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    Never buy anything from this website. It is just a platform and the website takes no responsibilities if the seller doesn’t send you anything. This is what happened to me. I purchased something from a seller and paid via Paypal. After several hours, the website sent me a mail saying that seller had just been banned from the website due to violation of some rules, just after I made my payment. The website asked me to contact Paypal to dispute the charge. After I got rejected by Palpal, the website asked me to file a dispute to my credit card company. When I asked why Bonanza takes no responsibilities of any fraud happens on its website and why Bonanza has no control of its sellers, one of its managers replied me: ” Bonanza is an online marketplace that connects buyers to transact directly with individual sellers.”, “The entities that can issue you a refund are PayPal or your credit card company. ” and “If there’s anything else that we can do to help please let me know.”. You see, they just provide a platform and you take all the risks and painful effort to get your money back if something bad happens. I really don’t recommend this website. Buy things from Amazon or Ebay which are far more reliable, responsible and customer friendly.

    • We apologies to hear about such an experience from you, Yonggang. You can always opt for a different marketplace and let us know if we an be of any help – support@cedcommere.com

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