Convert visitors into buyers
How to convert different types of Visitors into Buyers?

How to convert different types of Visitors into Buyers?


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As we all know most of the consumer/buyers are active at the time of holidays or the festive season. Buyers also take the advantage of online shopping and promotions done by the online sellers and retail store which made the 2017 Holiday season the highest sales season – at $108 billion – of the US ever.


With the sudden increase in sales during the holiday shopping season like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the holiday, competition also gets increased among e-sellers for traffic. Every seller works their best to convert the traffic into their buyers by updating their product page and optimizing their sites.


Many new and unique ideas are adopted by the sellers to increase the number of buyers of their products in the holiday shopping season, but to convert visitors into buyers you must know the types of holiday shoppers that will be visiting your site.


And, they are:


1. Visitors coming only to acquire information:

Most of the visitor fall in this type, as many of the visitors while visiting your site are not intended to buy the product. They visit the site in the search of information.


They look for the products and then decide which product to buy and even not sure that they will buy from your site or from somewhere else. A well-managed product page may help to convert these types of the visitor into the product buyer.


2. Visitors searching for the lowest price and offers:

The visitors who are more interested in the offers and sales on the products. They may have the idea which product to buy but they search for the product in the sale.


These type buyers are attracted by the offer or sales. If they do find the same product in the lower price at the competitor’s site then they will buy the product from your competitor’s site.


3. Visitors influenced by the upselling and cross-selling buying strategies

These type of visitors normally make a purchase if they get what they are searching for. They actually don’t know what to buy but once they pick a product then they buy it.


They are mostly influenced by the upselling and cross-selling buying strategies. If you will use the right marketing strategy then you can increase average order values.


4. Visitors searching a site or marketplace place where they get all they want:

These types of visitors are lazy you can say that. As they prefer to shop from those from sites or marketplaces where they can get everything they want to buy.


There prefer placing few orders for simplicity. Your store’s ease of use and checkout procedure are some of the most important site elements for these types of shopper. There is a high popensity of this type of traffic to be converted into buyers.


5. Visitors for whom price don’t matters a lot

These visitors want to shop seriously and they do not care about product price and offer. They will buy the product as soon as they see it. Attractive product page and information structure will produce immediate results with these shoppers.


Now after knowing the types of shoppers/visitors, you must focus on your store and product so that you can convert them into your product buyers. Few tips to boost the conversion rate and increase your sales this holiday season.


Ways to convert visitors into buyers:


1. Work more with product features instead of brand SEO:

Most of the buyers losing faith on the brand and they do shop more the product feature basis. A Study shows there was a 68% decrease in the percentage of consumers who buy products on a favourite retail brand basis.


Keeping this trend in mind you can give more focus on listing the product features, characteristics and ingredient rather than brand association.


You can optimize other content like product descriptions, meta content, titles, and headers to bring in more educated traffic, you can exceed your holiday sales and acquisition goals.


2. Make a Responsive Website:

Today mobile shopping is the most recent trend. Most of the online shopper shop using the mobile this means having a responsive website will help you this holiday shopping season to gain more sales and earn more revenue.


Your responsive content, layout, and navigation should provide a clean environment that seamlessly guides mobile holiday shoppers from discovering product details to make the purchase.


Pages should be easy to view and should offer clear next steps to the customer. So that the users have the ease to view and use if it is using it on the laptop or on mobile or on the tablet. This enables you to convert visitors into buyers.


3. Make all your offers easily visible to the visitors :

Remember your offers and discounts on the holiday season could help you convert the new shopper into your daily customer. You can use different marketing strategies to get the customers to your website, you need to think how your advertisements help you bring in your customers and your product pages will play a role in how they’re presented on the site.


And if you are offering multiple promotions at a time then make sure that each visitor should know about each of the offers. For example, if users that come to your website by offers containing Promotion (A) may still want to know about Promotion (B). Since Promotion (A) was already known to them, Promotion (B) should be displayed more prominently on the page. One of the popular and most used ways to showcase your offer site-wide is through the use of Static banners, are applicable to a range of customers.


4. Make use of cross-selling to increase sales:

Cross-selling is a way or business tactics to increase your sales by convincing a customer to buy additional products with the product that he/she actually wants to buy. Cross-selling is done when a customer adds a product to the cart.


As soon as the customer adds a product to the carts different products that are associated with that product get displayed on the cart, so whether the customer does not need to buy it but he/she will think of it that he/she must buy these products also.


61% buyers look for the gift cards during holiday shopping and it is a good time to enable the gift card functionality in your store. Gift cards offer flexibility to shoppers who are unfamiliar with certain products but know your store offers quality items.



After gaining so much information about the shoppers of the festive seasons you do not need to think much an only need to implement the one which is suitable for you and your website. In a survey, it is observed that, if visitors visiting your online store spend less than 90 seconds on your then they make a purchase. By putting little efforts you may become a successful selling to in-and-out shoppers.


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