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3 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is necessary for eCommerce

3 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is necessary for eCommerce


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The way social media has soaked into our lives and has become a part of our daily routine, now it is impossible to spend a single day without using any social networking application or site. It won’t be news if we say that eCommerce has also seen a boom after the social networking sites came into being. The inclination of people to grab the ‘new and trending’ have made many social media platforms popular one after the other. And this habit of people has given the eCommerce business holders a solid marketing strategy. That marketing strategy is promoting its online stores on social media sites, which is known as social media marketing.


What is social media marketing? 

Making strategies to use social media for the marketing and promotion of business is known as social media marketing. The eCommerce store owners leverage social networking sites to advertise their products or services.

Online shopping has become easier and trendier due to the use of social sites and it has given online retailing a new volume.

Here is how social media marketing boosts your online business and ranks it up.

Have a look at some of the social media marketing tools

Your Website Gets a Traffic Boost  


social media marketing



Getting huge traffic is a prerequisite to achieving the end goal of sales for all the eCommerce websites.  Sharing posts linking to your platform leads potential customers directly to the products which you wish to showcase.

Even if your eCommerce site is new, social media marketing and promotion will make people aware of your brand which is very necessary. Out of curiosity if the users click on your social media ad, and get tempted to purchase something, the CTA button will prompt them to buy the product and most probably they may do so. And making a purchase means they become your customer.

Putting a CTA(call to action)button will add up to the result of promoting your site on social media. There is a greater chance of web traffic getting converted into customers this way.

With the facility of chatbots on some of the social networking sites, you can have more personalized communication with the users which gives you a better chance at converting traffic into customers. Attending personally to every comment will make your customers feel more privileged and connected to you, which means a higher degree of consumer satisfaction. this is a good marketing strategy. 


Brand Authority Establishment



social media marketing


A strong marketing strategy for customer engagement is the key to build brand authority. If you promote your products accordingly on social media, highlighting their uniqueness, people will be attracted to the products and purchase it. A perfect strategy for the promotion and marketing hypes the product and establishes the authority of the brand. And if people are satisfied with your brand products, they will become your loyal customers. A well-known fact is that words of mouth are hugely responsible for making a brand famous. Most probably your customers will recommend others to check out your products as well which will aid in keeping your brand authority intact in the long run. Keep flashing your brand on social media strategically, it is the first step to create your brand’s authority. You will always be on the mind of your customers in case they make any purchase decisions for similar products.

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are some of the key factors for maintaining brand authority. Satisfied customers are a result of better communication and as mentioned earlier, many social sites provide chatbots through which you can constantly be in touch with your potential customers, answer their queries, and build a rapport. According to US-based research, it was recorded that millennials (people born between the late 1980’s – the early 2000s) will cover the whole e-market via social media, very soon. This generation is more bound to be brand loyal as they like to communicate with their preferred brands.


Boosting Your SEO Ranking



social media marketing



Every internet user uses Google to search for something online and they rarely go past page 1 because they get their expected answers on the very first page, hence it is very important your eCommerce site is ranked higher enough by the Google SEO that it takes its place among the first six search results on page 1. And social media marketing has made it much easier to get ranked higher.

Rapid growth in traffic complements the SEO ranking of your eCommerce business on the Google search. The best part is that the whole process of social media marketing and promotion is economical.

You get all the perks at a very reasonable price. And once you get a fair amount of traffic, your post will be boosted by them. Opening an account on almost all the social media account is free of cost and the price of boosting each advertisement or post is relatively lower than any other marketing strategy or marketing platform.

You get to share your content and also get reviews by your customers on your social media page about your products which helps others to decide whether to visit your site and make a purchase or not. Positive reviews will prompt more people to visit your site and it will be recommended widely by the social media platform itself in certain categories, because social media platforms like Facebook, keep an eye on each of the users’ searched content and recommend them similar pages to what they searched earlier.

To promote your products on social media more effectively you should use proper keywords, you can also use the technique of “Newsjacking” to align your posts with the most trending news so that your posts will automatically be boosted in the search.


All the efforts of social media marketing may go waste if you don’t have an impressive multi-vendor eCommerce site. To help you with that Cedcommerce is here. Our marketplace solutions will make sure that you have a very precise website that contains every element to make it as impressive as a world-class multivendor marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and others. 

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