Optimize Product Listing on Amazon
Product Listing Grader: Optimize Your Product Listing on Amazon Like a Pro

Product Listing Grader: Optimize Your Product Listing on Amazon Like a Pro


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Amazon is a well-known and established eCommerce platform widely accepted in the market. The platform has thousands of sellers with one motive- to make money out of their product listings. 

Product Listing:

In simpler terms, Product Listing is the portfolio or the collection of all the elements that your product exhibits. This includes features, benefits, how to use tutorials, specifications, size selector, information about the brand and the manufacturer, and the list goes on. Moreover, a good product listing should have the following elements-

  • Powerful SEO keywords
  • Comprehensive product Descriptions
  • Key Features and Fascinating Visuals
  • Easy to understand formats 

Product Listing Ranking: 

Product ranking is having full control over the categories and other elements of the product and their rankings. Simply, it means monitoring the ranking of the individual product, their aspects, and the order in which they display themselves on search results pages. 

BSR or Bestsellers Rank is the rank given to the sellers and their products based on past sales statistics. The Algorithm of Amazon automatically calculates this by comparing it with the other products of the same category. The lower the sales rank or Bestsellers Rank, the better are the chances of visibility and more sales. 

Listing Quality Score: 

LQS or Listing Quality is yet another algorithm used by Amazon to arrange the product listings category-wise. LQS is used to determine and improve the quality of a listing. 

Ten or a range of 90-100 in some tools is the best score that a product listing may receive under the Listing Quality score checker, done through various tools.

Factors Impacting The Quality Score: 

Product Listings on Amazon itself comprise many factors that ultimately help the listings get a perfect score. Let’s have a look at the factors that play a major key role in obtaining a good listing score. 

  • Number Of Visuals:

    Do not overload your product with images. Add at least seven high-quality, clear, and engaging images.

  • Balance The Keywords In The Title:

    The product title is one of the best and most engaging places to add keywords. Remember the essence of your keywords will create and balance them accordingly.

  • Features In Bullet Points:

    Bullet points provide users with a quick view of the product, including its features, benefits, and specifications. Hence, try keeping the bullet list short that showcases more benefits.

  • Length Of descriptions In Amazon Product Listings:

    Amazon provides you with a word limit of 2000 characters therefore, you can keep the descriptions as informative and descriptive according to the requirements. You should also avoid keyword stuffing while working on the descriptions and include the focus keywords, as it enhances the ranking of the product listing. 

  • High-Quality Videos:

    Upload exceptional product videos of 480 pixels or higher. For this reason, the video file must be 5GB in size and needs to be in .mp4 or.mov file format. We recommended that you set up a 16:9 ratio with a width of 16 units and a height of 9 for a good visual experience. Most importantly, keep the video professional and demonstrate the features and benefits of the product.  

Factors affecting the Product Listing on Amazon

Amazon Product Listing Grader:

Non-optimized product listings on Amazon result in the leaking of money, and nobody wants that. Try using the free Product Listing Grader tool provided by LXR Marketplace to optimize your product listings on Amazon. The tool helps in understanding the listing’s performance, ranking, and how the product listings stand out amongst those of competitors. 

Features of the tool:

The features playing a key role in ranking the product listings on Amazon are listed below: 

  • In-Depth Analysis:

    Conduct a deep-rooted assessment of the product listings on Amazon which will provide you with accurate results and a detailed report of your listing.

  • Keyword Analysis:

    Placing the right keywords in the right place can be tricky. This tool reviews the keywords and provides a list of relevant keywords that you can include in the descriptions. 

  • Product Title And Feature Descriptions:

    The free tool helps you in optimizing your product titles by recommending keywords and phrases. This makes your title an enticing one. Not only that it also helps in guiding and comparing your features with the competitor, which analyzes whether the features are adding value to the product or not. 

  • Product Descriptions:

    The Grader tool reviews and ranks the product description in the report, suggesting easy ways to improve it. The tool also checks whether it is suitable for the audience or not.

  • Image Analysis:

    The image quality checker in the grader evaluates the quality and essence of the image.

  • Lined-Up Tasks:

    The report emphasizes and provides you with detailed segmentation of the tasks that need more attention and are required to be done on a priority basis.

  • Best Practice Suggestions:

    The Listing Grader provides the finest suggestions, including listing standards to optimize the product listings on Amazon.

Optimized Product Listing on Amazon Score

How to use: 

Here is a short ladder that you need to climb to get your listing results. 

    1. Download the extension. It is free, but JungleScout and Amzscout are not. 
    2. Enter the URL of the website for which you need the product listing. 
    3. Copy-paste the ASIN (Amazon Standard identification number) or the Amazon product URL on the tool. 
    4. Click on analyze and rest till the results are calculated. 
    5. Examine the report and work on the areas that need improvement and in this way, you can get the best listing score. 


Suppressed or Incomplete Listings are those listings that are not up to the mark as per the Amazon listing standards. To fix them, follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to Seller Central Account ➡ Inventory Tab ➡ Manage Inventory
  2. In the suppressed section, choose all suppressed listings, or you can filter accordingly. 
  3. The suppressed listings are indicated by red exclamation- ❗ Quality alerts are indicated by yellow indicators. Once, you have resolved the issues, you can click on save and finish. 


The ranking of product listings on Amazon is an important factor for sellers since it is the only way through which their motives can be fulfilled. Ranking anything would give you visibility, growth, room for improvement, sales, and of course revenue. There are many other tools through which you can get your listing scores, but JungleScout is the most recommended. 

“Customer service shouldn’t be a department, instead it should be the whole company.”- Tony Hsieh.

Do you also use any tools for optimizing your product listings? Tell us your experiences in the comment section below.

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