Sell more on E-commerce Marketplaces
8 Point Checklist to Sell more on E-commerce Marketplaces this festive season

8 Point Checklist to Sell more on E-commerce Marketplaces this festive season


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The Festive season is going on and BFCM is near and you need to prepare yourself for this. If you are selling on different marketplace then this can be beneficial for you as people are more focused to buy more on such events. You can earn more on these festivals.


Before start selling you have to remember some important things so that you can sell more without any problems. For this, we are telling you some important factors on which you need to work to Sell more on E-commerce Marketplaces


1. Keep your inventory updated:

Always take care that your product’s inventory should be updated. This will not interrupt your selling. We know you have you have a brand then definitely you will get sales. If you are not aware of the inventory of your products then it will create a problem in the future.


2. Keep your product’s information updated:

It is the correct time when you have to update the information about your products.

a) Check the category mapping for your products. If you have mapped some incorrect category then update it as soon as possible. It can affect your sales as the customer will not be able to find your products in a suitable category.

b) Describe your products with a complete and effective description so that customer can be aware of the features of your products. One effective way is to add relevant tags and attributes as it increases the visibility of your products.

c) Check the price of your products, it should be according to the latest trends.

3. Keep an eye to your competitor:

This season keep an eye on your competitor, try to be aware of your competitor’s price. This can affect your sales. If you are below somewhere to your competitor, definitely your products will not be listed in top listings. Always try to keep your product’s price equal to or less than your competitor’s price.

4. Use Repricing feature:

If your product’s price is not according to marketplace price, it may be possible that your products become unpublished on the marketplace. To ignore this situation you can use the Repricer feature. It will reduce the chances of unpublished products. And you don’t need to worry about cost, it’s absolutely free.


5. Include various offers:

To promote your brand and products you can use various special offers. Remember a little bit discount can increase your sales. It will collect the customers for you. You can start this from now so it will be helpful for you as per future aspects.


6. Don’t cancel the orders:

Don’t cancel orders frequently. As per marketplace policy, if you are canceling the orders frequently your seller matrix will be down. It will affect your brand and create a negative image of a particular marketplace and also on customers.

Also if you are canceling orders continuously, it can increase the chances that the marketplace will suspend your account from them. So be careful about this.


7. Ship your order within 48 hrs:

As BFCM is near, it would be recommended that you need to ship your orders within 24 hrs. A customer always gives the priority to those sellers who can ship their orders as soon as possible. So be ready for shipping. Soon you can, more you will earn.


8. Keep an eye on your failed order:

Always try to complete your orders but also take care of your failed orders. Update yourself with failed orders. If you get a notification of failed order then kindly check it in failed order section. Here you will get the reason why your order has been failed.


Basically, order fails because of 2 reasons-

a) If you don’t have sufficient inventory for that particular product. In this case, you just need to provide some inventory to your product and your order will be shown in the Sales order section.

b) If you don’t have the SKU of that product on the app. In this case, you just need to create SKU on your Shopify store. It will sync to the app and you will be able to see the order in Sales order section.


So grow your selling on this BFCM with some of these important points. Happy Selling.


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