Black Friday marketing techniques
8 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Black Friday Sales

8 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Black Friday Sales


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Black Friday season is one of those times for your E-commerce Marketing Strategy that shouldn’t be left until the latest possible time. It’s an ideal opportunity to plan, particularly given that eight out of ten Black Friday online customers search for decorative things, presents and other thoughts on the internet before going to buy and this makes a huge opportunity for online retailers.

In Black Friday the people all around the world are looking for the best offers on the internet. This creates a healthy competition among the online merchants. So, here are the some E-commerce Marketing Strategies that will help you in increasing your Black Friday sales of your Online Store.


1) Announce your Black Friday Deals on the Landing Page of Your website

A landing of your website is that page where you want to direct people. So, it will engage your customers in first view. The theme of your landing page will be festive, engaging and intuitive. Show your business offers to draw attention and welcome your visitors on your online store for buying your products. Targeted and specific landing pages convert better than the home page. Especially when it comes to Black Friday sales and if you are arranging a Pay Per Click ad. It will be a great E-commerce marketing idea for the promotion of your online store for Black Friday season.



2) Make your Website’s theme, banners, and images based on Black Friday

Update your website’s theme background with Black Friday Colour scheme and create beautiful banners based on that theme. You can hire designers for creating the theme or you can also get some custom design themes from website design companies.


3) Mobile friendly website and App

The third marketing idea you should adopt is to make your online store mobile friendly. Most of the sales and transactions done through mobile now. According to a survey “, 62% of the mobile phone users have bought products with the help of mobile device”. Your website should be easy to navigate, fun, Black Friday themed and encourage the purchasing procedure. There should be the least number of clicks from the seen of product to conversion. If You want to build your own marketplace mobile app you can prefer Magenative Mobile App. It enables to present the website in the Mobile Application Environment.


4) Give Discount and Gifts offers on first orders and on referring friends

Engage more customers this Black Friday by giving them discount and gift offers on the first orders is an effective E-commerce marketing strategy it inspires them and you can keep close relations with them. You can use those customers for remarketing if they make a transaction and if they don’t make a sale with you they’ll save you for later consideration.

Giving perks on referring to friends is a very attractive way to earn new customers on your website. Who wouldn’t want to recommend their friends a platform that gave them a great experience and is now rewarding them for the referrals too?


5) Offer special festive themed gift cards

This Black Friday make gifting more fun. Allow your customers to purchase gift cards and send them to their friends over mail. This is a win-win situation for both stakeholders. Where on one side the customer gets an attractive and easy option for gifting the seller is at benefit since a customer shopping from a gift card is 2.5 times more likely to pay for a product without looking for less expensive options. Gift cards become an easy way for you to compliment your sales.


6) Start Email Marketing Campaign Or Show popups related to offers to customers

Email marketing is a great way to engage or reach out to unique customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association that claims email marketing has 4300% impact on ROI. Plan your Email marketing campaigns for Pre-Black Friday rush. Make your campaign decent that it doesn’t annoy your customers. Give Call-to-action and links in your email campaigns so that after clicking that link people come back to your page.


You can also show Email popups related to your Black Friday offers so that people will be aware of it. You can also show a Subscription popup window so that customer will give their Mail Id and you can mail them later about the exclusive offers.


7) Increase social media campaigning and Show Products Review

Social media is another great E-commerce marketing strategy for influencing more customers. Organize contests and give presents to those who win the contest. Other than this, adding item appraisals and reviews to the website can develop trust will enable clients to make ‘more educated’ buys while empowering them to prescribe your items inside their group of friends. Ask for customers to make the word from mouth suggestions by offering them unique Black Friday presents or you can design some gathering buys for the better reaction.


An astonishing thought is to permit customers who Use Facebook to get to client administration or look for shopping guidance through a Facebook course of events/remark/post. Also, empower positive client surveys by offering them rewards.


8) Use Social media buttons on your page

Get active on your social pages but too much activity can be a hazard to be spooky as a spammer. That is the reason what you have to do is to make an open door for your site guests to share your page on their social pages in the event that they like it. You have to add social media buttons or to make a gracious social popup. Popups attract more attention, so in the event, if you don’t have any other popup on your landing page, you can avail the popup on the landing page.


9) Run paid advertising campaigns

Paid advertising is another e-commerce marketing strategy that you can use for engaging more customers this Black Friday season. According to research, 50% of all E-commerce business deals on Black Friday is currently determined via search advertising. Assign different bids for each advertising campaign.


Before starting ads explore the correct information and plan which high-esteem items you can adapt on for increasing greatest returns. Use conversion tracking tools to know the achievement percentage of each campaign and see how you have to change bids based on the keywords. Search keyword research tools to search top keywords for the Black Friday sales. Also, target dedicated landing pages for specific paid ads.


10) Leverage the latest ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature

Online stores are increasingly opting for the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature that allows customers to shop on credit without sharing details of their credit cards. Hence the reason for its popularity. The feature proves to be really helpful to the people who prefer to settle payments working around their monthly salaries. Enable your customers to buy without the stress of having to pay at the very instant using Customer credit Limit Extension.




Black Friday is the season in which people all around the world do shopping of home decoratives, clothes, other households, and fun things. All of us want cheap deals on the festive season so people head towards to online stores because they know online stores give great offers in the festive season and they can purchase their desired products. It is a great time for online sellers to earn revenue by making sales. If you apply the correct strategies, you will make a lot of sales and earn huge profits this festive season.

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