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    Dear Sir. Madam

    We do have warehouse in china mainland and our good is also send out from China. but i'm Malaysian, and we there is no Register option for Malaysian. Please assist us for registration.


    • Dear Seller,
      Thanks for sharing your concern. Don't bother, our experts will definitely assist you as soon as possible.
      Have a nice day!

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    Dear Mr. Ahmed
    My name is Ata Berdiyev
    we textile factory and we want to sell on AliExpress
    but we located in Turkmenistan . Can we sell on Aliexpress

    • Hi Ata,

      Yes, you can sell. I will be sharing the entire process (step by step) with you over e-mail very soon.

      Have a nice day!

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    Dear Mr. Ahmed
    My name is Anguel Iliev
    we are a silicone producer and we want to sell on AliExpress
    We are located in BULGARIA //EU Country . Can we sell on Aliexpress ? I see only CHINA / ES / FR / RUS … not all countries … Thank you in advance !

    • Dear Anguel

      Yes you can sell on AliExpress even though you don't belong to these five countries (Italy, France, Turkey, Russia, Spain) and Mainland China. You have to register as a Chinese company and then you are eligible to sell on AliExpress. Here is quick and illustrative step by step process to sell on AliExpress. https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China/answer/Amir-Ahmed-Khan-5

      Have a nice day!!


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    Hello Amir,
    I am looking into how I can sell on Aliexpress but have a number of concerns that I hope some one perhaps you can help me to resolve. Do you think I can ask for your help?

    • Hi Jenn,

      Yes, we will resolve every query and hopefully you will sell on AliExpress in a hassle free manner. Please check your inbox.

    • Hi Kasun,

      Thanks for asking. In order to sell on AliExpress from Sri Lanka, first register a company in China. Next, find here the step by step illustrative guide to sell on AliExpress – https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China

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    • Hi Kash,

      Yes, you can sell on AliExpress. The process is simple and here you will find in step by step manner how to register as seller on AliExpress and the pre-requisites for the same. https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China. You can connect with our experts to clear doubts regarding anything related to selling on AliExpress . join us at – https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

      Have a nice day ahead!

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    Can I know about the KYC Verification process ?
    Should I submit the tax document or business license certification ?

    • Hi Dulaj,

      Regarding KYC process and other steps to onboard AliExpress please checkout complete answer at – https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China
      Yes, you have to submit tax and banking documents.

    • Hi Soufiane,

      You need to register for VAT. Find the process for the same here – https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/country-guides/asia/china/chinese-vat-registration.html

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    I am trying to open a seller account on the link you shared but it doesn't work.. I receive the code by email. After entering it, i have this error message "Network busy, try again later"… I did that few times in few days and same problem. Can you help me ? Thanks

    • Hi Amir,

      Don't worry at all, our team will help you get it resolved. Please get connected with experts about the same over skype – https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

      Have a nice day ahead!!

    • Hi amr,

      The reason for the products getting disappeared could be following

      – Maybe your products are not visible on the website itself

      – Another reason, if the product is out of stock and hide out of stock items feature is enabled

      You can also get connected with our experts at – https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

      Have a nice day!

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    I have an Ali express seller account and recently i have completed two orders worth about 20$, but i haven't received any single dollar to my AliPay account even though it has been verified with KYC. Can you please what went wrong? Thanks

    • Hello Dilshan,

      Hope you doing great!

      Considering there is no minimum amount criterion that need to be fulfilled to withdraw money, you should get in touch with customer support.

      Email support link is – https://www.aliexpress.com/maintain.html?app=23804-50.
      Live chat support link is – https://alimebot.aliexpress.com/intl/index.htm?from=cYFtu2ayEG
      Another option to reach out to them is via their social media handles

      Have a nice day

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    Hi, how are you
    Thanks for article. I set up my store, but I don't really have good experience. I also need solve my logistics questions. can you please help me with it

    • Hi Saidmohir,

      Thanks you liked the article. Yes, we can and we will definitely help you with logistics and everything else.
      Please get connected to our experts at https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

      Have a nice day!

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    Ronaldo Baltazar

    Hi Amir,

    I'm from the Philippines but my supplies come from China, I work with a Supplier there and that I'm a wholesaler. I wish to sell on AliExpress. I read your guide above where it says sellers from outside China can sell on Aliexpress if we "register a chinese company". Can you please expound on this- should I choose Mainland China as my tax country in the form then input my company registration in the Philippines or should I input the info of the Chinese company that I work with?

    Your feedback would be highly appreciated.



    • Hello Ronaldo,

      Please find the explanation about your concern here – https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China/answer/Amir-Ahmed-Khan-5

      Interested in knowing about best suppliers on AliExpress please go through below blogs
      – https://cedcommerce.com/blog/choose-the-best-dropshipping-supplier/
      – https://cedcommerce.com/blog/aliexpress-dropshipping-queries-answered/#proseller

      You can always get connected with experts for further queries – https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

      Have a nice day!

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    Thank you for your useful post. My company is in South Korea, and I wish to sell products on Aliexpress. Could you please guide me go through the registration process?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Lucy,

      I am glad you found it meaningful.

