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How Magento Store Owners can Sell on Google Express – It is Simple and Easy

How Magento Store Owners can Sell on Google Express – It is Simple and Easy


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The very first pre-requisite is every Magneto store owner should have a bank account in the US.  Second necessity is a warehouse within the US to ship the orders. Apart from that, another requirement to sell on Google Express is account on Google Merchant Center. Moreover, it is also necessary to have Google Shopping Actions approved.

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If you are a drop shipper then having a supplier center in the USA is mandatory.

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Why Integrate Magento Store on Google Express using Google Express Magneto 2 Integration

The Google express integration will enable the store owner to,

 – Create Google Express Categories and respective attributes on Magento 2 Store.

 – Mapping the desired product category on Magento 2 store for auto submission of specific products on Magneto 2 store. Hence, it helps in the auto submission of selected products to the correct category on Google Express.

Moreover, no need to invest additional time to manage orders on Google Express. Because,  no major changes need to be done.

These features will help the seller in the long term to be able to ensure they display the relevant product to the customers with full accuracy to sell on Google Express.

sell on Google Express

CedCommerce is trusted integration partner of Google Shopping Actions.

As a result of successful launch of Google Express integration on the Magneto store. You will find the Google Express menu under Magneto Admin Panel on the left-hand side. It will appear exactly as below.

Now input API credentials into the Google Express Configuration page. First login into Google Merchant Center account to obtain the Merchant Id and paste into the configuration page of Google Express Integration.


merchnat id google merchant center

Above the Merchant Id is highlighted,

Merchant Id will establish the connection between the Magento store and Google Express. Here is how to establish the connection in a detailed step by step process


Manage the Google Express Account

Under the Magento 2 panel click on, Google Express. 

sell on google express

Click on the Manage Accounts as below.

sell on google express
You will navigate to the below page

sell on google express

Upon clicking on the Add Account button, the New Account page will open.

sell on google express

Once you reach here the rest process is simple.

 – Submit the Account Code (as provided by Google Express)

 – Account Environment will be either production or sandbox.

 – Input your Merchant Id.

 – Select the account status as appropriate.

 – In the Account Store section decide the store view.

 – Client Secret File step will help you select the file from the system. It is a product feed file (JSON format) . You will retrieve it from from seller account to upload in Google Express Magneto 2 Integration app .

If your token go through the verification process it will reflect here.


Manage the Google Express Profile

A seller as admin has the privilege of new profile creation and assign the needed products to the profile. However, It is also possible to map product attributes from the Magneto store to Google Express attributes.

Apart from that, you will be able to do below tasks

  • Add a new profile
  • Edit the existing profile
  • Delete the profile
  • Submit Actions on the Google Express Profile Listing Page
  • Product Manager


Manage Google Express Products

Product management is critical and our Google Express Integration will ensure, you can do it seamlessly. You will be able to edit, view and upload all products individually. Moreover, it is also possible to view the error message for any possible error in product details.

Task 1: Upload Single Product: You will be able to upload products listed on the Product Manager page of Google Express.

Task 2: Sync Inventory & Price: Easily sync inventory including the product pricing between Magneto Store and Google Express.

Fetch Google Express orders

Click on Google Express Integration under the Magneto Admin panel. Click on Manage Orders.

sell on google express

The below page (Google Express Orders) will appear. Click on the Fetch GXpress Orders button.

sell on google express

As a result, your order will be import without any issue and you will  find the below message.

sell on Google Express

Point to remember,

The CRON will auto-import the orders in every 10 minutes.

As soon as the latest orders are imported via Google Express. These orders will appear as a notification. Moreover, the same will get auto acknowledged upon importing it into the Magento admin panel.

Checking the Failed order log under Failed Google Express Orders Import Log in case no order is imported.

There are 3 conditions that will lead to auto rejection of Google Express

  •  If Google Express Product SKU does not exist in the Magento store.
  •  When the product is Out of Stock
  •  And if the product is disabled in Magento Store.


View Orders

sell on Google Express

In the Google Express Order Details page, select the order as mentioned in Magento Increment Id. This will lead to the page as below. 

sell on Google Express

You will find full information regarding the order.

Cron Log

sell on Google Express

Cron is a time-based job scheduler, that will help in uploading. As highlighted above as you click on it. As a result it will redirect you to the  Cron Logs page. 

sell on Google Express

In order to truncate the Cron logs simply click on the Truncate button at the top right corner.

Activity Logs

You will find Activity Logs under Google Express Integration.

sell on Google Express

Click on it and you will be redirected to Google Express Log Gridpage exactly as below

sell on Google Express

Choose the logs that you want to delete and click on Delete Records. All selected logs will be deleted.


Help and Support (Important to Seamless Sell on Google Express)

sell on Google Express

Click on the Help And Support option. Now choose your preferred mode of help from below options. 

sell on Google Express


I hope the content is in simple  manner to help Magento sellers easily on board Google Express. Moreover, I will update this blog as soon as any update comes in.

Google Shopping Actions US is open for Merchants in India and Canada: Start selling cross-border to customers in the US, from either India or Canada without any fuss, right away.

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