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Know: How CedCommerce helped Team MVP Sports sell effortlessly across Facebook & Instagram Shopping

Know: How CedCommerce helped Team MVP Sports sell effortlessly across Facebook & Instagram Shopping


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If you’ve been thinking about selling on Facebook and Instagram, this real-life experience is for you.

As a merchant, you always have to look for the quality of your products. Be it clothing, fashion, home-care product, daily necessities; you still have to compete with several other vendors. One of those brands which have considerably deepened its foot in providing high-quality sports clothing is Team MVP Sports.

Born out of fondness for sportswear, Alan Morgan has founded one of the most loved sports clothes brands known to create and curate innovative products that bring joy to sports lovers. The brand focuses on being the most valuable person (MVP) to every customer who loves sports. Intending to connect with a like-minded audience, Team MVP Sports expanded its business to Facebook and Instagram. For this, they connected with their trusted source, CedCommerce. Dive down to understand more about Team MVP Sports’ journey across Facebook and Instagram; how he emerged through the crisis of COVID-19.

Short summary

Challenge faced:

Team MVP Sports wanted to grow his business and provide a multichannel selling experience on Facebook and Instagram. But managing his business across different platforms was difficult. The business was seeking an all-in-one Integration solution.


Facebook & Instagram Shopping app helped Team MVP Sports in growing his business on Facebook and Instagram. The app synchronized their Shopify store with Facebook & Instagram. Thus, helping them with multichannel selling experience. Besides, the app also helped Team MVP Sports in bulk uploading of products, managing orders from a central location, and getting instant customer support for everything necessary.


By selling on Facebook and Instagram, Team MVP Sports ended up connecting with more customers having similar interests in sports. This led the business to sell more out of their stock and increase their brand value across Facebook and Instagram.

The story behind Team MVP Sports, a clothing store selling across Facebook and Instagram

MVP Sports started its offline business back in 2002 in Las Vegas by selling cowboy hats and dress hats such as fedoras. Team MVP Sports emphasized growing its brand and experimenting with innovative product lines like fitness apparel.

In 2019, the company shifted its focus on building its business online. The company started dealing in sports business through a Shopify store; with the intent to connect with the audience having similar interests.

Facebook and Instagram

Looking at the craze amongst the audience and the amount of traffic on Facebook Marketplace, Alan Morgan decided to go multichannel. With this said, Team MVP Sports initially had a Facebook Page Shop. But when checkout on Instagram launched in 2020, Mr. Alan Morgan decided to completely onboard his business to Facebook Commerce. “In an effort to revitalize in-store traffic, I opted for Facebook Shop with checkout. The checkout on Facebook makes it easier for my customers to purchase right after they find the product on Shop or Marketplace.”

How Team MVP Sports came across Facebook and Instagram

Having their business enlisted on various marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Team MVP Sports aims at providing a multichannel selling experience. For this, they were continuously in search of a marketplace that can help in strengthening their business.

As Facebook and Instagram have a well-established audience, initially MVP Sports seized the opportunity of building its brand on Facebook. But his aim to go multinational got derailed in 2020 due to the outbreak of the pandemic. To keep up the pace during this critical era, Mr. Alan Morgan felt the need to look for an alternative. “We started promoting our business through Facebook ads during COVID-19.”

That said, with the launch of different Facebook Business Tools in 2020 like Facebook shops, checkout on Instagram, and much more. Team MVP Sports decided to try Instagram Shopping for his brand building. Instagram is known as a platform for the visual hub of discovery; helped Team MVP Sports in growing this sports business by leveraging the tools like checkout on Instagram, Shops on Instagram, product tags, and much more.

Having said that, this strategy helped them reach its core audience of young age interested in all kinds of sports and accessories. “ When I contacted CedCommerce’s representatives with the idea to expand my business, they told me about the Facebook Marketplace & Instagram Shopping.”

What benefits he gained from Shops across Facebook and Instagram

Establishing his Shop across Facebook and Instagram has allowed Team MVP Sports to access the listed benefits.benefits of facebook shops

  • Through Facebook Shops, Team MVP Sports easily got their business to the existing followers and connections. People now navigated to his shop and made a purchase through in-app checkout on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Through Facebook Shop, Team MVP Sports customized their products, changed the layout of the shop, and viewed the insights about the listings on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Facebook Shop also provided him a personalized shopping experience. Thus, increasing product visibility across the Facebook family of apps.

Did CedCommerce met his expectations

For Mr. Alan Morgan and his team, getting strong support services was the initial impetus for expanding to more platforms. Alan Morgan wanted a dedicated team of people who can manage his business effortlessly across Facebook & Instagram.

Being a trustworthy client of CedCommerce, as soon as he learned about us being a Facebook business partner and our solution for Facebook and Instagram. He decided on building his brand on the Facebook family of apps. With multiple products in the line, CedCommerce helped MVP Sports to display and manage everything easily.

features of facebook and instagram shopping

Recalling his journey with Facebook & Instagram Shopping; Mr. Alan Morgan had positive feedback. Through the app, now Team MVP Sports could connect his Shopify products to Facebook and Instagram in one click and managed every update through a single dashboard. Besides, he got his inventory synchronized across Shopify store and Facebook networks. Thus helping him to keep a tap on overselling.

The app automatically fetched all his orders placed on Facebook and Instagram on the Shopify store. Due to which MVP Sports can now fulfill all the orders from a single location without much of a hassle. Ecstatic about enhancing his catalog with additional attributes like color, gender, material, category, etc. He also made it convenient for shoppers to search for the product based on filters and recommendations.

Talking about his experience with CedCommerce, Mr. Alan Morgan said. “Cedcommerce’s team keeps the client’s preferences on priority and is always available to support i.e. admirable. I feel CedCommerce has the experience and training to give me a superior Facebook integration experience.”

A business built for the long term

Over the years, Mr. Alan Morgan has seen the growth of the eCommerce world. From starting his business offline to getting in the line of competitions and nailing it like a boss, MVP Sports’ growth is phenomenal. After building his business to Facebook and Instagram Shopping, Team MVP Sports’ Shop was humming with increased product reach and regular customer visits.

With various Facebook tools, Team MVP Sports targets the potential audience. This, in turn, helped them drive incremental conversion to the business. Having said that, in 2021, Team MVP Sports aims to amplify its brand reach to other marketplaces; provide its shoppers with varied shopping opportunities, and connect with their favorite sports brand.

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