maximize multi-channel efforts
7 Tips to Maximize MultiChannel Efforts this Holiday Season

7 Tips to Maximize MultiChannel Efforts this Holiday Season


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Now that it’s an established fact that e-commerce is the way forward, almost all of the businesses which were until now reliant of their retail store are gradually making the digital transition.


However, here comes the hardest part. Developing a social media strategy based on the most accurate buyer persona, creating content that addresses their problems and resonates with their aspirations and passion is what most are struggling with.


Verified by 2017 state of the Inbound report that 63% e-commerce marketers consider attracting relevant traffic and lead to their e-commerce store the biggest challenge, businesses are taking the multi-channel route.


However, there is a way which can help you bypass all these efforts and directly help you to reach your customers. But, it’s not just-in-a-blink technique, you need to follow some simple steps and you can connect with your ideal customers.


Maximizing Multichannel efforts means diversifying the channels of your products visibility and adhering to the guidelines of the respective channels. Broadly speaking, there 3 types of multichannel :


  • Listing products on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Jet, and others
  • Or, listing them on comparison websites
  • Or Google Shopping engine


As these are established channels they’ve their targeted audiences and customers make repeat visits to these marketplaces to get their hands on the products they love. Therefore, listing your products on these marketplaces helps you to capitalize on their advantage.


However, everything great comes as price and this approach are no different. The most common fees are:


  1. Commission on each sale of products
  2. Listing fee for each product for the fixed duration
  3. Monthly program fee


Most marketplaces play between the aforementioned 3 types of fees. Some apply all the 3 whereas some only two. However, the most popular is Commission based fee.


Therefore it becomes quite important to optimize your efforts in such a way so as to extract maximum profit from these marketplaces.


Do this and Maximize Multichannel efforts 


1. Follow their SEO strategy:

Almost all of the e-commerce marketplace works with the same SEO strategy. Therefore choosing important keywords to be strategically sprinkled in your content remains of the most important attribute. in itself is a great repository for finding out the best keywords for sales inclined intent. Well because everyone at is potentially coming to purchase. They may or may not make a purchase but no one enters the shop only for fun.


So adopting to carefully scrutinized SEO strategy will help you maximize your product strategy.


2. Create Awesome Content:

There are 3 aspects to it: writing a headline, short description and long description. First part is writing a headline. The headline must include the most relevant keyword, brands name, most enticing feature.


As most of the search engines of e-commerce websites do take into considerations this to show the results to prospective buyers. Not following it is only going to hurt.


Not only this, write the benefits of your products and their applications, specifications, in the most user-friendly manner. Use the tone that best appeals to your ideal buyer persona addressing their problems and how the product is going to address it.


3. Cool Images:

An image is a thousand words. Yes, clear images do drive customers to take a decision. The image is your first impact. Therefore your main image should show the visitor its most attribute which appeals to the users most.


Also, use scaling to give visitors an idea of how its actual size would be, also avoid using too much white space in the image. Your product must utilize almost all of the space of the image. Also, if the product has several accessories then a bundle product image should also be there.


4. Use the Marketplace Marketing tools:

Every marketplace has their dedicated marketing tools, these tools have been developed in accordance with heaps of data based on the user’s purchase behaviour.

And, each of the marketplaces knows best about the buyer persona of their visitors, therefore its pertinent to use their tools to reach out to proportionally larger audiences.


5. Offer Clearance Products on Marketplace:

Every online store each year runs at least 2 clearance sales. However, it is these marketplaces that witness the maximum influx of visitors for these purposes as well. Therefore offer these products on the marketplaces with a revised pricing accommodating their commission fees.


6. Offer your Secondary Products

It is here most businesses miss the trick. They offer all of their alpha product to the marketplaces. However, the trick here is here to drive the audience to your store.


Once you offer all of the products at these marketplaces what happens is if a customer visits directly to your online store with the reference of seller name and finds out that your store has nothing unique to offer. He won’t come back to your store ever.

However, if offer secondary products or even one highly popular product and if the users actually like it when you get a new visitor to your website. In this case, not only you sell your products, you acquire new customers as well,


7. Use Multi-channel Plugin apps:

Then there is CedCommerce Multi-channel apps/plugins, it gives you a huge advantage — and the advantage is that with each of the order created on Marketplaces — Walmart, Amazon, and other marketplaces their data is also created in your Magento backend.


So in this way not only you make a sale you earn a crucial lead — that’s called killing two sparrows with a single arrow.

Here’s a complete guide about Multichannel Selling.

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