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Why Selling on Etsy is the Perfect Fit for you?

Why Selling on Etsy is the Perfect Fit for you?


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Of all the online market-hub today, selling on Etsy marketplace is a handpicked choice for all the creative minds curating personalized and vintage products.

Fortunately, the advancement in technology has got room for everything. For, who would have ever imagined selling creativity online?

Etsy is a platform, where 44.20 million unique active patrons across the globe shop for peculiar products.

Founded in the year 2005, Etsy marketplace is already doing wonders in the world of eCommerce.

With its annual revenue accounting to about 603.7 million U.S. Dollars in the year 2018. Since, it’s just the beginning of 2020, the last (3rd) quarter of 2019, Etsy amounted to about 197.9 million of additional revenue with the y-o-y exceptional growth rate of 31%

Selling on Etsy Marketplace

A closer look at Etsy Marketplace

Etsy marketplace is the ideal hub for extraordinary and inventive goods. Often termed as the sacred place to the universe of exclusive, distinguished items, Etsy marketplace permits sellers “do” what they love and helps buyers “find” what they love. Thus, it enlists everything from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

Etsy Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, helps you convert your ideas into successful money-making solutions. Unlike the giant marketplaces- Etsy is assisting skilled artists in driving their core focus on micro-businesses and aiming to “reimagine commerce.”

With more than 60+ million products, Etsy highlights the pure magic of the human imagination. Hence, the Etsy marketplace keeps everything real.

Infographic of the Most Artistic Online Selling Platform

Consider going through the Infographic. You will surely get a complete picture. Also, why you should be selling on Etsy marketplace, the recent Etsy statistics, and the things to sell on Etsy.

Sell on Etsy Marketplace

Why should you consider “Etsy”?

Well, You must have got a clear picture from the infographic, as to what are the things that make Etsy, a reasonable and promising online marketplace. Selling on Etsy Marketplace is a fruitful decision to an add-up an extra penny from your skills and expertise. All you need is to get started.”

Well, below are a few more points that would justify why must you sell on Etsy-

  • Selling on Etsy marketplace demands just 0.20 cents per listing fee.
  • Which retailer in the world would deny a platform with built-in visitors? Well, the Etsy marketplace gets you that!
  • Etsy marketplace leverages you with floods of sales even in the initial days of setup.
  • You will be free from sparing extra time or resources on the things to sell on Etsy, everything vintage, unique, custom and handmade sell entirely on Etsy.
  • Having an established store adds up to your return on Etsy, you can extend simultaneously and rest facilitated with the best convenience.

“Over the time Etsy has been helping sellers craft their innovative ideas into successful businesses and has catered the seller with around 40 million buyers…..”

To know how and learn more about Etsy, listen to the full Podcast here!

Advantages of Selling on Etsy Marketplace

Leverage Etsy Marketplace’s extensive options for sellers:

For crafters who don’t wish to generate abundant products or are on vacations, Etsy allows sellers to set up collective stores. Furthermore, the Etsy marketplace also enables SMEs to come together and merge their products. Thus, forming a large store than they each could individually.

Targeted Customer Base: Shoppers hunt on Etsy for the unique products offered by none. Moreover, with more than 44.20 mn active buyers. Etsy marketplace sellers enjoy access to a huge targeted market.

Easy Custom Orders: With the option of customized versions for various products. Buyers find it easy to shop on Etsy Marketplace. Hence, helping sellers with super-easy custom orders. The turnaround time on custom orders is limited to a total of 6-8 weeks.

Country-specific Marketing Tools: Effective from August 2019. Etsy introduced its enhanced sales and coupons service. It eases the process of selling and personalizes offers based on the seller’s location. Focusing on the customer-centric strategy for overseas shoppers, considering the differences influenced by culture and language, it helps sellers boost their overall sales.

Sell Flexible on Etsy with these top-notch features

If you already sell on your store, You can automate all your orders on the Etsy marketplace by integrating your eCommerce store on Etsy. You need not worry about Etsy bulk listing upload or getting your orders unmanaged, or shipping stuck in between. With an online solution for Etsy at par, experience the hassle-free selling your way. 

The key benefits you derive consists of:

  • Product Data Validation: The Etsy Integration Plugin enables easy validation of product information following Etsy standards and values.
  • Auto Acknowledgement of Order: Meanwhile It auto-acknowledges the orders. As soon as you receive orders, it automates on both the ends (i.e., your eCommerce store and Etsy marketplace).
  • Profile Feature for Automating the Procedure: Create new profiles and assign Products for automating the upload procedure way efficiently.
  • Centralized Order Management: Once integrated with the Etsy marketplace, you can seamlessly acknowledge, update, or cancel any orders through the centralized order management system.
  • Real-time Stock Updates: Leverage the real-time automatic updates of stocks on both ends, i.e. your store (local) and the Etsy store.
  • Bulk Product Upload: Besides, Avail the quick and easy. Etsy bulk listings upload of products just in a single click and minimize all your manual work with the Etsy Integration solution.

Sell on Etsy and grow your ROI even more. Leave your Queries and Comments, If you need any help so far!

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