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 Enhanced Walmart Integration for E-Commerce entrepreneurs.

Adding another feather in its cap, CedCommerce recently announced the booming business mantra for its clients by enhancing the Walmart Integration for E-Commerce entrepreneurs.


To provide an uninterrupted integration of the Magento products on Walmart – for convenient selling on Walmart – CedCommerce has redesigned some of the core functionalities of the Walmart Marketplace Integration Extension rendered by it. With this major update, CedCommerce has emerged as one of the major flag-bearers amongst the E-Commerce solutions providers in the Asiatic region.

Opening the doors for E-Commerce store owners to manage their products and store with utmost convenience from scratch – from getting registered with Walmart, selling on Walmart, to shipping of the products – CedCommerce brings the revolution with the elevated Walmart Integration features.


“Embarking on our journey with a vision to make sellers comfortable in selling on leading marketplaces, we are pleased to get the results that we had desired at the beginning. It is our determination for our clients that resulted in getting our clientele augmented,” said Abhishek Jaiswal, Co-Founder of He further added, “Today, we have 1000+ clients worldwide with a GMV of approximately US$ 0.5 Million.


But we believe that it is only a milestone in our journey and with our will to help sellers around the globe, we hope to set many other benchmarks in the time to come.”


-Enhancements that caught the eyes-

  1. System Configuration: The comprehensive configuration of Walmart Integration gives the store owners complete control over the integration and familiarize them with the complete process by making it easy and answering the basic question – How to sell on Walmart Marketplace?
  2. Profile Based Product Upload: While selling on Walmart, now users may upload the products in accordance with the profile they’ve made for the similar type of products to be uploaded.
  3. Order Bifurcation: User with this integration can now add an order prefix for orders placed for their products, adding to their convenience.
  4. Auto Acknowledgment: To notify the store owners about every order placed for their product on Walmart, the advanced Walmart Integration by CedCommerce has been designed accordingly so that the owners always stay updated with the product orders placed.
  5. Inventory and Price Synchronization: Updating the price and inventory of products on Walmart in accordance with the same on own ECommerce store gets as easy as it was never before with the enhanced Walmart Integration.
  6. Validation Before Product Upload: To negate the probabilities of any inaccuracy while uploading the product, the newest Walmart Integration validates the product uploading it and then only authorizes its uploading.
  7. Bulk Upload: As many products as the store owner wants to upload on Walmart can be uploaded with the most undemanding approach with this coming-of-age integration by CedCommerce.
  8. Compatibility: Providing the scalable compatibility to every E-Commerce entrepreneur who wants it, the integration can be leveraged using the following frameworks – Magento( Magento 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 ) and Magento 2 (2.1.x, 2.2.x).
  9. MEQP Qualified: The Magento Code Quality Standard has been followed while creating this extension.
  10. Tested: To get entrepreneurs ahead of the curve, CedCommerce has undergone a process of testing this integration with Magento marketplace and consummated in its success.


-Availability and Price-

Walmart Integration by CedCommerce is available with all speed as soon as the new users want to opt for it to start selling on Walmart. As for the users who want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, CedCommerce easily migrates their store to the same with a discounted price that goes up to 50%.


For Magento 1, the Walmart Integration is available for a lifetime at the price of US$ 249.00 and it’s compatible with Magento 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9.


For Magento 2, the Walmart Integration is available for a lifetime at the price of US$ 249.00 and it’s compatible with Magento 2.1.x, and 2.2.x.


-About CedCommerce-

CedCommerce is amongst world’s leading E-Commerce web development agencies which help sellers in integrating their products on leading E-Commerce platforms across the globe. It is a proud Official Channel Integration Partner of Walmart, Sears, Best Buy Canada, Newegg, Bonanza, Fruugo, and many other leading marketplaces.

With services from CedCommerce, merchants may easily get their products listed on leading E-Commerce websites with frameworks such as – Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and WordPress.


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