Launches new hubspot Magento integration Extension
CedCommerce Launches New Hubspot Magento Integration Extension

CedCommerce Launches New Hubspot Magento Integration Extension


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Changes are meant to happen, and advancements are the key to bringing technology and humans together in a way to be productive as never. In this era of marketing, people lag behind in maintaining customer relationships due to a very hectic schedule So Here, CedCommerce brings you to the Hubspot Magento Integration Extension.

Now, it became easier to get track of your customers’ data as there will be no need to connect with the seller next to connect your HubSpot with Magento.

You just need to fill in the details and one-click will get connected to HubSpot. After that, if you have exported the old data, you’ll get to see your data getting exported to HubSpot.




About the Product- 

Hubspot eCommerce Bridge lets you connect with your audience very smartly and make everything easy to go, from making decisions to taking action. It integrates your Magento store and HubSpot seamlessly. Hubspot Magento Integration is an advanced extension that allows the sellers to embrace the benefits of CRM Software.

Organizations that use CRMs have increased rates of customer retention and satisfaction.


Hubspot eCommerce Bridge helps a merchant build strategy to hike up the marketing. It let the sellers give maximum out of their to the products and to the customers.

Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue with the help of CRM software.


What it does-

  • HubSpot E-commerce Bridge– With the help of this, all data will get sync by just authenticating the connection in the Magento panel.
  • Export Old Data – By clicking on Export Old data while filling in details, your data (customer, product, or order) will get exported from Magento to HubSpot.
  • Deal Sync – With the help of this, get all your orders from your Magento store synced with HubSpot.
  • Line Item Sync – It became easy, from Magento you can Sync the Order Items of your order to HubSpot as Line Item.
  • Product Sync – For making a decision, Sync your Magento product data with HubSpot to get the details of the products to be purchased by the customers.
  • Customer Sync – For more clarified information it let you Sync all the details of your Magento customers with HubSpot.
  • Switching Between Accounts – Removes the complexity from the process while connecting to the new HubSpot Account.


Prominent Features-

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery – This lets you send the automated emails according to the settings to the customers when they leave something in their cart to get that recover

75.3% of the top 500 ecommerce companies using abandoned cart nurturing are already sending recovery emails within an hour of cart abandonment.

  • RFM Segmentation – these factors can be defined below

            Recency –  How recently a customer buys a product

            Frequency – How frequently the purchase is made

            Monetary – How much money is being spent by the customer for a particular product. 

  • The workflow of Automation – Activities of the customers are being noticed and accordingly they get segmented to analyze which kind of mail is to be sent to whom.
  • Smart List – This makes a separate column for the customers who are eligible for the special category of a product, which will get the list out in this smart list.
  • ROI Tracking – The conversion rate and the revenue is tracked easily with the help of ROI tracking and data analytics. 

The average return on investment for a CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.


  • Field-To-Field Customer Details – The data is segmented according to the contact details of the customer which can get managed accordingly.


How it helps-

It would be very beneficial for the merchant to have this Customer Relationship Management Software. So that it won’t hamper the connectivity with the customers.


By 2025, 95% of all consumer interactions with a brand will be via artificial intelligence (AI) as it becomes a standard consumer application.



Here are some main benefits- 

  1. Content management
  2. Build Relation with customers
  3. Personalize Emails
  4. Automate Email Marketing
  5. Get Deeper Analytics
  6. Recover Abandoned Cart
  7. Welcome Customers
  8. Re-engage Customers

About CedCommerce-

CedCommerce is featured among the winners of Technology Fast50 and Technology Fast 500APAC  for two continuous years and it is also integrated with various other companies who love to work with CedCommerce are Walmart, New egg, Sears, Bonanza.

A step towards the future of eCommerce is also taken by showcasing the Collaborative Shopping in the Magento Innovation Round 3 which is being recognized by Magento.

We are now Hubspot Certified App Partners committed to delivering top-notch solutions that help you connect, expand and scale at lightning speed.

CedCommerce is providing vast possibilities through innovation and provide an eCommerce solution to various companies for the era of technology.

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