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Etsy Design Awards | Grab the Etsies — A Gift for your Creations.

Etsy Design Awards | Grab the Etsies — A Gift for your Creations.


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Etsy, the global Marketplace, has been helping sellers from all over the world to enhance their creativity. To add on to this initiative, Etsy has launched the very new ‘The Etsies’Etsy Design Awards with a $ 15,000 cash price.

Etsies is the Marketplace’s first-ever global competition, created to showcase the very best of Etsy sellers. Not just prizes, but it aims to give the recognition you deserve by making —

Your ‘Special’ More ‘Special.’

Check out the list of all Etsy Design Award 2019 Winners. Who knows, You can be one of them!

Brief Overview: Etsy Design Awards 2019

Etsy Design Award 2019, held for the very first time, and it gained a tremendous excitement and participation from across the pool of Etsy sellers. Here are some glimpses from the Etsies 2019:

  • The Submission for Etsy awards was live from May 14, 2019, to June 4, 2019.
  • A Total of 175 Finalists were disclosed on August 05, 2019.
  • The Contest was judged by – Fashion Designer: Anavila Misra, Writer, and Actor: Dan Levy, Style Expert: Joe Zee, Author & Artist: Garance Doré, Interior Designer: Sophie Robinson, Décor Expert: Holly Becker, and Etsy’s Global Trend Expert: Dayna Isom Johnson.
  • The Etsies were awarded to Six marvelous sellers in the wake of September 24, 2019.

The Etsy Design Award: Winners Lookout!

The competition saw a grand execution, and among your astounding works, the best of them were selected and awarded.

  • The contest was won by London based Etsy seller ‘Sian Zeng.’ Her interactive Magnetic Wallpaper is so unique and top of the choice. 
  • Several category winners: Mid-century Dog house, Interchangeably Summer slides, Papercut Ketubah wedding invitation, Classic Sling chair, and Playful rainbow and butterfly Coat.

etsy design awards 2019

Eye-Catching Perk of the Competition:

  • The Winner Award and a Badge as The Etsy Design Award ‘Grand Prize Winner’ with a $ 15,000 prize.
  • Five Category Winners Award and a Badge as Etsy Design Award ‘Category Winners’ with $1000 prize.
  • ‘Etsy Awards Winners’ with a trophy & a 1-year subscription of ‘Etsy Plus’ with an exclusive feature on Blogs and Pages over Social media.
  • All Finalists back a ‘Finalist Shop Badge’ and feature on Editor’s Pick page.

The  Etsy Awards Categories:

Eventually, You can enter the competition in five different categories. Each category receives a winner with exceptional work. The five of those categories are:

  • Inventive Decor: Goods that make your home look better.
  • Signature Style: Jewelry, fashion, and accessories & much more.
  • Festive Celebrations: Goods that make your parties go crazier.
  • Earth-Friendly: Environmental-friendly goods.
  • Creative Collaborations: Innovative goods.

etsy design award

Since this year Etsies garnered a lot of sellers with their beautiful creations. You can surely look up to apply next year.

How to Enter the Contest?

Before going for it, it is imperative that you go through the Official Rules and Guidelines. Read further when you are done.

  1. Find if you are eligible for the contest or not.
  2. Make your Shop — a Tip-Top one.
  3. Submit the best of your item for the contest.

Criteria for Sellers to Apply: 

1) The shop should have been running for a long time & should not be developed for just the sake of the campaign.

2) The shop must have at least five listings.

3) The submitted item must have at least five photos.

4) The applicant should himself be the owner of the shop ( You cannot apply on someone else’s behalf).

5) Only one entry per shop is allowed.

6) Do not display vintage items on your shop till the winner of the contest is not announced.

Where to Start?

By the time you reached the end of this piece. You may still be wondering where to start?

The first thing to remember here is, it is never too late to start fresh. If you have that bug on creativity inside your head, start selling on Etsy to gain access to the most prominent creative pool of the world – Etsy.

Meanwhile, if you already own a store on any of the frameworks, integrate to Etsy and make your store stand-out a chance to grab the Etsies.

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