The ‘Cyber’ of the cyber Monday reflects more on the mode of purchasing being done than the actual category it belongs to. Also, the reason for the high online sales on Cyber Monday is people visit their offices after a long weekend, therefore, are unable to queue up to the retail stores. Last year it was the highest sales grossing day, despite the performing lower than expected, with sales amounting to the figure of $6.59 billion.


Consumer Behaviour on Cyber Monday: Ideas to boost Cyber Monday sales

  • 81 million people purchased online last year on Cyber Monday (Source: NRF)
  • Younger consumers prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday: 88% of the 18-to-34-year-olds planned to shop on Cyber Monday in 2017 while 74% of 35-to-54-year-olds said the same. (Source:
  • In 2017, 75% of Cyber Monday shoppers used their computers at home, 43% used a mobile device and 13% used computers at work (Source: NRF)


Online Purchase Behaviour


Top Products on Cyber Monday:

As per Adobe holiday insights, the top sellers comprised of Google Chromecast, Apple iPads, Samsung Tablets, Apple AirPods, and Sony Playstation VR. Games and consoles include Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox One X.


However, the overall product category that topped the list was clothing, followed by TVs and Tablets, which was followed by Giftcards and Toys, at 3rd and 4th place respectively. To see the complete list, refer to the following image:


Top Gift Items



Top places to sell products: Ideas to boost Cyber Monday sales

Who else than Amazon can top the charts when it came to attracting clientele for the entire Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday sales period. Amazon accounted for the most sales of any single platform. According to Hitwise, the e-commerce giant accounted for 45.1 percent and 54.9 percent of all transactions respectively on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Hitwise puts the actual numbers at 5.6 million and 7.1 million transactions.



Top places to sell online


In the above image, you can see the places where the maximum shopping action took place and if you consider, the online, it is marketplaces where the maximum sales happened.


Refer to the following infographics to get the ideas to boost Cyber Monday sales. The infographics inform about the marketplaces and the product categories and the countries it caters to decide and onboard them.

Leading Marketplaces


As this is the biggest holiday season, you surely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Therefore, sell on these marketplaces using CedCommerce’s multichannel plugins and apps.


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