, any past purchase experience or analyze comparable search results.

With the new update in Merchant Promotions, you are allowed to use “Free shipping” promotions with your Buy On Google listings. Moreover, you can also view the sales impact and cost of free shipping promotions through Merchant Center promo reporting.

Now you can edit your submitted promotions once it is approved, which was not possible before. You can edit details such as end date, target, destination, promo code, etc. This update will let you edit approved promos without having to recreate and resubmit the promotion.

Improve your chances with CedCommerce

There you have it! Now you are all set to become successful on Google Shopping. Keep in mind, providing customers with what they are looking for is core to Google. Hence all these programs are curated for a seamless shopping experience.

CedCommerce is an official channel partner of Google Shopping in providing only the best to achieve your dreams and nail the eCommerce business.

Be it Local inventory ads, local surfaces across Google, Buy On Google, Google free listing, or Shopping Ads, CedCommerce can help you set it up and manage it completely. It has tailor-made solutions to best suit your needs. Check them out today and experience an all-around solution for your business. Experience CedCommerce’s award-winning 24×7 one-on-one customer support!

Comment down your doubts and query and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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