      Yes, our experts will definitely guide you on AliExpress registration process. Please get connected with them on -https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

      You might also find these AliExpress blogs – https://cedcommerce.com/blog/?s=aliexpress useful for in-depth knowledge on how to become a successful seller on AliExpress.

      Have a nice day!

    • Hi Shahid!

      Yes you can definitely sell on aliexpress. In case of any query get connected to experts at -https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV

        • Hi Rabia,

          Hope you are doing good!

          Tell us your business requirements and our experts will be more than happy to help you out with the best. Reach out to us at Skype -https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV


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    hi Amir,I am from Nigeria.I wish to sell on Aliexpress.Pls help me to find solution to challenges like finding Legal representative,Tax registration number and certificate. Where will tax country come from.

    • Hey ifeanyi,

      For legal representative, tax registration number, and certificate refer to subheading Step 1: Account Setup and Store Registration in the blog. For more queries you can get in touch with our experts at
      Skype -https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV


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    I have a company in Poland,can I sell from here with polish vat number or I need to register french or spanish vat number?
    And second question, If I would be able to sell, do I have to send my products even outside of EU or I can set that I send only to EU.

    • Hi Rafal

      Hope you are doing great!

      Currently, sellers from selected countries (China, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, and Turkey)are allowed to register on AliExpress. Registering from these countries will ease your registration process. So, either french or spanish vat number will be better option.

      If you register as Spanish seller. You can sell to countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal. For the rest, they can sell without restrictions.

      In case of further query, ping our experts at – Skype -https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV


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        Hello Sir,
        Can i buy an aliexpress store from France or other countries from you?
        If so, how much is it?

        Best regards

        • Hey Emily,

          Please share your query with our experts at <a href="https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Skype</a>. They will definitely help you out and suggest the best

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    Hello Dear Sir.

    I am living in Italy and I have a company registered here. I want to sell my goods on Aliexpress. The thing I wander: Does Ailexpress have its own warehouses where I can send my good to store and ship to the buyer from the Aliexpress warehouse or I should do shipping by myself?

    • Dear Hamidagha,

      Hope you are doing great!

      As as seller you have to take care of product shipment. Talk to experts for further queries – https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV


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    I am anadian and live in Montreal Canada, but my wife is Thai and her family is making hammocks in Thailand. can i ship the hammocks from Thailand to sell on AliExpress and what are the costs involved.
    Thank you.
    R. Munilla

    • Hi Remy,

      Hope you are doing great

      Yes you can ship hammocks from Thailand and you have the option to choose 3PL service for shipment or let supplier ship it to your customers. In either case, cost depends upon the quantity of shipment.

      The average cost from Thailand to Canada via air frieght

      -10 kg shipment = $99.67/kg,
      -100 kg shipment = $13.72/kg
      -300 kg shipment = $8.29/kg

      You can calculate cost for any other amount here- https://www.freightos.com/freight-resources/chargeable-and-volumetric-weight-calculator-freightos/

      Have a nice day!

    • Hi Smith,

      Hope you are doing great!

      Firstly ensure you have published the WM purse information. Secondly, you have received the merchant passport because it allows you to receive the payments.

      Also, you can always reach out to official support by raising a ticket at – https://support.wmtransfer.com/asp/mail.asp?id_e=65
      Find the details related to which category to be selected for ticket here – https://wiki.wmtransfer.com/projects/webmoney/wiki/Technical_Support_service

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    my name is azzeddine i m from algeria
    i want to open an acount seller in aliexpress for sel my products from algeria to anothers contriues is there a way to do that, plz help me

    • Hi Azzeddine,

      Hope you are doing good.

      Yes you can sell, please find the process to sell from countries outside China here – https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China/answer/Amir-Ahmed-Khan-5

      Best of Luck!!

      Thanks, and stay safe

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    We are located in the USA and want to list our product on AliExpress is there someone who could help us with the process?

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes you can definitely sell on AliExpress. Please find the detailed process to onboard AliExpress here.
      Have a nice day!

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    I have all my products on Shopify and I would like to import them to Aliexpress. Is there a way of doing this without using Excel batch upload? Also, how can I integrate both apps to update products regularly on Aliexpress according to inventory flows?

    • Hey Juliet,

      You should try Shopify AliExpress DropShipping plugin to import product from your store to AliExpress marketplace. It will benefit you in following ways

      – Automate your order fulfilment
      – Real-time syncing of products and orders
      – Pricing markup to set the best price and more

      Moreover, you can connect with our experts to explore more on how to seamlessly import products to AliExpress

      Thanks & Have a nice day!

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    Zaheer Ahmad Khan

    Dear Mr.Amir,
    I am from Pakistan , Can I open store on Aliexpress if so give me link or guide me.


    • Hello Zaheer,

      Yes you can sell on AliExpress. Here you will find in-depth details on how to <a href="https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-open-an-Aliexpress-seller-account-Outside-of-China/answer/Amir-Ahmed-Khan-5" rel="noopener" target="_blank">sell on AliExpress from outside China</a>.

      In case of further help, pls get connected wih our AliExpress experts at –
      – <a href="https://chat.whatsapp.com/LMKLCkxDKPD8dAb13BE6zA" rel="noopener" target="_blank">WhatsApp</a>
      – <a href="https://join.skype.com/eH1Yk2GTrVSV" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Skype</a>

      Have a nice day!

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