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    hey, I'm a new seller on Etsy my first sale was a week ago and I still haven't got paid even though my sale has covered all the fees. I am worried and I don't know the reason. I have made over $1000 on Etsy this week and I'm worried i won't get my money. my band account is updated and not expired can you please tell me why this has happened?

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Arghavan,
      Hope you are doing good.
      I wish to congratulate you on your successful onboarding and selling on Etsy.
      Regarding your query, Since, it's just been a week of your sale, I urge you to wait for at least a month to get paid.
      Being the new sellers on Etsy it takes time to get paid from them, however, you should not be worried about the same. In case you need to be sure, you can contact directly to Etsy and address your concern to them for an actual confirmation.

      Meanwhile, you can go through this link form Etsy where they have put up the details about the payment: https://help.etsy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002080688-Why-Hasn-t-My-Money-Been-Deposited-Yet-?segment=selling

      Hope this helps.
      Be Safe.
      Thank you.

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