4 Marketplaces where you can instantly start selling [No Approval Required]

4 Marketplaces where you can instantly start selling [No Approval Required]


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The bumper holiday season is right around the corner. Last year GMV worth over $100 billion was sold, stakes are even higher this season. Marketplaces got the largest pie of the sales last year.


However, most need the approval to list the product on their e-commerce platform and some have laid down certain qualifying criterions which filters the majority of the sellers.


So is that mean, the smaller ones are destined to doom?


Well, the answer is a big No. If one door gets closed for them, there are other avenues where they could list their products and get benefited from their large outreach.


In this post, you will discover marketplaces where you can instantly start selling. There is no need to apply and wait for approval. Just set up your shop and go:


1. Etsy:

Etsy has more than 54 million registered active users and it is connected with 1.9 million active sellers with 31.7 million active buyers. It has more than 29 million products listed on its website. The revenue of Etsy for quarter 3 of 2017 is $106.38 million and the revenue growth percentage rate in quarter 3 of 2017 is 21.49%.


It is one of the easiest platforms to get started with your online store. They solve a lot of e-commerce problems — especially the “just getting started” part. Etsy signup process is simple and straightforward.


The biggest benefit of Etsy is that they have their own audience of Etsy Shoppers. In other words, there are more than 20 million customers already shopping Etsy-even if they do not know about specific stores.


Few reasons that you might start with Etsy:


  • You want to sell for free.
  • You want a platform with built-in visitors.
  • You want to get a few initial sales before fully investing in product or inventory.
  • Visitors come to Etsy with the expectation of finding crafts and arts. So, you should take the opportunity to sell your crafts online.


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2. Bonanza:

Bonanza.com is a rapidly growing online marketplace, headquartered in Seattle Washington. The Bonanza marketplace is used by sellers to sell products in every category


Bonanza was voted as the “Most Recommended Marketplace” in 2016 over eBay, Amazon, Etsy and all the other competitors by over 50,000 sellers in the online largest seller survey. There is over 20 million product catalogue listing on Bonanza.

If you are an online seller you must have heard of Bonanza at least once. Sellers can sell anything from antiques to electronics. Its focus is on unique items and company claims to have similar items to those that must be found at a street fair.

Bonanza offers countless benefits to its sellers that can help you succeed:


  • When you sell an item directly through Bonanza, you will always pay their base 3.5% fee rate.
  • Allows sellers to import from eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify.
  • Bonanza provides the feature of adding your items to Google shopping.
  • It is very easy to handle your store on Bonanza.
  • Most marketplaces focus exclusively on promoting their brand to buyers. Bonanza works to strike a balance that allows sellers to make sales and build a brand.
  • Data about your booth is highlighted on every product listing, and customers are urged to peruse your different products. Shoppers can also send you a direct message from any item listing page.


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3. Wish

The Wish.com shopping app has around 300 Million Users around the world. Wish is the #1 shopping app in about 42 nations. Wish marketplace spends nearly US$ 500 Million a year on. Not only this but Wish emerged as the most downloaded shopping app in the USA in 2017.


Wish had 32.5 Million downloads in the USA alone, which was much more than other e-commerce giants. The Wish marketplace has managed to raise the funding of over US$ 1 Billion from numerous Venture Capital firms.


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4. eBay

Headquartered in San Jose, California, eBay is a multinational e-commerce giant that facilitates C2C and B2C sales. It is a multibillion-dollar organization that operates in about 30 countries (as of 2011).  


As per the reports of Statista, eBay had 171 million active users in the Q1 of 2018, surpassing itself for the record of 170 million active users in the previous quarter. The GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) of eBay from 2014 to Q1 of 2018 has been recorded to be US$ 23.59 Billion.


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So what, even if you don’t qualify to be a seller at some of the marketplaces, their alternatives are no less important. Now list your products at these marketplaces and get ready to bite your share.



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