google ads conversion tracking
A Guide To Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking

A Guide To Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking


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Did you hate examinations growing up? Well, the feeling is definitely mutual. But now that we’re all grown-up, we understand how important it is to evaluate growth. Similarly, Google Ads campaigns require assessment, after all, it takes time and money, thus, you should find out whether your efforts are effective or not and in this Google Ads Conversion tracking will help you.

Sure, clicks on Google Ads tell a lot about the performance of your ads campaign, but it’s certainly not enough.

Do you want to further improve your Google Ads performance? Do you want to ensure that you save money and achieve a better ROI? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Google Ads conversion tracking is your only shot at getting the desired results.

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You’ll find answers to:

  1. How can you track conversions on Google ads?
  2. How to set up Google Ads conversion tracking?
  3. What is Conversion tracking code? How you can add conversion tracking code?
  4. Advanced Google Ads conversion tracking options.

What do you need to begin with?

  1. A website.
  2. Ability to edit the website you want to set up tracking for.

How to set up Google Ads conversion tracking?

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the tools icon, and under the “Measurement” click “Conversions.”
  3. Now, click on the plus button.

google ads conversion tracking

You can choose between “Phone”, “App”. “Website” and “Import”. Since we are focusing on the conversions on your websites, so we choose “Website”.

google ads conversion tracking
Setting up Google Ads conversion tracking essentially has three steps. First one being:

  • Create a conversion action

With Conversion action, you define a set of actions that you want your customers to take on your Google Ads campaigns. It could be your customers making a purchase or filling up a form. These actions are counted as a conversion.

In this section, the first option is “Category”, where you can select a description for your conversion action from the drop-down menu. This allows segmentation, so later you can see similar conversion together.

google ads conversion tracking

Set a conversion name, so you can differentiate between different conversion campaigns.

Next to “Value”, Select how to track the value of each conversion.

google ads conversion tracking

Next up we have “Count”, you can select either choose “One” or “Every”. “One” is suitable for the purchase conversion action. “Every” is more suitable for the other types of conversion, such as lead, sign up, page view and other.

google ads conversion tracking

Conversion window”, will help Google understand how long it should track the conversion for. You can choose from 1 to 90 days.

For example: If someone shows interest in your products, adds it to their cart, and then buys this product within the next 30 days, it is counted as a conversion.

By clicking the “View-through” conversion window, you enable Google to track the view-through conversions. You can choose from 1 to 30 days.

Finally, we have the “Attribution model”. We typically recommend selecting “Last-click” so you can for sure say that the conversion did occur, but this can be changed depending on your needs.

google ads conversion tracking

Now the only thing left to do in this step is to click “Create and Continue”.

How do I add a conversion tracking code?

Conversion tracking code, also known as Google Ads conversion tracking tag, can be set up by following these steps.

The next screen will ask you to choose a method to add a tag to the website.

google ads conversion tracking

What is the conversion tracking code?

As you might already know that your website consists of HTML tags and Google cannot read the actual texts on your website. Instead, Google understands your website through these HTML tags.

At this step, Google provides you an HTML tag a.k.a. Google Ads conversion tracking code that you will have to incorporate on your website. Google associates this tag with a conversion tracking. This tag is also referred to as the Google Ads conversion tracking tag.

Which one should you choose?

  • Install the tag yourself

Google provides you an HTML tag (Global site tag) that you need to paste on all across your website, after the heading tag but before the close heading tag.

In order for the conversion to work, this is how tag must look like:

<H1> Global site tag </H1>

  • Email the tag

If the first option sounds like a lot of work to you, then you can just use this method.
Fill in your Google search console(Webmaster) account email address and phone number, and Google will send all the instructions over to you.

  • Use Google Tag Manager

You can choose Google Tag Manager(GTM) to do the heavy work for you. All you have to do is to click on this option. Next on the screen, “Conversion ID” and “Conversion label” will be visible.

google ads conversion tracking

After copying the “Conversion ID” and “Conversion label” go to your Google Tag Manager account. Here you would have to add a new tag.

google ads conversion tracking

After clicking on the tag, you will see this screen.

google ads conversion tracking

Click on the circle displayed under the “Tag Configuration” and next, this screen will pop up.

google ads conversion tracking

Here choose “Google Ads Conversion Tracking”. Remember the copied codes? Now you have to paste them in your Google Tag Manager account, in their respective places.

google ads conversion tracking

Your job isn’t done here, setting up Google Ads conversion tracking requires one more step which is- setting up trigger. This will help Google Ads determine when to trigger and count a conversion. You can add whatever kind of trigger you want.
To do so click on the “Tags” on the Tag Manager homepage and there will be all the tags that you’ve set. Now choose the tag you just set up and there will be an option to set up Trigger for it.

google ads conversion tracking

By clicking on the circle displayed, you will be able to see this on the screen.

google ads conversion tracking

Now click on “Page view” and here fill out your details. Since we are setting it up for a sale as a conversion, a URL of “thank you” page will confirm that a conversion occurred. Hence choose “page view”.

google ads conversion tracking

What is advanced conversion tracking in Google Ads?

With setting up Google Ads conversion tracking you unlock advanced options such as Tracking conversions from the website shopping cart, and advanced conversion settings like Search de-duplications.

Tracking conversions from the website shopping cart

You can track purchases whose values you don’t set yourself manually. This involves taking the basic tracking code provided by Google Ads and modifying it with additional code unique to your particular e-commerce platforms. If you have enough knowledge of HTML tags, then we recommend you use this option.

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Advanced conversion settings: “Search de-duplications”

Enabling Search de-duplication means that a single conversion won’t be counted twice, both as a view-through conversion and a click-through conversion.
For example, a customer first sees a Display Network ad then clicks on a text ad before making the conversion. When this is enabled, the conversion will only be counted as a click-through conversion.

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Summing it up

Google’s tools are generally the easiest to use, but it could sometimes get confusing. In times like these, you need someone’s help resolving any doubts or queries you may have, and most of the time your issues need special attention. This is where we come in the picture, with our personalized one-on-one customer support.
Be it about troubleshooting Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Ads, Google Shopping or any other marketplace, we have the answers to all your questions. So, without hesitation drop your queries, doubts or questions in the comment section below.
Think we missed any step in setting up Google Ads conversion tracking? Would you please share them with us in the comment section?

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