Selling on Walmart gets easy as CedCommerce announces the enhancement of its Magento Walmart Integration
Selling on Walmart gets easy as CedCommerce announces the enhancement of its Walmart Magento Integration

Selling on Walmart gets easy as CedCommerce announces the enhancement of its Walmart Magento Integration


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Adding another feather in its cap, CedCommerce recently announced the booming business mantra for its clients by enhancement of its Walmart Magento Integration for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

To provide an uninterrupted integration of the Magento products on Walmart and for convenient selling on Walmart – CedCommerce has redesigned some of the core functionalities of the Walmart Magento Integration Extension rendered by it. With this significant enhancement of Walmart Magento Integration, CedCommerce has emerged as one of the major flag-bearers amongst the eCommerce solutions providers.

Opening the doors for eCommerce store owners to manage their products and store with utmost convenience from scratch – from getting registered with Walmart, selling on Walmart, to shipping of the products – CedCommerce brings the revolution with the elevated Walmart Integration features.

“Embarking on our journey with a vision to make sellers comfortable in selling on leading marketplaces, we are pleased to get the results that we had desired at the beginning. It is our determination for our clients that resulted in getting our clientele augmented,” said Abhishek Jaiswal, Co-Founder of He further added, “Today, we have 1000+ clients worldwide with a GMV of approximately US$ 0.5 Million. But we believe that it is only a milestone in our journey. And with our will to help sellers around the globe, we hope to set many other benchmarks in the time to come.”

Enhancements of Walmart Magento Integration that caught the eyes

Backed by features that simplify selling on the Walmart marketplace from Magento store, the following enhancements of Walmart Magento Integration offer an irresistible selling experience on Walmart:

1. Profile Based Product Upload

While selling on Walmart, you can now upload the products on Walmart according to the profiles you have created. This helps in applying similar settings throughout the created profiles.

2. Auto Acknowledgment of Orders

With the feature of auto acknowledgment, the integration app acknowledges orders automatically. Also, the integration synchronizes orders between Walmart and Magento stores seamlessly.

3. Inventory and Price Synchronization

Synchronizing the price of products and inventory on Walmart with your Magento eCommerce store gets as easy as it was never before with the enhanced Walmart Magento Integration.

4. Bulk Product Upload

The bulk upload feature of Walmart Magento Integration helps to upload many products on Walmart in one go.

5. Manage Shipments

Once you opt for an Integration extension, you also get the benefit of managing shipments flawlessly. You also get reminders if you forget to ship the products on time with the app.

6. Cron Job

With the cron job, the integration helps synchronize price, inventory, and orders between your Magento store and Walmart regularly.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce is amongst the world’s leading eCommerce web development agencies that help sellers integrate their products on leading eCommerce platforms across the globe. It is a proud Official Channel Integration Partner of Walmart, Sears, Bonanza, Fruugo, and many other leading marketplaces.

With services from CedCommerce, merchants may quickly get their products listed on leading eCommerce websites.

To Sum Up

CedCommerce’s Walmart Magento Integration is available as soon as you want to opt for it to start selling on Walmart. For users who wish to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, CedCommerce migrates their store easily.

CedCommerce also offers free expert support with the integration app. The experts guide you to have a hassle-free experience of selling on Walmart from the Magento store. So experience it now to increase your product’s visibility on one of the largest marketplaces in the US in an effortless way.

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