Google Shopping Actions buy box
The Whole Nine Yards Of Google Shopping Actions Buy Box

The Whole Nine Yards Of Google Shopping Actions Buy Box


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Every product that you sell on Google Shopping Actions is bound to face competition from other sellers, selling the same product. If you really want the users to buy from you, it is essential that you win the Google Shopping Actions buy box. Winning the buy box drastically improves your chances of making more sales. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this feature- Google Shopping Actions buy box, what is it? Why is it important?

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Here’s your itinerary to better understand this concept:

  1. What is Google Shopping Actions buy box?
  2. Why is Google Shopping Actions buy box important?
  3. How to win the buy box?
  4. What factors to keep in mind while trying to win the buy box?
  5. How to monitor your buy box performance?
  6. What is Google buy button and how different it is Google Shopping Actions buy box?
  7. Conclusion

What is Google Shopping Actions buy box?

google shopping actions buy box

Google Shopping Actions buy box is the(highlighted in red) “Add to cart” button, that allows the users to add their desired products to the universal cart.

Why is Google Shopping Actions buy box important?

This simple buy box improves your chances of sales. Why is that?

Well, if you look closely in the image, under the add to cart button you will see “More Buying Options”. Here are all the sellers who are selling this same product, but they didn’t win the buy box. Now if you were to buy this product, you would probably not even look at the “More buying options”, and will end up buying this speaker from this seller. But you are not alone, a lot of users actually overlook this more buying option.

Not only this, when you win the buy box, you will also see an increase in product visibility.

How to win the buy box on Google Shopping Actions?

Winning the buy box isn’t rocket science. Apart from some factors, you would also need to keep in mind one thing- 100% Customer satisfaction, which is something Google’s been advocating for a long time and expects the same from you.

Let’s look at what factors come into play.

What factors to keep in mind while trying to win the buy box on Google Shopping Actions?

  • Minimize order returns

Not only fewer order returns improve your chances of getting good reviews and ratings, but it will also build trust between you and your customers. This will encourage your customers to buy from you again and again.

There are few more things you can do to ensure the number of order returns minimizes:

  1. Keep your product image up to date, accurate and high quality.
  2. Keep the product description as accurate as possible. Avoid adding any irrelevant information to product descriptions.
  • Google Shopping Affinity buy box

If a customer had purchased an item from seller A in the past and has given the seller A good ratings, so now in the future whenever this same customer will search for an item which seller A and seller B is offering, Google Shopping will award seller A the buy box, because of its past purchase history. This is known as Google Shopping Affinity buy box and this is another way to win the buy box.

As you can see, everything is interconnected, you will only receive a good review and rating if the product’s image and description exactly matched the actual product the customer received.

  • Price competitiveness

Put yourselves into your customer’s shoes, if seller A is selling a speaker at $100 and seller B is selling that exact speaker for $90, which will you prefer? Of course, you will try to save some quick bucks and buy it from sellers B.

If you provide a good deal on the same, it will encourage your customers to buy that product from you.

Also selling on Google Shopping enables you to perform comparative analysis for prices since a lot of big players are selling on Google Shopping.

  • Retailer standards

    Retailer standards are a set of rules defined by Google Shopping Actions, on which Google rates your performance. It mainly depends on two factors- item defect rate and shipping defect rate.

    When trying to win the buy box, retailer standards play a huge role.

    • Item defect

    Google advises all of its sellers to use a good quality product image. A product image that defines the product in the most accurate manner and does not exaggerate anything.

    As mentioned above, all of these could end up in you receiving bad retailer standards, reviews, and ratings on your product, so try to avoid that.

    • Shipping defect and speed

    According to a study, 80% of customers said that fast and free shipping would encourage them to make a purchase.

    Also, if you promise to deliver an order in 1 day and you actually do that, your customer will give you a good rating, which in turn helps you win the buy box and your customers’ trust. This is one of the reasons why shipping speed matters a lot.

So while creating your product feeds, try to mention a delivery date that is both fast and doable for you.

How to monitor your Google Shopping Actions buy box performance?

To check your buy box performance, follow these steps:

Sign in to your Google Merchant Center’s account.

From the left-hand side navigation panel, click on “Growth”. Under this section is “Shopping Actions Insights”, click on that.

google shopping actions buy box

Shopping Actions insights show you the competitiveness of your products, which also helps you in improving your performance on Google Shopping.

This summarizes your buy box performance and provides you key statistics to help you track and improve it further.

Select the category that you’d like to focus on:

  • Buy box performance

    This reflects the number of your products at each buy-box level over the last 7 days. Keep in mind that buy-box performance data is only available for some of your products- this report won’t provide any info if you’re the only merchant selling the product or if the product has received very poor traffic. There are three categories of buy box performance:

    1. High: Products that won 66-100% of buy boxes
    2. Medium: Products that won 33-66% of buy boxes
    3. Low: Products that won 0-33% of buy boxes
  • Causes of buy-box losses

    These could be the reasons why your product’s buy-box losses over the last 7 days.

    1. Shipping too slow- Shipping speed was likely the main cause.
    2. Pricing too high- Price (including shipping cost) was likely the main cause.
    3. Both- Both shipping speed and price were the main causes.
    4. There could be other causes for your buy-box losses not included in the report.
  • Buy-box week-over-week changes

    The number of your products whose buy-box wins:

    1. It is decreased this week compared to last week (for example products that were at High 7 days ago and now are at Low)
    2. Increased this week compared to last week (for example products that were at Medium 7 days ago and now at High)

What is Google buy button and how it is different from Google Shopping Actions buy box?

It is easy to get confused between the two, but they are completely different concepts.

In May 2017, Google launched its “Purchases on Google” program, which enabled users to purchase the products straight from the Shopping Ads, rather being redirected to the merchant’s website. This is still available, but you get redirected to the Google Shopping page, where you can compare prices from different stores, add the products to the universal cart, and then checkout from Google Shopping.

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On the whole, always remember to put your customers first, and in no time, Google will reward you with Google Shopping Actions buy box and much more.

Putting customers first is something that is core to our services. So if you have any doubts/queries, feel free to drop them down in the comment section and we’ll get to it ASAP.

Think we missed something? Don’t hesitate, just drop them in the comment section below!

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