How to Find the Best Dropshiping Supplier
How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Supplier  – Most Asked Question Answered

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Supplier – Most Asked Question Answered


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Dropshipping suppliers are as important to improve the sales graph as much the products. Best dropshipping supplier will ensure zero order delay and the product is in correct condition. This makes customers happy and you earn customer loyalty.

Wanna know how to differentiate the best and reliable dropshipper from fake ones? Keep reading without skipping and finding the best dropshipping supplier will be an easy task.

How to Differentiate between Genuine and Fake Dropshipping Suppliers

real or fake

  • Genuine suppliers never charge any sort of monthly fee.
  • Visit the manufacturing unit and see by yourself if the supplier is capable of delivering products in huge quantities on time or not. A fake dropshipping supplier will not own a genuine manufacturing unit.
  • Avoid the middlemen who pretend to be a supplier. They will increase the price by a certain margin before selling it to you. Therefore, your profit will be reduced significantly.

How can avoid getting into trap by Middlemen?

middleman trap

image credit: datarella

  • Do online research about the supplier to find about the business licenses, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. Only genuine dropshipping suppliers will own these things.
  • Fake suppliers mostly lack a dedicated support team. If you call the representative, he is able to answer your queries in an in-depth manner. You are not interacting with a genuine supplier only.
  • Only Genuine Suppliers will assign you with customer support dedicated to looking after your requirements
  • A legitimate supplier will never try cheap sales tactics to gain some money from you by bragging about the benefits over and over again.
  • Genuine suppliers will reveal the price only after ensuring that you have legally incorporated business.
  • Irrespective of operating only online, suppliers will always display all kinds of contact information. Moreover, it is the primary trust signal. Cross-check the address (mentioned on the supplier website) on Google map.
  • Looking up reviews about suppliers on independent websites will present a clear and unbiased picture of the worth of the supplier.
  • Fake suppliers have a spammy looking website. After all, they don’t have sufficient expertise to develop a professional-looking website.
  • Genuine suppliers will never hesitate to provide a sample product upon being asked. He will use it as an opportunity to showcase the quality of the product. Only fake suppliers will deny samples owing to lack of confidence in the product.

Fake suppliers dealing in counterfeit products will never be ready to share product samples due to fear of being caught and face the consequences.

Keeping the above points in mind means you will never fall into the trap by fake suppliers. Moreover, it will ensure you don’t spoil your reputation.

Why Choose Dropshipping Supplier from USA

best dropshipping supplier in USA

The dropshipping supplier in the USA comes with multiple benefits. These are below

  • Shipping takes only 1-3 days within the USA.
  • You can gain american people’s trust very fast with “made in the USA” products. After all, Americans love and prefer products produced in the USA.
  • UPS, FedEx, and DHL (US courier companies) provide a real-time and reliable tracking system. It will help customers to remain updated with live order tracking.
  • Shipping is amazingly fast with next-day, second-day, and third-day delivery. Therefore, the customer experience is never ruined.

But, American Dropshippers are Damn Expensive

  • It’s true when taking into account the labor cost, raw materials, infrastructure cost, rent and more. But product quality is excellent enough to justify it. Hence you can do price markup to get the profit.
  • Moreover, the majority of customers never want to compromise on quality because if they did, it means they will be paying more eventually. Apart from high-quality product other benefits of relying on the US dropshipping suppliers re below
  • American Made Stamp on products means you will be preferred by customers who consider themselves as patriotic Americans.
  • High profit per product due to customers ready to pay more for made in America products.

Pro Tip – Always attend trade shows. It gives you an opportunity to interact face to face with all sorts of manufacturers and distributors. Interestingly, these guys or on the lookout for retailers like you.

How to find the Best Dropshipping Supplier in The USA?


It is home to dozens of finest dropshipping suppliers from all over the world. Let’s find out how to find the best dropshipping supplier in the USA via Etsy.

Step #1 – Visit



image credit: Etsy

Step #2 – Now click on the search bar and input your product. List of the products will appear and on the left side you see the Shop Location. Now click on it and type the United States of America.

