how to increase conversion rate on etsy marketplace
How to Increase Etsy Conversion Rate? Tips to Improve Conversions

How to Increase Etsy Conversion Rate? Tips to Improve Conversions


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Generating the bulk of traffic on Etsy and covering a larger geographical area does not add until & unless you have a decent Etsy conversion rate. You must be wondering – What is a good conversion rate? or How big of a difference does conversion rate make in getting sales on Etsy? or What are the tips to increase conversion rate on Etsy? Well, in this blog we will cover all.

Speaking of the USA’s fastest-growing and world’s most creative eCommerce marketplace Etsy, the conversion rate on Etsy listing is the best way to keep track of how good you are doing as a seller. It becomes your responsibility to connect with your customers and convey what you are trying to express to complete a successful purchase.

From the visitors on your Etsy shop, you can receive conversions from these three:

  • The Clicks
  • The Sales
  • The Buyer Engagement

This blog post compiles answers to the most common queries that sellers have on the Etsy conversion rate. 


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With that out of the way, let’s begin with the definition.

What is Etsy Conversion Rate?

The percentage of successful purchases made by the visitors who saw your products on the Etsy shop is known as the Etsy conversion rate.

What is the formula to calculate the conversion rate on Etsy?

The formula to calculate conversion rate on Etsy is:

Formula to Calculate Conversion Rate on Etsy


Note: Here the number of orders is the number of successful sales; the number of visits equals the total visitors on your Etsy product page.

Let’s take an example:

In the last 30 Days, you successfully sold 19 products, and the number of buyers who visited your Etsy product page is 729.

Then your conversion rate will be (19/729) x 100 = 2.60%

This is how the conversion rate is calculated.

Now let’s move to the factors affecting the conversion rate on Etsy.

What are the Factors Responsible for a Good Etsy Conversion Rate?

With Esty’s ever-changing algorithm, it becomes quite challenging to keep track of the conversion rate factors. But to help you, we have compiled five significant factors that play a vital role in determining the conversion rate on Etsy;

Factors Responsible to improve Etsy Conversion Rate

Let’s go through each of these factors in detail to understand how they affect the conversions on Etsy:

Product Photograph

90% of buyers are influenced by product photography. It is the first thing a buyer notices while visiting your product page. Just like the old saying is – your first impression is the last, so you can’t take any chances on that.

Before uploading a product on Etsy, ensure to post alluring photos of the product, something that your customers can never ignore.

how good images increase the etsy conversion rate


Above is an example of perfect Etsy listing photographs. All the details are visible with these high resolution images. To stay on the safe side, sellers utilise all the 10 availailable slots and upload multiple photos from different angles.

By doing so, you provide your customers with a clear insight into the product and positively impact your conversion rate.

Product Description

We move on to the second most crucial factor that decides the Etsy conversion rate – The product description.

Now your customers have seen the product, but they are still unaware of the features. As a seller, it becomes your responsibility to highlight all the key features of your product.

Below is an example of an ideal product description of a women’s bag on Etsy:

Factors that affect Conversion Rate on Etsy - Product description


Look at how each aspect is mentioned. At first, the seller elaborates on the uniqueness of the bag and how it has been made. Then the focus is shifted to how easy and convenient it is to use.

Then very subtly, a comprehensive overview is provided, followed by how significant the product material is.

The seller has clearly mentioned the unique feature in bullets and Etsy shop’s links to explore more of it.

When a customer receives such an accurate product description, the chances of conversion also increase multifold.

Pricing and Shipping Costs

The product price is considered the real deal-breaker.

So, ensure to charge your customers somewhat or otherwise; it might backfire your strategy. Before uploading the product, analyze which type of audience you are engaging with and then charge accordingly.

Selling on marketplaces like Etsy gives you the freedom to offer sales. So be sure to mention the discounted price. 

Clear pricing and shipping cost - factors to improve conversion


This is a perfect example of mentioning the price of an Etsy listing. The seller has indicated the original and discounted price.

The shipping charges are one of the primary reasons a customer leaves the shopping cart empty, so clearly mention the rate at which the shipping charges will be applied.

Offering free shipping and incentives excites the customers to purchase more, thus positively impacting the conversion rate. 

Now moving on to our fourth factor that is:

Shop Policies and Customer Reviews

Here is an example of how your customers connect to you and mention what they desire; this, in return, affects the number of conversions.

Visit a few products similar to yours and analyze what your customers seek.

This helps in analyzing all the shortcomings in the products and highlight the areas that need improvement.

The reviews and the shop’s about section and policies help buyers decide regarding your Etsy listing.

factors effecting etsy conversion rate - shop policies and reviews

Above is an example of one of top sellers on Etsy, and you can take a look at how clear and crisp is the shop policies and other sections are. This gives a clear idea of how to build a brand and develop it.

Etsy Listing Quality Score

The conversion rate also depends on the Etsy listing quality scores. The quality score is influenced by;

  • Listing views.
  • Frequently adding the listing to the cart.
  • Getting listing clicks.
  • Frequent purchase of listings.
  • Available payment options.

So it becomes your responsibility to add as many payment options as possible. Including various payment options reduces the chances of any cart abandonment, increasing the conversion rate even more.

A good listing quality score enables good buyer engagement on the site, especially the one who converts. Hence, increase sales on Etsy.

