mobile commerce holiday season
Your M commerce holiday guide: Sales, Mistakes to avoid, Opportunities, and Strategies

Your M commerce holiday guide: Sales, Mistakes to avoid, Opportunities, and Strategies


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How about sleighing your m-Commerce revenue this holiday season?

The holiday retail expenditure is expected to show a growth of 3.7% to $1.035 trillion in the U.S. this year. Out of which a total of 49% website traffic will come from mobile devices.

Will mobile commerce drive you any profit this holiday season?

Yes, and no.

Are you confused? Ok, let us understand it this way.


Mobile commerce is a natural progression of eCommerce, is undoubtedly the next BIG thing.


However, when done in an unplanned manner, it might not bring you effective results.


It would be best if you did not overlook the powers of mobile commerce sales as they are forecasted to bring 54% of total eCommerce sales.


That said, your website and online store must be already accessible to mobile devices by now. However, that does not make your store holiday-ready.

What are your opportunities? 


Mobile devices have changed the definition of wallets for many shoppers. With mobile payment apps making tremendous progress, the online stores will encounter mobile payments hitting the stores this holiday season.


Mobile commerce is said to contribute ten times more in this festive season than the last years.


Also, we have compiled the most crucial holiday dates of 2019 to give you a better ride of the holidays beforehand.


Let us get into some quick facts:


Grow your m-commerce with these strategies

Mobile commerce is an essential mobile strategy, and you must not overlook its powers.

With the holiday season around the corner, let’s get know-how mobile commerce presents you a vast opportunity to attract, engage, and grow your ROI.


The steps below will surely check your mobile store holiday-ready:


  1. Quick load time and detailed access to product information


Users today expect everything to be available instantly with just a click of a button. The idea of engaging customers with offering more bells and whistles on your website decreases its loading time.


Thus, slowing down the website speed. You should not forget the age-old rule of 3 second response time. The increased loading time of your website only increases the frustration of your visitor.




Leverage the ongoing discount on mobile apps this festive season HERE


In a nutshell, you must focus on the “mobile-first” strategy, which offers customers a fast and easy way to interact with your product.


It can be done via the development and use of native apps. Your mobile store must be capable enough to deliver the quality product information, which compels the visitor to check out the product instantly.


2. Your Social presence matters


With approximately 3.484 million users of social networks, suggest Facebook Instagram Twitter and Snapchat create an enormous and abuse marketing opportunity for mobile store retailers.


Today several brands share their content on social media, creating more awareness among their customer’s segment.


To increase your ROI in this holiday season, must invest in social promotions, rich-media videos, and GIFs as uses light to interact with these media and such brands. You can win the race with the concept of storytelling on your website and native store.

3. Seamless checkout


You might lose a lot of your sales during the holiday season due to the friction during the checkout process.


Offering a fast and secure checkout process will surely prevent you from losses.


Secured checkout not only increases your transactions but also builds a trust factor among your customers.


You can opt for several digital wallet payment gateways such as PayPal, Adyen, Stripe, and more.


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4. Focusing on customer engagement and driving traffic 


The mobile-first strategy brings you a better opportunity to drive traffic to your native apps.


Native apps deliver the most effective and quickest way to engage, retain, and reward customers.


To bring the most out of them, you must focus on deep linking. Deep linking is also known as new and improved SEO.


All the touch-point with your customer must be a deep link back with the native app.


To be more precise all your holiday discounts and offers must deep-link to an exact page on the native app.


All your holiday season strategies, including the website content, social media links, promotional emails should all traffic back to the app.

5.  Providing complete Omnichannel Experience


Your mobile store must engage shoppers and give them an enticing user experience.


Everything from pricing, returns, rewards, branding, and merchandising- the complete user experience must seem familiar.


So you must make sure to make your mobile store holiday-ready with the best hands in the industry.


Customers today are becoming mobile-first so all the information about the product ranging from its pricing, inventory, and offers must be available at their fingertips.


Build an app for your website with the best in the industry!


Once gotten in the game of mobile commerce – You must sit back, and relax about any issues surrounding security, privacy, user experience, point-of-sale integration, tracking, and measurement.


Get your mobile store holiday fully optimized to make sure it drives the maximum revenue.


mobile commerce holiday season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time to optimize your mobile store and earn more this holiday season. Get in the race, keeping in mind some significant pitfalls in the mobile commerce game.

Which mistakes should you avoid?


Do not wait until the last minute.


Although mobile offers a quick and effective way to bring changes in offers or pricing during the holiday sale race, waiting until the last minute to plan how mobile will fit in your holiday marketing campaign is a sure formula for failure.


You must map out your plans for reaching the maximum audience through mobile during the holiday season.


Do not risk your chances of sales by adding one or two products at a time. Instead, keep your inventories full.


Not creating a mobile database.


Continuously building your mobile number and eMail database is a great way to engage customers in a useful and relevant way.


Your mobile database provides a channel to impart information regarding pricing and offers changes in real-time.


This mobile database is used to build your customer base even for the future.


Missing out a mobile opt-in option on all your media 


You never know which menu on your website might bring customers into your mobile store.


You must make it very easy for your customers to opt into your mobile program through every media touch-point this holiday season.


You must create a seamless pathway for your customers to engage with your brand on an ongoing basis.


There is no denying the fact that customers intend to receive coupons and offers on their mobile phones.


You should leverage the engagement of users with mobile and drive more action.


To Sum Up 


Mobile indeed plays a huge role in drawing significant customer engagements during the shopping days. You must seize the opportunity and jump right in the game now.


Meanwhile, how about sharing some incredible holiday commerce statistics with us?

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