Step #3 – You can also choose the color, shipping, and price of the product based on your requirement.

Step #4 – Now scroll down till you find a store with reviews between 400 – 800. This is the ideal spot because less than 400 are untrustworthy and those with more than 800 are less likely to work with anyone, not an established brand.



image credit: Etsy

Step #5 – Now click on the product and then on shop name followed by the contact shop owner button on the left side navigation.


contact us

image credit: Etsy

Using the above method you will be able to find the best dropshipping suppliers, not the distributors or wholesalers. Moreover, you require a business license and a reseller certificate to work with them.


It is another great site where you will find more suppliers from the US. Here you find suppliers for home and living products.



image credit:

Step #1 – Visit Type your product or choose from the category on the menu bar.

Step #2 – Sort the products with good ratings and the fastest shipping. Visit the product page.

Step #3– Look for seller name ( it is right under the product name)


seller name

image credit:

Step #4– Search the seller name in Google and check out his profile on different social media profiles.


seller info

image credit: Google

Step #5 – Using the contact information you can reach out to the supplier and negotiate as per your business requirement.




It is a US based e-commerce firm dealing in home furniture. But you require to have a legit business license to take advantage of Wayfair. Here also you have to follow the same approach as in

  • Vist the
  • Navigate to your product and locate those
  • Now click on seller/ store name
  • Search it on Google to find contact info (if missing from the seller store)
  • Contact the seller as per your requirements

Pro Tip –Reach out to the top manufacturer of the products and enquire about the manufacturer about the list of legitimate wholesale suppliers.


It might sound surprising at first but you can find US dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress. These suppliers have manufacturing units located in the US. Let’s see how to find it.



image credit:

Step #1 – Visit and input the product in the search query.

Step #2 – Now select the United States in the ship from the option present on the right side.


shipping info

image credit:

Step #3 – Select the product and click on it. On the product page, you can see a link to the seller store (on the left side right below the product image)


seller name on aliexpress

image credit:

Step #4- You will be redirected to the seller store upon clicking on the seller name. Here you get options to contact the seller.

There is quite a chance that sellers might have manufacturing units in China and are claiming drop ship from the USA. Therefore, ask the seller in order to test if the product is good to sell or not, he should send you only a few products.

The shipping time will reveal the manufacturing unit located in the USA or China.

Fake Dropshipping Suppliers must be avoided at all costs. After all, customers will be bombarded with poor ratings and ruin your brand reputation.

Can I Find The Best Dropshipping Supplier Using Google?

Yes, you can. Google is a good platform to find trustworthy suppliers. It is recommended to consider the below parameter.

  • Open wholesale suppliers directory online and scroll all the way till the bottom of the page to find the link to the wholesaler website.
  • Wholesale suppliers don’t do a lot of SEO on the website. It is recommended to try different keywords to locate the website. Using synonyms like “reseller”,” bulk”,” warehouse”,” supplier” will benefit you.

Pro Tip>Worldwide brands is one of the most reliable sources for supplier directories. With 10 million-plus products from thousands of wholesalers. The best part, only upon meeting quality guidelines suppliers can be listed here.

Directory of Most Trustworthy Dropshipping Suppliers


  • 2 million items from US-based dropshipping suppliers in a single catalog
  • Discover hundreds of hot selling products
  • Track every order from one place.

How can I Develop Strong Relationship with Dropshipping Suppliers?

As you are well versed with how to find the best dropshipping supplier. The next thing to know is to develop good relationships with suppliers.

  • Payment should not be delayed even a little.
  • Remain polite and cordial with them and team members.
  • Ensure you provide sufficient time to deliver the products.
  • Resolve the issues as early as possible.

Pro Tip Every legitimate wholesaler will ask you about proof of business being legal before revealing the price. Be ready with legal docs beforehand.

All Things Considered

It will be now easy for you to quickly segregate good dropshipping suppliers from ordinary or fake ones. You can easily find out if the supplier is directly buying from manufacturers or not. Moreover, best suppliers will ensure no more order delays. Therefore, loads of loyal customers for you.

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