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A lot had been discussed about factors that drive the conversion rate.

Now let’s move to the next segment of our blog, which is…

How to Calculate your Etsy Conversion Rate?

Here are a few simple ways to calculate your Etsy conversion rate;

Start by visiting your Shop Stats page, while the seller panel under the section Shop Manager.

Click on the traffic tab, and here you can all the views, visits, orders, and revenue.

Note: While calculating the conversion rate, consider the ‘total number of visits’ rather than the ‘number of views.’

Visits are considered accurate because it eliminates all the spammy activities and counts each person as one. So if the same visitor visits your product page more than once, it will be considered a single visit.

Now we do it, in the same way, I told you above.

Referring to the above image as an example, divide the number of orders (17) by the number of visits, which is 682. Now multiply the answer with 100, we get:

etsy conversion rate calculater

The conversion rate is 2.49%

You can adjust the period for which you need to calculate the conversion rate.

Click on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the column naming stats for.

Etsy Dashboard Shop Manager


To check the Conversion Rate of a Single Product;

To get a better insight into which products are doing great and which products fail to meet expectations, you can check individual products’ conversion rates.

Just click on the listings tab under the stats page under the shop manager menu.

Here you can witness the visits, orders, favorites, and revenue columns.

Just follow the same formula and get the individual conversion rates.

To Calculate Conversion Rate by using Etsy Rank

An easy way of calculating the conversion rate on Etsy is by using Etsy rank. It is much more efficient as the website automatically calculates the conversion rates and provides a sorted list.

To do so, go to and open your seller’s dashboard.

Now under the shop menu, click on grades.

Here you can see all the products arranged according to these five categories;

  • SEO Grade.
  • Conversion Rate.
  • Visibility.
  • Score.
  • Views.
  • Tags.

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Now, let’s move to the final segment of this blog.

Until now, we have covered the definition, factors, channels, and calculation of the conversion rate on Esty. Though I have explained a few tips, let’s get it all under one heading.

How to Increase the Conversion Rate on Etsy?

So here are all the tips to increase the conversion rate on Esty;

  • Post clear & curated photographs.
  • Provide keyword-rich Product Description/Title.
  • Set Reasonable Price
  • Set Zero or Minimal Shipping Charges
  • Follow Trends & Customer Demands.
  • Reply to customers’ feedback.
  • Aim for Repeat Customers

Post-Clear and Curated Photographs

While uploading products on Etsy, make sure to upload multiple photographs of the products. Make sure that all pictures are of high definition taken with a white background. Use natural lighting and give it a human touch. The conversion rate increases rapidly if the customers get a clear view of what they are investing in.

Provide a Comprehensive Product Description

Describe all the features of your products comprehensively. Let your customers know how the product will help them and highlight the ease of usage alongside. To convert your customers, you need to walk your customers through the full description and persuade them to click on the buy now button.

Set Reasonable Prices 

Set the product at a fair and competitive price with other sellers. A reasonable price reassures your customers that they’re making a smart investment, which in turn instills confidence in their decision. Your customers will only move forward with the sale if it is at a reasonable price or a better quality than others.

Set Zero or Minimal Shipping Charges

Try to keep the shipping charges to a minimum, as the customer often abandons the cart if there is a shipping charge included. Customers feel violated while giving shipping charges because it’s akin to a hidden fee, tarnishing the transparency they expect from the transaction. Either justify the shipping charges with clarity and honesty in shipping policies or fully remove it to increase conversions. 

Follow the Latest Trends & Customer Demands

Plan your selling campaign according to the latest trends going on. Also, keep in mind the search results, as it reflects the customer demands. As a seller, it is your responsibility to serve your customer demands, increasing the conversion rate.

Reply to Customer Feedback

Be in touch with your customers and go through all the feedback and reply if required. This creates a human touch among your customers, and they’ll come back again soon. By doing so, you can also analyze all the loopholes in your previous products and work on those areas.

Accepting Various Payment Options

A customer is very selective regarding payment options, so try to allow as many modes of payment as possible. You need to serve your customers as they like it because your ultimate goal should be to complete and increase sales on Etsy, hence improving the Etsy conversion rate.

Aim for Repeat Customers:

A smart customer cuts down a lot of time and effort involved in chasing new customers by convincing the existing ones to re-purchase. The Returning loyal customers spend an average of 33% more per order as compared to others. This quite simply means more conversion. Become among these so-called smart sellers by pitching existing customers with additional discounts and offers. A study from Forbes reveals that 91% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide them with meaningful and relevant offers. 

That pretty much wraps up all the tips.

Here is a quick recap of all that you can do to increase your conversion rate on Etsy in no time with this infographic.

Tips on How to Increase Conversion Rate on Etsy


You can also check out the video below to get a clear idea about making your shop work to get a good conversion rate.

Let’s wrap it up.

Final Words

Etsy is a platform that has given meaning to people and an opportunity to validate their art and crafts. Selling on Etsy can prove to be very beneficial for an online seller if done in the right way. Follow the above tips to keep a regular tab, increase the Etsy conversion rate, and switch to an efficient online selling way. 

Feel Free to comment in case you have any doubts or concerns related to Etsy.

Disclaimer– Etsy is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This content is not created or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

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